A grandmother and her family reach Tijuana migrant camp after harrowing journey

"We arrived last," Luz Luna told ABC News. "But we arrived."
3:27 | 01/15/19

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Transcript for A grandmother and her family reach Tijuana migrant camp after harrowing journey
I'm Joshua us with ABC news and we're here and invited them migrant camp into one of Mexico this place is home to hundreds of migrants who made the long journey from Central America. All the way up towards Mexico in hopes that they're going to be able to go to the United States. This place at one point was home to thousands of people number range between five to 7000. And this area has become a home. Away from home for many people like sort of goes on it's taken on a life of its out. You end up seeing a lot of people selling small merchandise here playing cards finding any time to pass their day. And suggest for some perspective this used to be and music venue that was abandoned for about five years and all around and you could sort of CV signs for different local radio stations. When the government needed a new place to put all these people who were taking up space along the actual border with the United States to move them to this area. We're about forty minutes away from the border between. 21 and the United States and throughout the camp you have these larger white tents which house. Dozens of smaller tents and all of this is to nations. They're giving by local charities. That are sponsored by the Mexican government to how is these people as they wait for their silent no apparent. I just a perspective of what life is like here day today there officials tear tossed there are multiple meals are given throughout the day either from. Mexican government or different NGOs who come into work in this area. They're different spaces along the sides were people are able to. Take showers and go to the bathroom and this area over here is with people and of doing. Their laundry day to day. Bandits using kite up water bottles and some. Powder detergent. And these four little. For concrete. Tanks or where they wash their clothes and on the incident the strings sort of made up. The connection of other streams where they will eventually let their clothes strike today it's been raining NT one so people haven't been actually able strive for clothes outside. The right over here actually this time. Whether sort of taking down because it's been raining there's been assigned here that's given people some vital information. And it's in a very here. The he wouldn't it didn't. Newman of the Latin Siegel. 1007 originate so that means. That the United States government is currently hearing. Case 1700. Me at this on Kissinger border port of entry. For people want to please silent and so the camp is mixed with people who either one asylum in the United States and people who are. Slowly deciding that their best options to stay in Mexico. And some people. Very very few are deciding that. The best back is needed to turn around and go back home but a lot of people here are fleeing violence. And Central America and the feeling reignited gang violence or domestic violence lot of the women it we've spoken to. Say that their own daughters have become victims. Domestic violence and actually gone past that building. And through the corridors where women and children are our captain their sort of separated from the rest of the camp to give them an added sense of security. And so that's the situation here. I didn't batting title of migrant camp in Tijuana Mexico we'll have more on ABC but for now I'm Joshua wears when you're watching ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"\"We arrived last,\" Luz Luna told ABC News. \"But we arrived.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"60381984","title":"A grandmother and her family reach Tijuana migrant camp after harrowing journey","url":"/International/video/grandmother-family-reach-tijuana-migrant-camp-harrowing-journey-60381984"}