Hillary Clinton: 'Everything About Iran Concerns Me'

In an exclusive interview with ABC's David Muir, Hillary Clinton reiterated her belief that the United States must "never, ever allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon."
4:12 | 09/09/15

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton: 'Everything About Iran Concerns Me'
A major speech laying out your support for the Iran nuclear deal. As you know Republicans have come out swinging even some Democrats to about what happens when the deal is done. And I wanted to ask you but a recent Brookings analysis that says after fifteen years Iran would be allowed to produce reactor grade fuel and an industrial scale. Using far more advanced centrifuges and that the warning time. If Iran decides to race for a bomb which freed two weeks. Does that concern you. Of course it does everything about Iran concerns me a do not trust them you know two paraphrase. President Reagan you know don't trust and yes verify and tend to layout tomorrow. Why I think this agreement. Is in the best interest of the united states of our allies including Israel. But that we have to remain very vigilant and I will talk about some of these steps I would take as president. To enforce to the apps salute letter. The agreement to hold Iran accountable. And to reaffirm that we can never ever allow Iran to have a nuclear. Matt you say don't trust and verify you've also said cheat and you will pay rate you're former senate colleague Chuck Schumer. Against the deal saying inspections are not anywhere any time in that the 24 day delay before we can inspect. It's troubling does that 24 day waiting period W two. Well there's a lot of other inspections going on this is an element of the inspections which I will address tomorrow. Anything about Iran and whether or not it will comply with the agreements it signs. I think cast remain an open question there's no doubt about that does it give the Iranians time to move things out of the way. You know. We now have very advanced detection equipment at one of the most important. Contributors to the agreement was secretary monies the secretary department of energy. And nuclear physicist from MIT. I take very seriously what he says because. I know of his expertise in this arena. Tomorrow I will be very much addressing skeptics. Because they make some good points they I don't reject. Their concerns out of hand I think they are totally legitimate. The real bottom line is what's are better alternative. I put together the coalition that brought the world to the place where we impose global sanctions on Iran it took me eighteen months. And then it took me another year to make sure that they were being followed. I know how hard this is to get the world together to stand up to anybody let alone Iran. We did that we got them to the negotiating table. Now of course if the United States blocks away the rest of the world. Is going to think made him and we got the best deal we could and given the constraints I think that is the case. And these sanctions would be gone in any event the United States can keep imposing them but that's that we did during the Bush Administration. So that win. We came in President Obama and I came in secretary of state. He Reyes had already mastered the nuclear fuel cycle under the Bush Administration. They had built Covert facilities they had stocked them with centrifuge its. They were pro seat so our sanctions everything we did as the United States in those eight years that the two bush terms. Did not stop Iran. We now have the opportunity. Gift vigilant Lee in forced to stop them and to prevent them now. We have to begin to look what happens at the end of ten years at the end of fifteen years but this gives us time. It puts a lid on their nuclear weapons program it allows us frankly it to turn. To deal with some of their other very troubling behavior their support of terrorism their constant support of Hezbollah Hamas there interference with the countries in the their region from Yemen to other's so we've got other problems with Iran. This gives us the chance to keep that lid on their nuclear weapons program and to turn. To build the same kind of coalition against them when it comes to your support for aside and so much else.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"In an exclusive interview with ABC's David Muir, Hillary Clinton reiterated her belief that the United States must \"never, ever allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"33631034","title":"Hillary Clinton: 'Everything About Iran Concerns Me' ","url":"/International/video/hillary-clinton-iran-concerns-33631034"}