Georgia Woman Disappears in Japan

The mother vanished near the U.S. Air Force base where her husband is stationed.
1:20 | 12/06/11

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Transcript for Georgia Woman Disappears in Japan
-- -- Out a desperate plea from Kelly of bonds' mother she traveled to Okinawa Japan from her home near Savannah weeks ago. Just days after Kelly vanished on the Japanese island. Kelly if you're watching. Your can't we love it it's it. And we just want to make sure that your all right. 27 year old Kelly Cribbs -- body has been living in Okinawa about three years her husband to US air force airman is stationed at could -- air force base. -- was reported missing October 26 about three days later her car was found ten miles north of the year base. Melissa banks of Douglas -- has been following developments on FaceBook she met Nevada and -- -- when her husband was also stationed there. Gene Kelly's family say there's no way the young mother -- walked away on her own. A very good mother. I remember giving her maternity clothes -- -- using a pregnant she wanted another child that badly and so. I don't think she -- left her children because she was she was just wonderful mother. -- passport was found back at her home -- cell phone and purse were not taken Japanese authorities and the US military have searched decades and coastline where a bought the car was discovered. But there's been no Trace. I'm just very worried for her. And her mother and her children and her husband.

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{"duration":"1:20","description":"The mother vanished near the U.S. Air Force base where her husband is stationed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"15096632","title":"Georgia Woman Disappears in Japan","url":"/International/video/georgia-woman-kelli-cribbs-abad-disappears-japan-15096632"}