Iconic Notre Dame Cathedral gutted by flames

A massive fire has destroyed much of the famed Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris as flames caused its 315-foot spire to collapse. The full scope of the damage is unknown.
2:48 | 04/16/19

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Transcript for Iconic Notre Dame Cathedral gutted by flames
How much too important since the Harris who is you think we can see 400 plus 300 you can too. Remnants of the people emotions. During Russia yesterday evening it approximately between 6 PM at certain. Any significance far Brcko and some construction. Of the cathedrals. The team and the other Stacy. Everything all from the U sending. Like coal towns in the west and so on of destruction of thyroid down. I moved site. The music went through procedural. Votes so from thirty point PM. Approximately. 7:50 PM at the 300 food supply goods leaves very Coleman and decent songs. Of the cathedral collapsed engulfed what flames. It was also would save. Fifty north wind blowing in a westerly direction which is taking the keeps ticking flames taking the smoke in the direction. The two front corner returning to tell us. That the same. 200 feet on the western side. Behind me on this but trivia. Along Travis gutters maybe supply 600 strong who are looking won't forget us. They're truly become a believe. The procedural motion succumbed suspicious of me and significant fire rules singing things come. On Sunday neighborhoods. Looking home just believe they. Finally now has been active for nearly six hours. Behind me I can still see. French plus pluses. Through all the issues is pouring tons and tons of its through hoses couple celebrated buttons into the central structure also moved down here. They were still was still there was still flames in so impulsive and very much now under control. Cathedral Saddam was undergoing reconstruction from the pools of the flies his as guests on plus plus plus his final four teams will be working into the night to ensure that specify is. Key piece of huge and the investigation. Consultants in place as soon as possible. The raw frankly reports. A little the end to its usual about people fisons. Let it happen besides I don't whose main central the of the cathedral it would actually saved. And is also true for Rome French authorities. About the reconstruction process. Flood fighters in the sorties continue to subdue the fire no doubt this process. Gold one and she beat him house. Unlucky day reporting nipple don't you know we ABC news life.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"A massive fire has destroyed much of the famed Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris as flames caused its 315-foot spire to collapse. The full scope of the damage is unknown.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62422064","title":"Iconic Notre Dame Cathedral gutted by flames","url":"/International/video/iconic-notre-dame-cathedral-gutted-flames-62422064"}