Egypt on Edge With Dueling Demonstrations in Cairo

Pro-Morsi supporters take to streets with opposing party protesters.
10:44 | 07/26/13

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Transcript for Egypt on Edge With Dueling Demonstrations in Cairo
This is a special report from ABC news. -- -- -- Digital special report the protesters are out again in Cairo Egypt -- -- one gathering. In support of ousted president -- more -- We've been charged by the interim government with espionage the other gathering filling tahrir square to back military leaders. State media reporting. Saying that two people have been killed as a result of these clashes. And the latest we're joined now from Cairo by ABC's -- hunter and ABC's Dan Hughes who is Washington watching in Washington. But first -- want to go to you. Back to this morning on what ground now has a military charged more -- with espionage. He has been charged. There it's been a tremendous -- that -- that kind of conspiracy here is -- space he had been charged. But asking -- and sentence for conspiring with Hamas year -- -- in his jailbreaking 2011. But the Muslim Brotherhood spokesman -- -- today. And this is all fantasy I now and this is true that -- street will come out there we're -- getting the bottom and that. I would talk a little bit about the nature of these pro military demonstrations. Secular. Nationalist what what essentially is their MO. The pro military demonstrations today -- -- Italy Canada party atmosphere. There are patriotic songs being played they were nationalized. They were Christian cops next Muslim next -- secular liberals. It would largely peaceful it was cannot find that's an atmosphere very very different what we've seen recently. And and we spoke that everyone we spent the U. Felt very some Miley and -- -- they were all egyptians they all kind of bound together they all felt very strongly. -- CC was in that in the right brake parts of that on the other side that the more C supporters -- they strictly. Members of the Muslim Brotherhood his party is -- -- -- rejection though of the military role. There there have instant there have been some people live seat over to that side I mean they are largely kind of -- they are largely -- Muslim Brotherhood supporters. I'm -- camp that in how does this mean square in Cairo for -- at the last three weeks. But we did talk that some people admitted that hey I'm not a Muslim Brotherhood supporter I am not a die -- -- But I reject this military who I want our Democrat democratically elected president pat back. So obviously we know that would the build -- when more -- was deposed by the military and obviously that interim. His interim president -- -- from that supreme court judge. A lot of uncertainty. Was in place and for the timeline from the series of events for holding the next democratic elections what do we know -- For the interim government passing power back to democratically elected parliament and president. So we think in about 69. Interim authority's road -- for people -- and for an island. By early next year that at this point we expect that and I actually be -- up a little bit heated and rising. -- frightening and increasingly tense atmosphere in I don't but we're looking at about. On the broader picture -- obviously the Muslim Brotherhood wants -- released. What else are they asking for and asking for for the representation because clearly. When they won 51 a little bit better than 51% of the votes they felt -- -- that was fair representation. Now. The situation certainly change. There's a tremendous feeling that there -- You know there's been increasing crackdown against all Muslim Brotherhood. Got ideas -- -- and they're afraid they're gonna be not only completely cut -- -- -- with the government. That's completely kind of cut out of society I think. Not only -- they want him that we eat they want him reinstated in the presidency. I don't think anyone think that -- at this point. They feel like they've gone about clock in the downright civilized democracy happens as India and now they got there are being fiercely -- -- so they want. Three. Or grabbed the democratic. Accidents in the democratic. -- main body. -- stay with us -- -- -- any cues from the State Department Dana. Tell me a little bit about the US stance on this because the US has. Has attempted to appear neutral on the situation even though it has grown obviously in intensity but what steps then. As -- US government taken to back the military in Egypt. While the United States stand heads finally said that they made a determination. As to whether. What happened in Egypt is -- who -- not and that determination is that. They actually haven't made a determination. And furthermore legally they've looked at it and they said. They don't have to make a determination. Now basically what senior administration officials are telling ABC news is that. It when they took a look three weeks ago asks whether. The ouster of president -- -- which was Egypt's first democratically elected president. At constituted a military coup which would mean that under US foreign aid law. They would have to cut off the one point six billion dollars that the United States gives the agents and military. The President Obama ordered a review. And at the now that