Final battle against ISIS

U.S.-backed forces battle to liberate the town of Baghouz from ISIS control.
1:04 | 03/13/19

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Transcript for Final battle against ISIS
The fight against license has been raging for years and the reason why this particular battle is imported here in by these. Is there could once this town if it wanted to liberate the bill mean from the territory devices once considered right here in Syria and any wrong. Even lost that was an area roughly the size. Indiana and the fallout from that. Control of this part of world has been normally seen. The towns it once could basically obliterated by the Syrians and forces from visual art to schools by the United States alone but continued to rebuild. Towns the bigger picture he is that. Even those who crisis has lost this territory doesn't necessarily mean the people. Station is gone the US State Department says for example the something like 20000 crisis finds his now melted back. Inside the nation's but gave Syria and in Iraq another huge question. Foreign fighters what to do with a sense of just because the territory has been recaptured it doesn't mean the issue of crisis has gone away. So when ABC news in Syria.

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{"duration":"1:04","description":"U.S.-backed forces battle to liberate the town of Baghouz from ISIS control.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61662039","title":"Final battle against ISIS","url":"/International/video/final-battle-isis-61662039"}