Explaining the war in Syria

ABC News' Amna Nawaz explains how the war in Syria came to be, and why there's still no end in sight.
2:49 | 05/02/17

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Transcript for Explaining the war in Syria
To understand how the war in Syria got where is you have to go back sixty years. In 2011 the wave of democratic uprisings we now call the Arab Spring spread into Syria. And a group of kids in a small town called dark painted anti government graffiti on their school walls and how did the government of Syrian president Bashar Al Assad responds. The kids were arrested and tortured they are town and then the entire country erupted in protest demanding greater freedom and for a side stepped down. As the uprising spread aside crack down when his own people brutally. Thousands were arrested kill. Then a rebel faction aimed at ousting aside organize and took up arms and the conflicts intensified. At this point the rest of the world waiting. The US and Europe called for us not to leave but has not had his back. Russia and major arms supplier with military interest and Syrian ports around a long time ally was religious and strategic interests nasseria. And China wind some financial interests but largely hedging its. Meanwhile extremist groups including the Islamic state and al-Qaeda affiliate stepped into the chaos calling for more fighters to join it. Kurdish separatist groups were also pulled territorial battle. And thousands of innocent families caught in the middle streamed across the border seeking grass. In August 2012 President Obama took his now famous read my thing besides use of chemical weapons across. In 2013 icing it taking advantage of the unrest gained significant ground. And the rest of the worlds of science. European and Arab countries armed and trained Syrian rebels and rock shop along with the Iranian backed Hezbollah fighters work to keep hot and power. I didn't point 60000. People has died. Cannot get to 2013. Aside crossed Obama's red line killing hundreds of people on chemical attack outside. Russia stepped in calling for international control over serious chemical weapons and the US doesn't strength. And is 2014. Ice it declared an independent state in Syria and Iraq the US bombs ice as targets Russia arms rebel targets. At thousands experience have now fled their homes by 2015140000. People had stopped. The next year Donald Trump won the presidential election and within his first 100 days bombs Syrian state targets. Getting an airfield in response to another alleged a hot chemical attack against his own people. Syria and Russia condemned the US struck the US born there could be more it's a here Leon. 2076. Years since it began the Syrian war has claimed 470000. Lives 55000 of them children. And there's still no and who.

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{"id":47156726,"title":"Explaining the war in Syria","duration":"2:49","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz explains how the war in Syria came to be, and why there's still no end in sight. ","url":"/International/video/explaining-war-syria-47156726","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}