Hundreds remain under quarantine in Japan

Basic supplies are scare in China and Hong Kong as the global economy has been hit with the aftereffects of the coronavirus.
8:58 | 02/18/20

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Transcript for Hundreds remain under quarantine in Japan
Back in Japan where that cruise ship is still docs the Japanese health ministry announced a 99 more cases. Among people on board bringing the total to 454. We have been closely monitoring the harrowing stories on board that ship for days. Passengers excited for their vacations. Now find themselves stuck in small rooms or separated from their loved ones. We were especially struck by the case of Melanie and John Herring who we just sign Clayton story here they walk us through there are deal in a video diary. Our economy. And assets was gonna go to the hospital or an arm and he served. Are you know. We're just trying to keep his fever down he gets down for awhile and then goes back and he's down for awhile cause Africa. His future is now offender in three again we haven't heard from the doctor we culled it to me and they said that Johns on the list. And done we're just trying to keep him cool and comfortable he's Vernon. I was taken from the diamond princess version today and put in the hospitals. And ambulances into the hospital here in Tokyo. Can't hear from possibly having the corona virus have been sick for about the last report days deeper. And headache and nausea. He did test positive and he's being held in isolation he gets work. Tomorrow I believe again. And then they wait 24 hours for those results to come back he has had two negatives general for can be released. It. If it's positive you know we'll test tendon in another 48 hours. It could find diamond princess. Yeah yeah yeah. Are on Maggie really is tracking it all from Japan Maggie now we know the Americans who arrived today. Have to start their quarantined over again another two weeks what does that mean for the people still on the ship. And that's the big question with the means to people who chose to stay behind of people artwork hospitals like John Donna Melanie. Don't know when they're going to get to see each other got an assist it's heartbreaking to think about it mean for the Americans who chose to stay behind you chose not to disembark and it's inoculation flight. We do know that they could be ended get released here in Japan as early as tomorrow if they test negative for the virus and how to come into close contact them and how the disease but. But even then they're not allowed pack in the United States until March 4 at the earliest and even that is not guaranteed to still so many questions and then when it comes. The people like John who are by themselves are covering in a hospital who have tested positive for the virus. Now he has you know and he's still sick in the hospital. Who knows when he's going to be allowed to come back to the United States who knows when Melanie will be allowed to come to Japan to visit and they are just so many unknowns in so much uncertainty right now and so. And we think about being separate from your spouse or if those are your parents that got separated on this cruise ship is just heartbreaking. Basing that on certain. And it's hard enough with Fam leave there I can only imagine to do that alone. Maggie this about his other cruise ship to resize images of passengers celebrating that they were finally going to be allowed to embark disembark. And now it turns out somebody from that ship. Did test positive. He had this is scary day ads and his Christian could not find a place to dot countries are turning Italy finally Cambodia's that you can dock here. They tested everyone is that everyone was negative but turned out a couple of day later and in year three year old woman tested. Positive for the virus she had bent on that cruise ships and how all this families are left in limbo once again. They have an American couple who stuck in a hotel room in Cambodia they're not allowed to fly back to the United States after they found out someone tested positive they're still some people. On that ship and then it's a reminder when you look at this ship behind us we think about the number of cases you make that number 99. That wasn't where received 4060708090. Every day the numbers keep increasing so many people are able to catch virus like this on this cruise ship and when you think about that other cruise ship that we know someone had the virus onboard. It's terrifying to think how many people were infected how many people got off that cruise ship. And where they are now mean you can see why the US crackdown and wanted to everyone who is on the ship have of the fourteen days of quarantine they do not want that spread happening in the US and. It definitely feels like you can't be too careful kind of situation right now Maggie what kind of an effect is this having on the economy both globally. And locally there and China I can imagine it's a small one. It's it's not Diana I think what's also I do think about is that after Thibodeau really know. How big this effect is going to be hit found on how many problems this'll cause and the supply chain in the global economy and China's economy. I just anecdotally here in the ground I mean primers across Asia it is almost impossible to find face masks here in Japan and you can't find them. Of the looking in places like. Hong Kong the runs were seeing there are just basic supply that's not only face mask its cleaning supplies its tissues and hand sanitize or it's toilet paper. We just sagas in this one robbery happened where three men actually robbed toilet paper 600 rolls from someone. That is the type of desperation or seen our producer here with us in Japan actually from Hong Kong and he was. Saying that when he came here he bought a duffel bag Diane infield hit with toilet paper to bring back home good that was the easiest way for him to get toilet paper. Back in Hong Kong. That's just shows how sort of desperate the situation is right now. Wow that's the kind of perspective you you never imagine that when you think about a story like that that side of things Maggie. Live in Yokohama Japan Maggie really forests where hundreds remain under quarantine we appreciated Maggie thank you. And I want to bring in doctor Jenn Ashton joining us live that. Take a step back we were told that the diamond princess cruise ship was quarantine to help stop the spread of this virus. Japanese officials now say dozens more were infected today alone not to mention the fourteen people on that plane. Our health officials rethinking their strategy unless I think. This is how we have to look at it Diane first of all in in circles almost microcosm. Straight there is. The concern for Japan as a country there's the concern for that ship. Then where Arab government is concerned there's a concern for Americans on that ship those are all different populations of people. And in water tests rethink. A quarantine strategy. All of those populations need to be factored into the equation it has to be a risk benefit analysis that's going on data de I think at a certain point. It became very clear with those rising numbers that Maggie mentioned every single day. That the quarantine strategy on that ship. Was not only not working it was endangering the people on that she him for a variety of reasons some of which may we may know and may be obvious and some of which we may not know so I think of that's when the CDC said. We are more comfortable taking care of those Americans on US soil and we think it's time to get them out. They're moving a patient whether they're in a hospital earn a quarantine setting. Can be risky and I think we saw a exactly why. Have we learned anything new about how this virus spreads unfortunately not so. You know remember this code it nineteen is just barely six weeks old so we still don't know how it's transmitted for sure. Yes there's an assumption that it's transmitted via respiratory droplets and contact meaning. I touch you you may have it on your hands and I touch my face right touch a surface but we don't know that for sure yeah so a lot of unknowns now we don't know. Whether this is a lot of people who may be asymptomatic or have mild disease who then pass it to a lot of people or whether it's just been very sick people who spread it. All of those are to be determined they're just unknown at this point. Their questions make it scary but also that CDC has he's testing kits but. Apparently there have been some missteps there is well what do we know about Brett. Now again buffer we Hector in the missteps. On the part of the CDC we have to remember. Denominator we have to remember numbers China is facing what mathematical models look like could be over half a million people infected rate now we have. 1516. May be thirty cases on US soil. Last week the CDC finally sent out testing kits to states so that they could expedite with rapid testing. And the initial testing procedure just to validate those tests not on people. Were inconclusive the test now functions and got some tests on the test malfunction exactly so there are definitely some snafus here that have to be worked out but right now our response has been aggressive. And largely successful right well good to hear that part at least initially issued medical correspondent doctor Jan always great to have you on thank you.

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{"duration":"8:58","description":"Basic supplies are scare in China and Hong Kong as the global economy has been hit with the aftereffects of the coronavirus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"69037586","title":"Hundreds remain under quarantine in Japan","url":"/International/video/hundreds-remain-quarantine-japan-69037586"}