House votes to impeach President Donald Trump for 'incitement of insurrection'

President Trump becomes the first president in history to be impeached twice after the Capitol riots last week.
32:40 | 01/13/21

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Transcript for House votes to impeach President Donald Trump for 'incitement of insurrection'
And we are continuing live coverage of the impeachment of president trump good afternoon everyone I'm Diana stayed up. Terry Moran in Washington moments ago here the House of Representatives made the vote official. Impeaching president trump for an unprecedented second time. Take a look at the moment. On this show CI tech to 32. And then may show 1987. There's a resolution is adopted without objection the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table from. And there was ten Republicans joining the Democrats in voting to impeach president trump that is more. Republicans joining Democrats than Democrats joined Republicans in the impeachment of Bill Clinton factors the most bipartisan plea impeachment ever our political team. Here to break it all down. And we want to begin with our political director Rick Klein Rick this impeachment. It is getting bipartisan support today is this it it it is a stunning rebuke with those Republicans turning on their own party's leader. What are we hearing from them on the floor today have you have you seen the Republican Party more divided than this right now. No eight or ten up kind of understates the anger. And the disapproval for the president's actions because there were many other Republicans including the Republican leader. Kevin McCarthy saying the president for direct responsibility for his actions and for the actions that led to the attacks the riots at the capitol. So I think what's critical to keep in mind here is that. Yes Republicans were largely with the president but this is a big number and the number could get larger still in the senate a lot of Republicans we heard from on the floor today Terry. Saying that you put the president did. May actually have been in impeachable offense but they objected to the process the way it was playing out as opposed to trying to defend the substance of what the president actually did. And John I noticed a treat that you sent in a ten Republicans who voted. To go ahead and impeach president trump here. At least a one of those surprises this congressman Tom rice and a noted you treated out what he treated outdoor arena capital siege and part of that tweet was where's the president. He must ask people to disperse. And restore calm now so much of today's proceedings focused on what the president said before that rally but do you think that he took. A more forceful stand to quell this door ring that riot. Would we be here right now. Well played possum. Lee Boyd there's no doubt that he made things worse by how we acted once the assault on the capital took place I mean there's just no doubt that that is what. Especially infuriated. Members of the Republican leadership. There's no doubt that that's something that did did upset Mitch McConnell upsets. Kevin McCarthy even knew who even though he supported a more on this. That is something that Liz Cheney mentions as in her statement on impeachment I think they Tom rice vote that you mentions an interest in warned. Tom rice is the a Republican and I know putting a bit I talked to thought I was a possible yes vote on impeachment he wasn't anybody's list. It's from a district in South Carolina that went for Donald Trump by about twenty points solidly red. Our Republican district he still hasn't put out a statement explaining why. He voted yes I'm told that actually surprised even members of his own staff and so they've got to be initialing story and I I highlighted that sweet evicted that he had put out. Which was in the midst of the siege it was it was put out at about 330. On Wednesday afternoon. So was after most members of congress had been evacuated and wall many of those rioters were still. Rampaging through the capitol building and he put out that we would anguish she said. DC is in chaos this will accomplish nothing where is the president he mosque ask people to disperse and restore calm now. And of course. The it would be quite some time before he actually did that. And and regular go back to you want to me we heard I'd just now on. On ABC news from Jason Crowe of Colorado Democrat of Colorado we've heard from others as well. This notion that one of the reasons in nickel in the cloak room in the in that conversations. That are happening. That are happening privately up on the Capitol Hill the Republicans are telling their their colleagues you know. I'd vote for this. But I'm afraid for my life and I wonder what that says about. What's become of the Republican Party as kind of the personal political party. The leader Donald Trump. It is stunning but it's sentiment that we picked up informally. Along the way. A lot of people talk about this is that this do you fear of trump and his Twitter account a Twitter is no longer a factor for president trump the fear of the trump base. Looking at the scenes that are played out in airports across the country and knowing about the threats that members of congress and their staffs. And their families have gotten over the over the past week there's a real fear just what members of congress do. I think go about their normal lives and also fear even on the house floor itself metal detectors installed. Starting with last night's debate for members of congress coming and going because there was concern. That members of congress or we're gonna bring weapons on to the house floor. A group some Republicans pushed right past notes actress wouldn't allow themselves to be searched and there are some more afraid literally of their colleagues doing something to them. On the house floor that's not a sentiment. That I can work all happen happening in any point during some of the most heated debates in our country's recent history in the fact that we're there. That so many Republicans now with just a week left in the president's term would stand by him for fear of political or personal health retribution that they could be threatened themselves if they vote in this way. Is a stunning and sad statement on where we are. And John earlier and we had