Fireworks Accident Leads to Big Bang

Twenty-minute show in Oban, Scotland, lasted 50 seconds after malfunction.
0:43 | 11/07/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fireworks Accident Leads to Big Bang
Now to a big build up an even bigger letdown for a eager crowd in Scotland let's call this one. Premature detonation terrible at first glance this spectacular fireworks show was. Pretty impressive but then there was one slight problem -- was supposed to be an elaborate display that went on for half an hour. However due to a technical glitch it lasted like one minute I -- -- That happens and plus right to host a bag went off within sixty seconds he was to save the crowd went home. A little less than satisfying to me that followed and going to happen now imagine all the lines and got a goal and set up -- -- -- -- The significance that the boy may disappoint the Crowley need to look pretty now maybe next time and a better.

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{"id":14896659,"title":"Fireworks Accident Leads to Big Bang","duration":"0:43","description":"Twenty-minute show in Oban, Scotland, lasted 50 seconds after malfunction.","url":"/International/video/fireworks-accident-leads-to-big-bang-in-scotland-14896659","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}