Floodwaters Threaten Thailand's Capital

Heavy rains have submerged much of the country.
3:03 | 10/14/11

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Transcript for Floodwaters Threaten Thailand's Capital
Fears are rising along with floodwaters in Thailand heavy rains have -- the worst flooding in decades. And the flood waters are now threatening a Bangkok. ABC's a key Eagles and yet is there right in the middle of that joins us now with the latest -- thanks for joining us -- -- Has been an ongoing problem in -- and mother is a lot of concern. About the capital what is the situation right now. That's right I definitely on Bangkok -- not we're talking about the capital city a city of nine. And the concern is that in the next 2448. Hours. This commercial heart of it could -- and what was right now is on -- the devastating. Floods in the northern part of the country. Two thirds submerged. In the country and what's happening -- There's no water from the north and that could head into the bank even trying to do is divert the water community around. Try it. Eight the capital city. There's too much water and we're hearing right now -- the next 24 hours it starts the flooding out here. There are several towns already underwater how many people have been evacuated so -- -- and the evacuation member is quite high don't have the exact number right now but. I can tell you know it took blow right right along the child cry a river -- -- -- that -- right central Bangkok. And even just being there talking homework -- their homes have already been flooded. The government has set up these water pumps in front -- what seems like every home to try and keep the water out but. That river keeps rising -- and keep hitting the water back over. That but while there into the homes though in some way Hitler she got hurt but they are trying to keep them away at it. And just -- may cause actually some long term problems in terms of crop harvest. And even manufacturing in that country. That's right -- you mentioned that. Actually there are two major factories to the north of Bangkok -- -- factory and a Honda factory that has been shut down as a result of this. And when you look at the economic impact -- we're talking. Millions. Millions and so you know is not something that's done this city is. You know -- you can pay for the long term. And how long is the flooding expected to last what is -- forecast looking like. What we -- expecting rain over the next few days you know I talked about earlier. The recent water from the north and then hike hike -- in the south. That alone it. But -- -- -- in Bangkok on top of that we're seeing rain in the forecast. The future doesn't look good right now the prime minister said that Bangkok. Will be -- back and tell -- people out here are preparing. -- the worked at this point. It's amazing to watch these rescuing it at rest rescues happen. At -- would you -- reporting for us from Bangkok Thailand thanks to --

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"Heavy rains have submerged much of the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"14741919","title":"Floodwaters Threaten Thailand's Capital","url":"/International/video/floodwaters-threaten-thailands-capital-14741919"}