FBI, Italy Target Mafia Drug Trafficking

Two dozen suspects were arrested in operation to crack down on international cocaine shipments.
3:00 | 02/11/14

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Transcript for FBI, Italy Target Mafia Drug Trafficking
And out of that international drug smuggling -- dozens of people with suspected ties to two well known organized crime families are under arrest is part of an ongoing investigation. Into drug trafficking and money laundering many of those arrests took place right here New York City. Eyewitness News reporter Sarah Wallace live in lower Manhattan with the story -- And 107 accused mobsters were let out of the federal building here a short time ago on their way to Brooklyn federal court. That that say -- seven collaborated with members of an Italian crime syndicate called in drug it out for a new drug route. These seven alleged members of the Brooklyn based Gambino and bonanno crime families are accused of conspiring with members of organized crime in Italy. To move cocaine and heroin from South America through Italy and then into the United States. Off but through frozen food or fruit. The international crackdown is the culmination of a two year undercover operation dubbed new bridge Brooklyn federal prosecutor Marshall Miller announced the crackdown in Rome. Earlier today just after midnight in Brooklyn new York and as the sun rose here in Italy. American and Italian law enforcement agents simultaneously. Conducted coordinated operations. To strike at the heart of international organized crime. Working together. American and Italian officers executed two dozen arrests. Conducted numerous lawful -- is. And -- seizures of hundreds of thousands of US dollars.

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{"id":22464595,"title":"FBI, Italy Target Mafia Drug Trafficking","duration":"3:00","description":"Two dozen suspects were arrested in operation to crack down on international cocaine shipments.","url":"/International/video/fbi-italy-target-mafia-drug-trafficking-22464595","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}