Hillary Clinton Is a 'Great Admirer' of Pope Francis

In an exclusive interview with ABC's David Muir, Hillary Clinton said she hopes Pope Francis will "prick the conscience of everyone" during his upcoming visit to the United States.
2:38 | 09/09/15

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton Is a 'Great Admirer' of Pope Francis
We sat down with the Pope just last week and he and Dallas reflected amend their it was extraordinary extraordinary and he made news again today. Radically transforming the process for Catholics when it comes to a divorce and annulment within the church speaking of a more inclusive church. Fast tracking the process and I'm curious what you make. Of this hope and some of the changes he's making in the church. I am not a Catholic but I am a great admire. The Pope because I think what he's trying to do. Is to take this venerable. Institution the Roman Catholic church and really once again place it on the firm foundation. The scriptures. Christ's words one can not read the sermon on the mount. Without thinking that we all have to be. More humble we all have to be more kind and respectful we all have to try to. Do more to help our fellow men and women and I think that the Pope is emphasizing the words of Jesus Christ emphasizing. And high priority given to the poor. The priority of caring for those who are in trouble when that they are on the side of the road or where that there in prison. It's hard when you're in. The world we live again. To be. As good Cain messenger crisis. Words with as we would like with the partisan divide in this country is he going to make. People feel uncomfortable during that joint meeting with congress that first ever joint meeting he doesn't hold back. Well I think leaders of conscience particularly leaders have faith. Who. Say. What they believe in their heart and what they're called to say often make people uncomfortable. And we need that we need more of that you know the kind of mean spiritedness that I see too much in our politics. Turning our backs on the poor. Trying to prevent. People from you know having the opportunities they need to have by. Cutting programs I'm making college literally and affordable for hard working low income kids there's a lot that's wrong in America. And it's not just wrong politically it's really wrong in our hearts and I hope what the Pope does is to prick the conscience of every one I'm not talking right left Republican Democrat all of us have to do better and if he can. Summon that heart of America they're so much else we can do better together and I hope the Pope really calls us to do.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"In an exclusive interview with ABC's David Muir, Hillary Clinton said she hopes Pope Francis will \"prick the conscience of everyone\" during his upcoming visit to the United States.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"33630915","title":"Hillary Clinton Is a 'Great Admirer' of Pope Francis","url":"/International/video/hillary-clinton-great-admirer-pope-francis-33630915"}