Hondurans fleeing violence, corruption at home

ABC News' Rachel Scott reports on the factors Honduran migrants are fleeing and the diplomatic challenges U.S. lawmakers face when dealing with President Juan Orlando Hernandez.
6:08 | 05/06/21

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Transcript for Hondurans fleeing violence, corruption at home
Violence and corruption are some of the main reasons that families continue to make the treacherous trek to our southern border but what happens when the root causes of these conditions are suspected to be perpetuated by a country's president. ABC's Rachel Scott brings us this report on the delicate diplomatic dance and our government is facing when dealing with the president of Honduras. It is sometimes called the heart of the Amir cuts nest in between north and South America Honduras. Is a country known for its beautiful natural resources and enlist terrain. But in the last few years the beauty of this country but we're nine million people. There has been saddled by rampant violence. And corruption. Causing a mass exodus to our southern border. All of a hold of the safer and better life. I traveled to the US Mexico border at the end of march when where and then this mother and her five year old daughter just moments after they crossed the border. Hoping to reunite not only with her husband. But also her young son. I'm living here in Kansas. Jennings is the dollar benefit opponent this Megan's name check. The mom tearing with her a single ship a paper. And that address the number and the address that we're taking half wondering if she would ever be able to hold her son again. I love love the New Orleans my puzzle is critical new need in me little animal typically that isn't the only question. None of buzz in Miami on the defendants then feeling that the and then abruptly and medical better than them. This mother just one of the almost 41000. Hun Doris. Scoring counter at the border in the month of march alone. Many of them say they were fleeing the growing crisis back home. Prosecutors citing one Orlando Hernandez as a co conspirator in a drug trafficking case. The country's president Juan Orlando Hernandez along with his brother Tony Hernandez. A former Honduran congressman and have been accused by the US drug enforcement agency and being a key figure and they violent state sponsored drug trafficking conspiracy and that it was the US federal case against Tony Hernandez with the US government asserted that organized drug trafficking and corruption and reached the highest levels of the Honduran government. This is an look at Taylor. Actually say eighteen Stoughton mealy Teddy diplomatic. Only to go economical controlled. Off the whole country. I'm boarding and other award to bear into moving jokes to be US. Sergio borrowers a sociologist and political analysts in Honduras who has been closely following the US case against Tony Hernandez. And the humanitarian migration crisis in the US. What's content masseuse in an absolute collapse of TU democratic institutions the most system is broken that deal political system is broken the economical system. It serve to meet broken. The president's brother former Honduran congressman Tony Hernandez. Was sentenced by the southern district of New York to life behind bars for his role in drugs and weapons trafficking. Any explosive trial where US prosecutors presented evidence that president Hernandez. Not only sent to one million dollars in bribes from dredging L chop O. That he wanted to quote stop drugs of the gringos as knows it's wrong president Hernandez who denies all allegations has positioned himself for years as a strong ally to the United States. Would on the heels of these allegations of members of congress have condemned his government. I hold them back to the Justice Department we'll take you need a more active role. In making sure that the government repealing where are straight out. For years now on currents especially younger ones have taken to the streets to protest. Many of them with one simple message splattered across buildings and signs. Out when JOH the initials for wall and Orlando Hernandez. Did you qureia is a college student participating in protests against Hernandez regime and an imminent right and wrong. Between two year old uncertain if a bright future for him is an option in his native country. Any normal anymore are united. We don't have the opportunities to grow another person agent or collectively we'll yet. There's no social mobility no opportunities for personal growth. And that's the reason why the majority of us young people are being forced to emigrate. And Washington is paying attention recently resident Jill Biden announcing he's considering sanctions against Central American leaders for corruption. But in putting his vice president Colin here is in charge of addressing the root causes a migration. And some in congress have introduced bills to hold a Honduran president accountable this one propose my congressman Joaquin Castro and other Democrats on Capitol Hill and would sanction the president for corruption and humanitarian rights abuses. What happened if you don't get past these challenges what of the consequence. My fear is that these challenges are gonna languish. And that the people want to do to us most of whole pay a deep price in all of us. And that you consider you to see very desperate people making it dangerous track to our border. They are people who are shut up and they're walking. All the way to you risk in order to put have been in front of family. The hope for a better future and an outcome like lesbian and her daughter until it who managed to reunite with her husband and son in Maryland. It was the first time they saw each other in years. The failing telling ABC news as parents and we are happy and grateful that god gave us this opportunity to have our children grow up together fleeing the closet corruption. To be in the arms and family are. Rachel Scott ABC news Washington.

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"ABC News' Rachel Scott reports on the factors Honduran migrants are fleeing and the diplomatic challenges U.S. lawmakers face when dealing with President Juan Orlando Hernandez.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"77520226","title":"Hondurans fleeing violence, corruption at home","url":"/International/video/hondurans-fleeing-violence-corruption-home-77520226"}