Gunmen Seize Government Building as Ukrainian Rift Widens

Pro-Russia supporters gathered outside the central parliament building in the Crimean region.
3:00 | 02/27/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gunmen Seize Government Building as Ukrainian Rift Widens
A day of celebration in Russia handing out Mercedes-Benz is on Red Square to their victorious Olympic athletes. But president Vladimir Putin's while basking in the success of the Sochi games has now shifted focus. From medal winning to Saber rattling the chaos in Ukraine now the source of dangerous and rising tension between Russia and the United States. After the bloody -- and Ukraine's pro Russia president on the run. And ordered a massive military drill thousands of troops on alert near Ukraine's border Russian jets patrolling the skies. United States today warned the Russians to avoid provocation. These. Are difficult times we all understand that but this is a time for the very cool wise leadership. On the Russian side on everybody's side. Ukraine now our country of sides on the verge of falling apart the west leaning towards Europe and the US east towards Russia and -- Nowhere stronger -- on Ukraine's Crimean peninsula. Where today dozens of gunmen stormed the parliament building raising the Russians. -- -- large loud crowd gathered outside in support. The Russian -- and it's probably not be any higher chance of Russia stands apart and what they're playing revolutionary songs and -- the speaker there is calling everyone here in the ground -- comrades. I am a citizen Ukraine but on Russian this woman told us. Welcome a Russian invasion. Russia is already in Ukraine with a naval -- and almost 30000 troops on base. But one man who's not is impeached former president Viktor Yanukovych. Today he surfaced asking Moscow to keep him safe vowing to fight until the end. United States tonight trying to make sure Russia and Ukraine don't do the -- Alex Marquardt ABC news on the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine.

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{"id":22710014,"title":"Gunmen Seize Government Building as Ukrainian Rift Widens","duration":"3:00","description":"Pro-Russia supporters gathered outside the central parliament building in the Crimean region.","url":"/International/video/gunmen-seize-government-building-ukrainian-rift-widens-22710014","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}