Digital sex crimes on the rise in South Korea

Spy inspection teams tackle sex crime epidemic in South Korea
4:20 | 06/18/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Digital sex crimes on the rise in South Korea
I'm Ginny Cooper ABC news live report to meet an expert it. Tell us how to detect hidden camera now here is still crimes involving hidden cameras have become huge social problem. Yeah well some and 81. But nothing. Show me show us what these other. With this. All they want she how looking through walls and trying to get. Brett and patents and he's asking me to find a hidden camera. And a lot of these objects. This fund will be much as. It was I don't yes. It does send up to and saw that scene here in this wall clock. Numbers keep that number one as a top. Little cat head and then. Number one. And this this looks like a V black fox open. Yeah. You can start right tackle but even an understanding. Things he didn't. He says I could find hidden camera man. Analysts that have coated windows key thing looks like this plan. That the home. Just normal tour way yeah. And it is that who does not. Things created. And it's normal place is losing it's actually really sad. And a spot that happens you who grew it didn't commit I had just. No frequency detector. And this plan but sometimes she's. So why aren't discount tax is old what it does is if you haven't. Home cctv camera. Installed and if you have something that one of these chemists that he didn't plan to install you can probably find it with this because this catches of wireless signals. This looks quite professional it is heading. And semi conductor. Can you tell us how did you. Whose is but it's nothing parent of the quiet when. Yeah. Maybe it's this great news. Playing more out. And it is. That. There's a hidden camera and that empty water borrow and that camera lenses from spreading here. He isn't. What. I was there's something in here inside and then. Heart. Do. It wears worsened in camera to. Right here you can write that. Another idea to justice by doing well. 40000 NASCAR inexpensive. Is there a cheaper way to noon detect hidden camera if you can't afford 40000 dollars yeah. All. You know multiple incentive. That is my car I don't get through the book totally McCain voted to camera. That's and turned on. Flashed on the defense. Despite youth. People a popular. Expand it. It's him. Do you. And middle class me dad. Tremendous business acumen that if she's at home wind. In reality C. It looks black but if you take a picture. With your Smart move off. You can see. That's if you see anything suspicious. Just go and take picture right there that have read this let me tell you. Whether it had been hitting cab and there thank you very much. I'm Judy show how you're watching ABC news life.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"Spy inspection teams tackle sex crime epidemic in South Korea ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63789121","title":"Digital sex crimes on the rise in South Korea","url":"/International/video/digital-sex-crimes-rise-south-korea-63789121"}