Doctors in Belgium describe the situation in ICUs as a 'war zone'

ABC News’ James Longman is in Liège, Belgium, where hospitals are nearing capacity, as officials warn the country could run out of ICU beds in the next two weeks.
5:34 | 10/30/20

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Transcript for Doctors in Belgium describe the situation in ICUs as a 'war zone'
A match testing positive for Kobe nineteen and then reporting a right back to work that's the stark reality facing health care workers and one Belgian town were hospitals IC use our feeling up. This all comes as nearby France and Germany impose new lock downs. Well here in the US case is search over the summer that was not the case in Europe so hot of the virus get so out of control they're so fast James Solomon reports. Belgium heard the second wave coming. But it hit harder than anyone expected. This is he edged the city where more Kirby tests come back positive than anywhere else in Europe. Patients sharing hospital rooms. The health care system on the brink of collapse. Dams and distressing sound patient inside was clearly in some discomfort this. Small room to kind of nineteen patients have been treated trying to make sure that it and company I see you. But as with stunning it was seen ambulances roll up outside through windows. Belgium is now in the midst of a deadly second wave of Kurdish hospitals did he rates in years is a whopping 141%. Health professionals in the country a sounding the alarm warning if the situation persists it's only a matter of days until the country runs out of icu beds. And this is what you called the walls and line your thoughts the walls I'm. Do you really think that this second line is going to be less than a it is it was still reviewing its already wanted to. Still sausages also severe. Doctor sash agree Sen is one of the many doctors to keep working even after he tested positive for the virus. And it's. An ethical dilemma created a sense you know usually in musical than others when. Bad option and one of these words and some patents but we feel that fits their it anymore. Anymore would have been an adult and oceans no. But because we have to take care of these patients parents. Federer. Having you covet visited. That's symptomatic with no complete. Protective equipment that then but. Officials in Belgium relax the more rigorous safety mission is that had kept them safe and now they're paying the price. You'll fools to reverse course imposing a new way who restrictions and nationals walked down now on the horizon. Belgium is recording the most could be cases per capita in Europe and a death rate second only to the Czech Republic. The country minister of public health visibly emotional after an official visit to a hospital. Sick is seeking the seat. Saved. Sit there Dugard. Weren T here was very keen to find that very shocking historic. The other switch cause it sure there's a suffering of the patients. After loved ones when visible assisted voters huge commitment here so it's hard. It's hard won't Kook. Appreciate your city. Record daily cases a hunting European countries control's president many women Cole announcing a full week nationwide dual down. Did not get under Jim dyke overwhelmed by a second wave that we now know what troubles me be harder and more deadly than the first. And in icu a new France last week and saw firsthand how swiftly the tide can change. And 124 hour period they're so over thirteen thousand pounds because a local people are getting tested. But they all seeing an increase in hospitals as well in this icy went to 75%. Capacity. It was so worried have to increase the number of feds on this war. In Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel shutting down restaurants hospitals gyms and states is starting Monday. Stephen Campbell hadn't had assumed let. If a piece of infections continues like this the general reached the limits of what the health system can manage within weeks. Officials are pleading that exhausted population. Economic and emotional total of slow the lock downs is too much of that. The purpose and I hope it's a shame because I personally need cultural activities to clear my head to get through this situation. I do not see where the risk is only go to the movies or defeat terrorist attacks safety measures do not understand as the voters continues to Craig on the elderly and high risk populations in Belgium. A silver lining. Fall is a 75 year old patient on the mend he may not have survived in mommy better treatments now means he will. And it's his birthday today. Guess who will switch to a new peaceful look on an asset massive. Fulfilling mission that civil. I said what do you what's the most feel but this is that they today's that's just to go I'm fated. Back to cash. But declining numbers hospitals across Europe a worried he wouldn't come this wouldn't this team's only in India as Belgium for ABC news life. Our thanks to James for that and still ahead Sharon prime. The horrific terror attacks three people killed inside a church by a knife wielding man now France's issued its highest terrorism threat level. How look at the first case facing this news Supreme Court mixing religious liberty and nondiscrimination against LG BTQ families Kinney Catholic Church social service agency be denied contracts because it refuses to help same sex couples adopt. The cursor tweeting the day today October 29 is Latina equal pay day it marks the one year ten months and 29 days that it took the average Hispanic woman to catch up with what the average white male earned in 2019. More on the economy. Right after the break.

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{"duration":"5:34","description":"ABC News’ James Longman is in Liège, Belgium, where hospitals are nearing capacity, as officials warn the country could run out of ICU beds in the next two weeks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"73916820","title":"Doctors in Belgium describe the situation in ICUs as a 'war zone'","url":"/International/video/doctors-belgium-describe-situation-icus-war-zone-73916820"}