Hong Kong protests continue to heat up

Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters after a proposed extradition bill was delayed.
2:21 | 06/12/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hong Kong protests continue to heat up
A right we begin in Hong Kong with a second wave of massive demonstrations. Turning violent police firing tear gas into the crowds. People gathered in the states they're protesting against the new bill. That would extradite criminals back to mainland China's I wanna go to James Longman who's on the ground in Hong Kong. James the scene there is looking a lot like the umbrella movement a few years back how that things turned violent so quickly. Yet committee I think that's dots that's a good comparison although that umbrella movement. Did in 68 and I think that's probably. Paul the reason why there's so much tying game named the Conn about kind of pent up energy is still labor. Will these DA's mesa I did get very Biden today out of Hong Kong is still essentially alone down or large part of it at least I'm on a major highway eight. It is another guy's itemize people you can see behind me Barry is stacked up these are the barriers that protested have been setting up in different parts of the city pool day holding up traffic. Trying to stop police from rushing Avant and found out behind that is the police lining main IBM's in the distance. But beneath a lined up along the bridge that we are just gone 11 PM hand and there is a sense that tonight. That I could be more of this cat and mouse between. Police and protestors today. 22 in the hospital but many more would have been injured in nice price as we go right that is the take gas was deployed rubber bullets deployed as well. The police. Argument is that there was protestors were. When a government buildings they needed to push them back from when we were it look like protest. Eight. So laid they would singing and chanting we drool that's the fictional the UK's. It's in regard to the extradition all the people want withdrawn and asked why there on the streets amid then suddenly. It's rushed out them and we sold the chaos that. With the deck site we will see if the same thing. Kind of best of the night but part of the cot. Beat until. The vote is until this Laura's voted on next week but they've had a successful day in some ways because they've managed to delay. The debate Comesa was meant to begin today and legislators as when able to get into the building so we'll see what happens tomorrow. I write James Longley right there on the ground in Hong Kong thank you so much for the updates we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters after a proposed extradition bill was delayed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63663553","title":"Hong Kong protests continue to heat up","url":"/International/video/hong-kong-protests-continue-heat-63663553"}