a statement from the president urging no violence. What do we expect to hear from him now that this vote is official do you think he'll respond. Well there's talk that that he'll put together some kind of response what form it will calm. I don't know you know he doesn't have his Twitter feed. But of course there's obviously the the White House so website you can put out. A video we'll see where he goes I assume that we will hear from him tonight that statement that he put out. Which by the way didn't really exactly sound. Late the late Donald Trump I mean it was it was not quite the cadence which with which. He usually speaks or writes. But it did call for an end to the violence and for com. Was put out in the midst of that debated was clearly intended. To try to have an affect on that debated fact minutes after that statement was released by the White House. It was being read on the floor during the debate by Jim Jordan I think it was a message. To Republicans. Who were tempted to vote. For impeachment but to be able to say well least the president is now asking for calm and for an end to the violence. So we'll see what the tone is when he actually. Comes out we actually see the words coming out of his mouth. All right John and and records of that let me just up bring your attention majority leader Mitch McConnell senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has issued a statement. There's a couple of of lines I just wanted to bring your attention the House of Representatives has voted to impeach the president McConnell says the senate process. Will now begin at our first regular meeting. Following receipt of the articles from the house he then goes on to say but got you know what that's not gonna happen until after Joseph Biden's elected. And he believes that it will best serve our nation of congress and the executive branch spend the next seven days completely focused on facilitating a safe inauguration. And in order orderly transfer of power. And so it sounds as if we're not gonna see a trial but that Mitch McConnell is. Can is open to trying the president the current president after he leaves office. Perhaps so that some of that evidence. Can develop out of this while a very broad investigation. Require what do you make of McConnell statement. And Terry hit him saying in his statement to his colleagues that he hasn't prejudged and the this case that he hasn't made up his mind on impeachment that he's going to listen to the arguments the legal arguments as they are made welcome one level this is an entirely his call he's not going to be the majority leader shortly after. On January 20 the shortly thereafter majority leader will be Chuck Schumer but the larger message and this is that it's going to be Chuck Schumer is problem its going to be Joseph Biden's problem and now it is now undeniable and unavoidable that it at least a chunk of the Senate's time and Washington's collective time. He's going to be focused on the impeachment of ex president trough during those precious first days of the Biden administration is going to be off. A factor it is not maybe not the overriding factor maybe not the only factor and I don't fight has expressed interest in having kind of a bifurcated schedule where have to they can be about impeachment have to they could be about starting that Biden agenda confirming those appointees. But it will be part of it and hand them a message from McConnell is that there really is no functional way to start this trial. And complete this trial before January 20 and he's right about that. I just by virtue of the process you can move very quickly if you want to you need something close to unanimity in the senate to do so of course that doesn't exist so this is going to be something that the early stages of of the Biden presidency. Are gonna have to focus on. That as I say more facts come out from that aggressive investigation Rick Klein and Jonathan Karl thanks very much. Meanwhile 20000 National Guard troops are there at the capitol to protect it from any further threats ABC's Kenneth Bolton was there. Outside all day at Kenneth. What are you seeing what was it like being there today as those proceedings were happening. Diane and remarkable. Really to see the layers and layers of security. Tom this has seen here at the capitol right here is moving east side of the capitol right now the top and a walk across the street here what's on Burton's. Some of the traffic we have because there's very little vehicular traffic that's been around the capital. Comment that has been a staging area right here on the yankees' side of the capitol this plaza right guys minutes ago. It was filled wit the National Guard troops if you heard the numbers thank you mention that Tony Dow the number that's how many we expect by inauguration day. 6600. National Guard troops here right now protecting this capital all around it you got this bit sick that look at this. This eight foot tall fit right here Brian not actually got to the little bit taller because this big gets thick. It's not going anywhere it is pretty sturdy making sure to keep people. Out of this area who are not supposed to be here and so this fence guys goes all the way around the capital. The streets are closed off. And again as national marchers are backing out. US Secret Service and capitol police and we understand by this weekend that could be some 101000. National Guard troops here are coming from several states you're in the northeast and then again by inauguration day. 101000. And RC 320000. That number expected to double their buy the that we get numbers. And we understand why did you guys it's important information when you see that video this National Guard members you see many of them are armed. We are not used to that to see National Guard troops armed on US soil like that around the capital anywhere. Tie it anyplace here in this nation fully understand that last night the Garzon are working in the capital receive authorization from the secretary of army. Let's let the request of federal and local officials based. I'm potential threats now that authorization for the gardener to be armed. It's only for the capital again we see many who arm but many were not were doing traffic control they're supporting law enforcement supporting US Secret Service. And also capitals well you