they've looked at that -- -- lawyers look at it. And what they determined is that they don't half to determine whether it was a coup were -- cool at all now. Members of congress yesterday said that they may have a problem with this legal determination. Is there anything that has been brought up in these discussions about the review of the law there and the determination of the semantics of the use of the word crew. Is there any sticking pointer radishes is there any tipping point in fact that the White House would withdraw that one point six billion dollars in funding. Yes this really has to do with the fact that. The White House and the administration has decided and his -- ranks -- that they. -- to withdraw funding from Egypt's military is actually not in US national interest that Egypt is a linchpin for stability in the region. And that we simply the world in United States simply cannot have. Egypt fall into chaos. Somalia want to bring you back into this then because obviously we see it here at the State's. Obviously is a very uncertain unstable situation. But I'm -- from the people that you've spoken with on the ground there in Cairo and tahrir square how -- -- aren't -- to be American policy into the -- in American politics. Know -- that there's that kind of funny both financially and politically. That could be in jeopardy coming from DC. Certainly not be sent it in -- just outlined that we asked people about this they actually and the group. Rumor mill is alive and well I think both sides right now -- using. The US of conspiring with the other again -- I don't think either side -- -- -- -- and the majority of either side understands exactly what the US is doing. And what facts and -- fine. I think there's tremendous. Angered and they're not calling takes -- -- that the huge sticking point and that is quietly. Known and talked about but I think there's anti American sentiment right now is running at an all time high on both sides. Today at a -- -- earlier we thought he'd science. A pictures of US ambassador in Paterson with a big -- through her picture. Be some big sign saying -- US supported this not make -- or US supported Morrissey. It's. It's not it's not a good atmosphere right now and I know that when secretary deputy secretary of state -- is there. Last week. It wouldn't have be airy tricky dance for him to be with outside Somali here on the ground there and they don't wanna get your reaction -- question as well but but Molly from what you're seeing. From from where this country has come from in the past two years with the army being in such tight control of what is happening right now. And since President Hosni Mubarak Mubarak resign how much -- really has changed in Egypt. Well Dan not. Not as much as both sides of life that's for sure many of this -- vocal revolutionaries are not yet satisfied. There had been you know there have been a lot of -- last. -- the last year and so under Morrissey. That the -- military cellblock eight tremendous amount of -- -- beaten for most people. At that is the kind of sixteen. -- complaint that hasn't hasn't changed -- sides and since the bark out. And then Alaska then what's the US -- changes that have happened in the past two years in Egypt. Well it's interesting what Molly says about. Neither side being happy with the United States at the moment. No the United States has had to walk this very fine line over the last years in you're seeing it. Really crystallized now where they won support democracy and they want to support the first democratically elected. You know leader of Egypt but at the same time. The stability. Is tantamount and they've made that very clear so on the one hand you have this announcement that. They are not going to call to whom they're not going to not call -- -- And and they don't know that they'll make a determination in the future. But at the same time they also this week announced that they were going to be. Withholding. As shipment of F sixteens. And today State Department spokesperson Jen Saki. Made it very clear statement that they are deeply concerned with more sees continued detainment. And the new charges that have reportedly been leveled against him. So they're trying to walk this fine line. Appearing at and trying to say that they support democratic processes but yet. Support the stability in Egypt in May be it it appears that they might not be making anybody happy. The State Department the White House everyone watching as this situation is growing more intense -- Hughes the State Department thank you for that and Molly hunter. On the ground in Cairo thank you and of course they say as well. At least two people were killed in these clashes between pro and anti more -- supporters as the intensity is growing. Between those two conflicting groups in Cairo Egypt and Dan Butler New York with this ABC news. Digital special report. This has been a special look. Report from me.

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{"id":19785858,"title":"Egypt on Edge With Dueling Demonstrations in Cairo","duration":"10:44","description":"Pro-Morsi supporters take to streets with opposing party protesters. ","url":"/International/video/egypt-edge-dueling-demonstrations-cairo-19785858","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}