Family freed from captivity in Afghanistan arrives in Canada

Joshua Boyle told reporters in Toronto that his Taliban-linked captors killed his infant daughter and raped his American wife.
3:19 | 10/14/17

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Transcript for Family freed from captivity in Afghanistan arrives in Canada
I apologize the lateness of this opportunity we were delayed due to a medical emergencies around him one of our children in the aftermath of Wednesday's gun battle. In Pakistan. In the last three days. Seen one US soldier. And we've had speak very briefly and very fortunately. About medical attention the fact standing medical team was providing them to be injured child. Often. We've had multiple vehicles at our disposal to take us to locations even from different governments. Vying with each other to transport us. And I assure you I have never refused. To forward any. Mode of transportation agreement closer to home both in Canada and back with my family. Obviously. Obviously it will be incredible importance to my family. That we are able to build a secure sanctuary. For our three surviving children to call a home. To focus on edification. And to try to regain some portion of the childhood they have lost. I was in Afghanistan. Helping the most neglected minority group in the world. Those ordinary villagers who live deep inside Taliban controlled Afghanistan. Where no Ngo no aid workers and no government has ever successfully been able to bring the necessary. The stupidity and evil the haqqani network's. Kidnapping a pilgrim and his heavily pregnant wife engaged in helping ordinary villagers and Taliban controlled regions of Afghanistan. Was eclipsed only by the stupidity and he. All of authorizing the murder of my infant daughter martyr boil. As retaliation for my repeated refusal. To accept an offer that the criminal experience of it content network. Have made. To me. And subsequent and the stupidity and evil. Of the subsequent rape of my wife. Not as alone action by one garden but assisted by the captain of the guard and supervised for the common done Hubble project of that funding network. God willing this litany of stupidity will be the epitaph that Haqqani Network. Six anchor terror elements. At this point. My family is asking the Islamic amateur out of Afghanistan. Who has already carried out an investigation last year. And conceded that these crimes were perpetrated by the county network in 2014. Against my family. To provide my family the justice that we are well. I certainly do not intend to allow it brutal and sacrilegious gang of criminal miscreants. To dictate the future direction of my family. North weekend my family's commitment to do the right thing and no matter the cost. In the final analysis. It is the intentions of our actions not their consequences. And which we shall all eventually be judged.

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"Joshua Boyle told reporters in Toronto that his Taliban-linked captors killed his infant daughter and raped his American wife.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"50478599","title":"Family freed from captivity in Afghanistan arrives in Canada","url":"/International/video/family-freed-captivity-afghanistan-arrives-canada-50478599"}