see these bike officers here. What we've been seeing officers and all around this area going and and now also in the National Guard troops. We saw those images of them sleeping on the floor beside the Paul that the congress and that's because they're taking breaks there's so many were here are their cycling them and cycling them now that's been the scene here throughout the day. Again several layers of security for us to even get to this location where we are right now. Hot that's how it as they're actually taking that is IDs. Hi you've got to want checkpoint you go a few feet and you think you're dead you're not dead they're gonna check your idea again because they want to make sure that the people. We're supposed to being here are in here and those who were not. Are not we did see some demonstrations. Earlier today they were very small. You would think they were pro trump demonstrations they were actually black lives matter demonstration. Demonstrators and protesters who were upset. Her one person yelled so now you show up. Because obviously we know the differences between what we saw it. Here last week and we saw over the summer when it came to dealing with a black bars matter demonstrators. Here in this city and across the nation. And so that's a senior guys a lot of security unprecedented again 20000. National Guard troops expected by inauguration day. An incredible scene there Kenneth Mountain States say thank you. We'll take an armed camp out there quell incitement. Was war word that we heard a lot today from house Democrats it means speech or action that encourages. Unlawful behavior listen to congressman Jim McGovern. Who's the democratic chairman of the house rules committee from Massachusetts. As he spoke of this. The speaker when my friends talk about the president being committed to a peaceful transition. I just point to what happened on Wednesday when his words. Launched a a violent attack. Against this capital where five people lost their lives and many more were injured some gimme a break. You know. I Wu remind everybody here. That words have consequences. And ignoring words that are wrong also have consequences. You know. What happened would never happen. If everybody stood up in unity. And called up the president when he was not telling the American people the truth when he was pushing a big line. We will never have unity without truth. And also without accountability. This impeachment resolution outlines the truth of war trumped it. It is time that this congress now holds him accountable for his words. And for their devastating impact. Congressman Jim McGovern of Massachusetts joins us live on the phone right now with more on this cartoon McGovern thanks for being way this. You're just ask a question that that may be in the minds of a lot of Americans. Why now just a week away from the end of president trumps term. It do you think it is imperative to put the country through. An impeachment and trial and removal from office even those only got a week left. Well I think the younger the better question is you know or is it fair inappropriate for the progress the United States to put that nation through what he did last Wednesday. Look the veto he instigated. Or amounts to an insurrection. Eight violent track. He the United States capitol people die people were injured. The property was destroyed. So we have our appreciation to respond to do nothing. Two to simply do a similar summer Republican always has suggested well let me just finish that promoted that's almost over well you know who he would do what again. He had this is unprecedented. And it deserves a strong and and it ended a ND ID a vehicle response and that is what it is. That's a look. We've we've we've got impeached for today I would like this undertaken. This was possibly because. You know I don't believe that it is safe for our country or for the world to have him in the white coats for one more minute. But if at a very minimum. We responded in a way that I think is appropriate but he's got the first president in US history to ever be of these coins. And with the bipartisan vote. Right with there would do with ten Republicans we ask you in your speech congressman you talked about having. A work as a staffer on Capitol Hill and now serving the people of Massachusetts there. And having experienced this attack and trying to take up. The responsibility figure out what accountability looks like after it can reflect on on on data on how you feel about that place that building that community. And what you're doing now in relation to that. The guys I'd love this place and you know I began dessert college interns actually that he seventy's working for. Senator George McGovern a relation and tonight I work for. Congressman Joseph Moakley of soapbox and and I get elected myself. It's incredible experience as a PO I met my wife. Who are work here Chapel Hill issued a working for another messages are reserved. And and I eat. I you know I sees only victory in incredible greatness occur in the house and the senate and I have such reverence. For the capital. And city you know I was I was in that chair. Speakers share card Wednesday. When this mobbed infiltrated the capital and and I remember. Kuwaitis who everybody was over the tree were and I walked into the speaker's lobby which brought up more than I thought this same problem. You know trying to break the glass doors. And the speaker is likely to get it to the house floor. And when I looked into their eyes at me eight literally sort evil army it was these people were not. Protesters in Emeka. A political point they were used to shore property to desecrate. It is. This incredible symbol of our freedom and democracy and there were theater per people. You know this is the to the temple of freedom and justice. Staff that stood at work here you don't want to make this country better and today were at risk although it up support. People at work here from the cafeteria workers commentary during they are all. You know they're all essentially a book report where it was surely text messages to Sega is about their loved ones. Few dish was unconscionable what happened here. Yeah. And congressman. How would have you could take up. The argument that the Republicans were making that Democrats. Are using a double standard because supposedly Democrats and