Divers start bringing Thai boys out of cave after 2 weeks

Authorities said the oxygen and water levels were optimal to begin removing the 12 boys and their coach from the cave in Chiang Rai, Thailand.
5:25 | 07/08/18

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Transcript for Divers start bringing Thai boys out of cave after 2 weeks
And this is an ABC news special report. Thailand rescue. Race against time. A good evening we interrupt regular programs to bring you this special report tonight I'm Tom Thomas at ABC news headquarters in New York. Authorities have just announced a daring rescue effort is now under way to save the lives of those twelve boys and their soccer coach trapped for fifteen days. Inside of a cave in Thailand. The soccer players and their coach or in a weakened condition inside that cave in an area losing oxygen and many of the boys don't know how to swim. The dangers underground highlighted when it's high diver lost his life Thursday trying to get air tanks those trapped. Or get right to Matt government in northern Thailand he's standing by with the very Mason Matt I was listening to you. As you were translating with the help of a translator the news comes at just happen. And we've just learned this rescue is now under way when do we think they'll get to those boys and when do we think. One of those boys will get of that case. They just start of the rescue about fifteen minutes ago town and the sequence is this too diverse for each boy now they've gone in about an hour ago they expect the first boy to come out in about. Twelve hours about 10 PM eastern in New York now it is an arduous journey in it takes divers I'm told by someone who is part of the team. Five hours to go wind and they have to get with the boys. Bring them back out in a chamber three there have been reassessed and then take them the rest of the way so it's about a twelve hour journey. And it will take days to get all of these kids out now just moments ago at this press conference the governor here announced it was an all star team of divers thirteen of them. We're gonna be doing all of this work in convoys. If stacked hundreds and hundreds of oxygen tanks along the way but. I've also learned that over the past several days they have used jackhammers to clear some of the ceilings to make it possible for the kids. Not to have to dive. Too much of the waiter trying to make this as easy as possible given the pretty fragile mental and physical state of those boys come. Down that we also know that those Thai officials said two course at stood up to me one we can't be nature we're time. And he also said readiness is at the peak right sounds like it is go time right now. From the translation that we heard you of reporting from our translator there. They're gonna go one child one kid with two dive buddies that I know you're experienced diver we have an animation we want to run right now it's gonna show the inside this cave. For someone who doesn't know how to swim and someone who doesn't even know how to die. How dangerous. Is this not to get these children out. It's extraordinarily dangerous that which is one of the reasons that it's taken so long. To prepare everything to make this dive for them but. All these kids need to know in terms of diving. Is how to breathe while staying calm the biggest danger. He's panic so they may try to rip off their own face masks they may try to go after the other divers in their state of panic but. The other divers can control their buoyancy that means the level in the water. They can control basically how they proceed in the water they're gonna drag them through and then they can float them on their BCDs which are those that basically inflatable. Vests that divers where which control your buoyancy in the water so it can be done as long is these kids can stay home with these divers right next. But we're talking about a six Howard diving for so many of these kids it's going to be a brand new experience a want to bring in James Longley who has been at decade. From the get go from when this first started James. They've moved the press away from the cave in the announced why at this press conference saying basically this operation has gotten too large they want to make sure they make no mistakes. You've been there from the start how big is this effort right now and how much training has gone over these last fifteen days. Tom adds it's been enormous if you take a look behind me up this. Dirt track it's just threw that that the candidate under these mountains behind me these green lost hills which is. Part of the reason I think that they have moved ahead secretary with this. Operation today because of this weather front and you can see dot over the hills that all this greenery that is sucking up all the water. And it's slowing down into those caves which. They function basically as that natural drainage system and so rescuers have been working around the clock to try to bring the water levels down in that cave. It seems as though I'm not was saying that agonies Jack comes to try to remove pot McKay would act so they can leave their heads above water if they don't act now. This weather that you can see meeting in. He's gonna make it. Even more difficult for them we will opera back cave for days and days in the in the heat now water has now the rain has started. And it seems as though this is these are no longer the conditions that they want to be leaving these boys in OK James before lets you go just to reiterate you're saying it's starting to rain or looks like the rain is gonna start again. The rain has been a basically. Got a continuing if that loss a few hours and it feels like a monsoons and front is moving in hasn't. So that the tip down yet but I think authorities say I'm mindful that it might start to do not by all accounts still a race against time James Longman Mac up and we appreciate you reporting thanks so much and of course much more on this story our ABC news app. Our coverage will continue as well online at abcnews.com. I'm Tom dumbest thing so much for watching we now return tore regularly scheduled program. This has been a special. For me.

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{"duration":"5:25","description":"Authorities said the oxygen and water levels were optimal to begin removing the 12 boys and their coach from the cave in Chiang Rai, Thailand.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"56436178","title":"Divers start bringing Thai boys out of cave after 2 weeks","url":"/International/video/divers-start-bringing-thai-boys-cave-weeks-56436178"}