Will Frankincense Go Up in Smoke?

Researchers say the tree species that produces the fragrance is under threat.
1:23 | 12/21/11

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Transcript for Will Frankincense Go Up in Smoke?
It's this week's -- -- -- been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years. It comes from the arid lands in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula from this tree. But ecologists in the Netherlands say -- numbers could declined by 90% of the next fifty years. Because there are very few new trees replacing go to ones that -- dying. Fun and then -- challenge and then I don't army. The big problem there is also that there is no regeneration so so there are no use small -- and are coming into the system probably because there is too much fire. Recently and there are -- too too many animals. At least on demarcate frankincense loss on sale today but the price was -- -- -- -- -- used. I buy is torn apart. And then send twenty -- you know. And how much to used to make. Use of his -- look much about what -- -- -- -- -- come a plan in place. And this -- none of another aromatic present this in short supply. And even more expensive and frankincense. So it's just as well -- the nativity place reliant on the continent the imagination. And ten -- going search for the real thing. I do -- BBC news.

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{"duration":"1:23","description":"Researchers say the tree species that produces the fragrance is under threat.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"15205006","title":"Will Frankincense Go Up in Smoke?","url":"/International/video/frankincense-future-uncertain-15205006"}