sufficiently criticize the violence surrounding the black lives matter. Protests. Of last summer how do you answer that. There permit that bridges not so I mean these are false equivalency me. The capital was occupied for the first time Sunday he twelve. By people who wanted to know when Boyd. The the people's voice in the last election. Been president of the United States. You don't call together. A mob. And that no doubt that those the words it was Cheney. But this mob that he is encoded you know white supremacist certain. The new map he didn't and people who you know we're not interested in anything. You know you'd do it anyway support of our democracy but these people get up and and he engage in what do voters I mean. They didn't do not diminish what happened. On the capitol campus. On Wednesday meet it was a horrifying event. It was an attack our democracy. It is made us look. Diminish. And the value of the world it would defeat the democracy here we error. What is terrible display had knowledge as we're waiting we're talking I mean there are Fuhrman in my capitol office. And you know and you know that there's. This couple of freedom and democracy. Be it we are. Surrounded. You know by huge fences. And you know this is actually a lockdown is people can't get in here. And that's just got to check realities. In the aftermath of that terrible. That doesn't. On Wednesday look at Democrats condemned violence. But let us let let us not compare protest was an attempted coup and I really really. You reject. Those kind of comparisons. Our and it is sad heartbreaking congressman Jim McGovern thanks very much for being with us great QB integration he too. Over more on Missouri bring in Brent as universal American history professor clear right Berger who's been with us. Four throughout this in so many of the things we you know we're living in. Times of extraordinary pausing to ordinary politics very it's kind of tall and frustrating their passing goes it says sometimes we like isn't evident extraordinary politics. Are exhausting and traumatic. So we've heard a lot about what will unite or divide the country today. Well or as you look at history and the present situation. What do you think about that what could bring us together. Ploy I think the important thing to keep in mind here is that I'm not really sure why we're talking about calls for unity. In the face of insurrection. Death sentence just wholly inappropriate in a moment there were trying to process and bring to accountability. Ellis who would seek to undo free speech to an order for us to even think about the possibility. Of unity and reconciliation. Are moving forward they're actually custody and count hitting for what went wrong and historically what has gone wrong. So what we've seen in the past is that the moments where we come to get that the most as a nation. In the times when we've actually recognized. Me how our shortcomings. As a country and expanded democracy to be more inclusive for all including those people who have been marked for guys who have been ostracized have been. Out. Citizenship. In the nation at large I think we have to put those things together. In order to be able to move on in a moment my. Bets and Leah the senate historian noted that National Guard troops stayed overnight in the capital only twice before during World War II. And after the assassination. Of Martin Luther King Jr. so. What does that say about the new threats that law enforcement is watching right now in just a general where we are right now. You know I think about that story that I Yana Presley told that the earlier today where she street Celtic have seen a step back to her office and looked for the emergency button. And that systematically emergency and had been ripped out of congress people's office and it's. Act across you know with the halls of congress across the capital. And to me that is our violent assault and it's an indication of the kind of violence. It was intended to be you know to meet her cheek against these individuals. So I think what we're seeing right now is finally a recognition of the seriousness. Of the issue at hand under the problematic that hand and you're part of problem with the cap correct that we saw is that no one hope they seriously. Nobody took it seriously when they heard calls for insurrection limit her calls to overthrow the government really hurt calls. To overthrow. You know congressional individuals because the results of the election were something that people didn't like. And so finally I think what we're beginning to see. And it isn't any knowledge meant. I'm just how serious and just how dangerous our current moment to note their congress people. Who are saying who are afraid they're saying to do the right thing to do the moral thing to do ethical thing because of death threats that they've been receiving in the last week. And I think this is an indication that we are in a dark place in this nation. And yet. Be the guards sleeping on the floor overnight is just one example on one illustration. Of just how deep but how are we this moment is for us. And Leah so much of this president and presidency has been unprecedented which is part of the reason his supporters. Love him so much but now a big one is going to be hearing he is a one term president and the only one in history to ever be impeached twice what is this going to do. For Donald trumps legacy. We'll his legacy is January XX it is the capital rights. But I think that his legacy is much bigger than that it's the trajectory outlet pass to January's sex. It Charlotte's now and it's you know saying things like when the looting starts the shooting starts. It's this kind of contest and it's an aggressive and angry training list of license nets. It really was in steel was the base. The trump presidency. That's his legacy. I think what what else is important your tube is the act. For a lot of people in this country. The reason why they were attracted to Donald Trump was not because at this idea winning so to speak in fact much of the trump presidency has been about losing. And being impeached twice is a great example of it was about being able to project these long held grievances. On to a figure who amplified them and spoke about rates when he says things like I loved new you're very special people or they're very fine