Inside India's 2nd coronavirus wave

India is set to surpass the rest of the world in number of COVID-19 cases in a matter of weeks, and the fear now is that the virus will make its way to the underdeveloped, rural areas.
6:57 | 09/25/20

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Transcript for Inside India's 2nd coronavirus wave
Perhaps there is no nation on earth with a bigger crisis and India and they are on track to overtake the US is the nation with the most cases worldwide. How did this happen in a place that initially achieve success containing the virus. Our Ian panel brings us this in depth report. Come used to speak through reduced capital to save the living. Today the navy braces to collect the dead and weaving through Denny's food street's bull case we didn't want some good information. New brakes to slow the spread of the disease it's. It now has the world's fastest growing recently that she didn't do. Today's blue coup in nineteen casualties but Randy of the 100000. Deaths. And moved hope groupie families must move include. That well today loved. Ford will we day is indeed gets hit by a second wave fall more vicious than the furnace. Trading on the most vulnerable today Muhsin have to pick up the cruelty of the three year old girl who put it. My heart breaks. Thank everybody who. I have seen so many guys. It's beyond his dream it's the moose and make sure the little pill is laid to rest and didn't. But what minivan. The family is poor and cannot afford a cremation is called this man from an Ngo to come and help paper assembling a look was an. It's the grimace keep jobs exacting terrible told the bodies keep piling up. India seeing nearly 2.5 million new cases and just these past month. In this day. At this time that we're seeing more patients and deaths. Picking up seven to eight bodies on a daily basis he answered it pretty hard onto the graveyard pretty lucky goes. It's unimaginable loss fruit country and its relative initial success in containing the virus. Beckett most India join too much of the world in shutting down. World's second most populous country gave up just four hours notice before losing one of the most rigid look dent. It pago deaths and hundreds of local pet hospitals in your report and the US. But that she one point three billion people are was too quick to be it. Desperate to revive its economy businesses received some public Catherine super. What little activity at home you. And I eat and deep in the bag. Doors won't lose their lights do not done within likely be condoning. Migrant laborers from the poor areas coming back into the city's policy to blame for the taken infections and by some of the pandemic is ravaging its way through the nation's capital. We weren't in New Delhi hospital this past June doctors in full PPO patients attempts offensively. Couldn't get a picture of the vote. The deepening Italy seeking holds the soundtrack to a Stanton gets Annapolis could and you didn't use cases it was starting to Klein. This situation is unlike anything we. Quote. It is pregnant then you can didn't. But the few. This situation. Wearing a little touches the yes good closest points and. U. And it is a more. Yeah OK yeah. Good today medical professionals in the country as sounding the alarm. It is now a second look into the United States and having the most coup bid cases hoping following million. And more to the big city. Vienna most of the burgers hot tool to combat fifteen. Did it just got sticky all quickly adds that in just a relatively well equipped. City struggled. The poor areas of finding it even harder to Tampa the surgical infection much of the Frontline cat calls over the shoulders of Valenti is like push attention less deadly. Two women with some medical experience. