Two Eagles Balloon High Over Pacific Trying to Break 2 World Records

Hoping to travel from Japan to North America in less than 5 days, 17 hours
5:59 | 01/27/15

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Transcript for Two Eagles Balloon High Over Pacific Trying to Break 2 World Records
Looking down at the world. Two balloonists high in the Pacific today trying to shatter two world records. And they just reached the back half way point in their quest. Well when I'm down at their New York. The two balloonists won for the Mexico there for Russia. Set in a spectacular photo of their first and facts from their ago Crowe Cameron today two Eagles to you know from Japan Sunday. Aiming for the coast of America team trying to break distance record minister from 13 decades and also. Open to break the record for flight duration of sent back in 1978. Want to go to that Steve show two Eagles commands that are director doctor show good morning to you obviously very exciting point in this venture. It's an undertaking so how the balloonist do it at this point. Other doing very well much better than I can be expected. They said last night by talked about somewhat on that. They've done many guest flute place they said this is what the most colorful flights have ever been on. Mona scheduled explain then there there. Their capsule I guess that there floating over. Other capsules on pressurized been there and 181000 feet so that's pretty extreme the breathing oxygen. But they have a heater inside the capsule and it's they have a bed they take turns sleeping they've been eating a lot of news have been drinking a lot of water is something we're concerned about. The blood Austin's been goods are monitoring that and they're very good spirits and her get a Margaret. Along these highlights from different nations. The flight can last up to ten days record of five and recorders days. And it supplies for how long. They didn't they're here for almost three days now. Oh it's an advantage nearly three days OK so tell me about these two records and they're trying to break. Other try to brick two separate records what is called the distance record in that is 5280. Miles. And the others duration records the longest high in the air in the gas balloon. And these raps lose world records as is a world record of any size guess wound. So they they took off Sunday. There's a couple of setbacks the from the launch what happened. We had two previous launch a taps and what your previous guest said you know sometimes. You with her best meter all of this we simply cannot predict whether. And at the last minute on both the initial launch attempts weather changed on us. And we have three different types of weather we have to worry about we have we're about the inflation whether it's getting the balloon inflated watched with a word like getting balloon or Japan without interfering with their traffic control. It with more about the trans Pacific weather's well so all three factors have to come together to make for successful launch so. In this journey that other any fewer trouble spots then given like weather pattern robbery in like current patterns in the ocean there that is giving you little but had a concern. Not really it's been a really great flight so far there about 2700 miles west of San Francisco area. 32000 feet the traveling nearly seventy miles an hour. And that probably in about within 24 hours are gonna come to high pressure system which is basically a fork in the road. We have to make it very difficult decisions should they take the northern route book in the camp across Vancouver are down in the Baja area of Mexico. As of this moment we decide to take more than well. I think what well why for that decision. Again we have look at whether Enders chance of baht thunderstorms down and bought high area and we simply do not when it chances. These pilots are very safety or entered not risk takers. And there's a chance of all of us thunderstorm activity they decided this was take the northern route be safer. It's gonna take a little longer the got the flight crossed into that into central Canada down at the Mets did the United States but it's as safe route did I agree from a 100%. So he says it's not pressurized and we took a look at that picture that they sent there from the grove Borough camera. They've enabled actually opened the capsule and he can nickname look outside. Oh absolutely they go about safety harnesses on in the crawl outside the capsule they have to do that about gas out of the market lower. And though we have sandbag ballots which they cut but the FB outside the capsule do that so it's been a fair amount of time outside the capital. Relay is so like we were taking a look at at the Catholic that just on the ground before its launch in it so they're actually working in any kind of cutting some of those sandbags around than actually outside as they are hovering some 181000 feet care. That's correct. Now OK well. That's a pretty amazing feat so. Their half way into North America you're tracking them and Internet. But you know exactly where they're going to be touching down Heidi than actually get to them. We went thing about the ballooning community it's a very tight knit community all around the world so we've had support from you know Russia Germany. Oh for Europe yet space Canada. They we have a network of loose all over North America and we've already notified them of the blue comes in your area would you be willing to help but aptly every single one of them said yes so. We appoint to contact a lot. Throughout North America they're willing to go. Late excitement it helped give assistance. Whether been cooperative and so fox any exit from those initial delays and an opposite decision had to make whether Mexican north there southern group. It's been very good I don't think we could ask for brother whether you know that's always an unknown Anderson unknown factor in whether but. We've been very fortunate I'm very happy in the forecast in the days to come a very good as well. Well we'll keep our fingers crossed from an obviously keeping our eyes in the skies like Stephen show doctor show thank you so much appreciate your time. You can make out with this story in real time by downloading ABC news that star honest reports this but it's on ago. For now I'm Dan Butler anymore.

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{"duration":"5:59","description":"Hoping to travel from Japan to North America in less than 5 days, 17 hours","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"28517747","title":"Two Eagles Balloon High Over Pacific Trying to Break 2 World Records","url":"/International/video/eagles-balloon-high-pacific-break-world-records-28517747"}