people on both sides. This is what we're talking about. In trunk people could see us stay here. I must say any you know almost a religiously for her around camp. And say this is someone who speaks to Mike agreements. And so at some much longer history that has been perpetuating within this country great this is that this is directly connect. Two idea is you know inequality. And racism and white supremacy. So we're seeing here is just an exemplary example at this and that's going to be tribes legacy. We'll let let let's bring in for more on that a mark up to grow presidential historian and mark. Yeah you heard from from Lira or -- there. What if she thinks trumps legacy might be but I thank you to look backwards for a little bit as you as you wonder as we tried to understand together. What's going on in our country is ever met a political figure. Like down from we have strong presidents week president's. Presence with bad tempers presence you were mild. Can you think about a parallel political figure president are not in American history. Not a single one Terry and it oh win Donald Trump was inaugurated we can remember him saying this American carnage will end here and it will end now. And of course his legacy as Leah eludes you will two will will be about. The American carnage that we salt on the capital. On January 6 but he also talked about America first and the big difference teary. Is that Donald Trump never put America first and Donald Trump always put Donald Trump first. There isn't a president I can think of who failed to put the needs of the office and by extension the needs of the American people over his own. Personal and political interest ask a difference here Terry recently. Haven't seen that before and I hope we'll never see it again. All right our thanks to Leah Revver gore and mark up growth up to grow thank you both. And senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is office now confirms that the senate will not return early for impeachment trial that means the earliest. The trial could start is January 19 looks pretty constitutional law professor Carolyn Fredericks in a Georgetown University. From one S Carolina. Thanks for being here you know some Republicans said. That president trumps words don't meet the legal standard for incitement. To violence what is that standard an art major more about that as this moves to the senate. Syria red Herring and assistant I think the basin during now comes first impeachment thriller remember that impeachment itself does not criminal process it's a political process. It's where in the judgment of congress the president has being trained at his duty to the public. Or the public trust. And it's. It's not a requirement. In this particular. Forum to prove that he met any legal tab. Asked for incitement her or insurrection all of us certainly. I was very possible. The so it. Is obligation to do is whether it's a violation of the public trust in the president's duty. Is constitutional duties to have participated. In an effort to encourage people to engage in violence. And armed insurrection. And in big capital and commit violent acts in the way they did and so. That's the question is congress. Meeting the tests that sent out in in the constitution. And and again. That does not need to me that they the requirements of any particular. Criminal statute it's a separate tests altogether. And French British and I wonder if we could. Look ahead right now and that is clear now from what Mitch McConnell said that we aren't going to have. A trial before this president leaves office so the question I think a lot of people have this kid can you triumph. After he leaves office is pretty look at the constitutional text it's. That that if convicted removal from office is is the punishment if he's not there anymore can still triumph. Well absolutely and this is and congress impeach. Officials. In resigned from office and no reasons for this one isn't moral. I question I don't ensuring that congress register has been Graham is I agree action's presidential candidates this Ruble. There's another element to that which is then subsequent to both conviction. I remember that house agents and an indictment out of the senate. I. I serves as the trial and that's where conviction happens. Or conviction. And there's the possibility. Barring. That person in the dollar dropped from ever holding general office war and in in addition. From receiving I'm subsequent. Benefits such as a pension and so important. And those are really very important questions they're they're not. I don't always including those dollar problem is it's no longer in mosques and there is a crop since it's been done before congress is down and there's precedent and they can certainly happen again. And it looks like we're gonna see it happen Caroline Fredericks and thank you for that. You're welcome. And that does it for us right now I thank you very much to our guests and to you viewers at home for joining us I'm Diane Messina. And I'm Terry Moran make sure to keep it right here all day for continuing live coverage of these events and others we want to leave you with some of the most important moments from this historic day. Have a good night. Your moment in American history of the house moves to impeach president Tom. For the second time this could be the first time in American history and an American president. 24. Impeaching O'Donnell John from president of the United States for high crimes and misdemeanors we are debating this historic measure. At an actual crime thing biggest betrayal. Of any president of the United States in our history. Words have consequences and ignoring words that are. Also have consequences congress now hold him accountable for his words. And for their devastating impact how does the president insight an attack that the pre planned and already under way before his speech concluded last. Week's violent attack on the capital. It's undemocratic. An American program. But here is what a vote to impeach. The Pope should pay. Further divide. The vote to impeach will further fan the flames partisan. That doesn't mean the president of the free fall president bears responsibility. For Wednesday's attack. You can had bad. The worst president in the history of the the United States.

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