Facebook removes accounts trying to influence 2020 election

The social media platform identified disinformation campaigns coming from Russia and Iran.
4:37 | 10/22/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Facebook removes accounts trying to influence 2020 election
Accurate home now in the race to 20/20 if you thought Russian meddling in our elections was a thing of the past think again FaceBook announced this week. And that people apparently linked to the same Moscow based troll group that interfered in 2016. As laying the ground work to do it again and 20/20 the company said they've removed several fake group profiles that were targeting voters in swing states. All of this coming as the social media giant faces some serious pressure from congress and Mark Zuckerberg there you see the head of FaceBook. Is due on Capitol Hill tomorrow to take questions. On all this I wanna bring in now Larry Whiteside he's a cyber security expert has joined us here reform ABC news live also been a corporate advisor on cyber security and brief to the Defense Department Larry it's great to see you I wanna get your reaction. Two this news from FaceBook that Iran Russia back at it with these fake profiles trying to stir up political activity. Are you surprised in did you think the platform is doing enough. So I'm not surprised. It's going to be an on going after I think globally moving forward. That. Format a series trying utilized technology. To provide this race and so FaceBook has some work to do but the fact that they recognize it. The fact of it taking. Bitter your script of steps to trying to address I think shoals. That they are trying to do what we would call that due diligence in protecting consumers against. He you know we we all remember the stories from Robert Muller's report. There could kind of eye opening tales of Russian trolls Russian. Battlers if you will and Moscow creating these groups for trump anti Hillary organizations creating rallies here you see some of the new ones. Attacking Joseph Biden. How how can FaceBook users spot these how can we make sure were not succumbing to this manipulation from overseas Yemeni. Any tips that we can all take away. You you know so so. I'll see what FaceBook is trying to do this is one of the biggest things and help you write so increasing transparency. Right thumb. Where they're going to go and actually as they identify that these things are coming from foreign entities. They're going to label them. They're going to do their own fact finding an end put. Fact finding as part of the the headings some of the things that get put into that adds. Naturally lose. Still though some good things that FaceBook could do as individuals consumers what we have to do what I do a regular basis is for that I see. Related to politics and didn't let nature and FaceBook I do my own show. I too think that I take the heading of the particular article and that ongoing global. And cannot find or some other surgeons say cannot find this anywhere else he got the bit only exist. In that particular case but added that particular FaceBook thing I know it doesn't exist anywhere else the high likelihood that actually. And in our time the on the suggested this morning as well reporting on this story that perhaps all of us can keep a close tie. A for ms. spellings and nine usual language that perhaps a foreigner or not familiar. With American politics might employ that could help us spot something that maybe it's fake and there as well Larry before we let you go I want to get your take. Speaking of misinformation in the effort to rooted out on FaceBook. There on the company's policy towards that false. Campaign ad by the trump campaign. A couple weeks ago one now where they targeted Joseph Biden talked about his alleged ties to the Ukraine. A FaceBook was really in the spotlight on that ad because of its false claims they refused to take it down. And they said that they were gonna thread the needle and say a stand up for her for free speech. I'm what do you think of the company's approach to those is sorts of challenges when you've got American produced content that really skirts the line and what's true what's not. Show. So there on a tough position and then at the end of the day we do have a constitution that Auburn's a lot of the things that we view and they they have a strong time. 22. Sort of abide by the constitution. And and try their best at solo line but as long as it's not. Whatever the content is is a violating other ethical. And other human rights type issues associated with. Their their regular policies I sort of think that they did you know took the right approach. It's a tricky needled the throughout but we appreciate your opinion on that one Larry Whiteside. A cyber security answer always great to see you sir thank you so much. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:37","description":"The social media platform identified disinformation campaigns coming from Russia and Iran.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"66445024","title":"Facebook removes accounts trying to influence 2020 election","url":"/International/video/facebook-removes-accounts-influence-2020-election-66445024"}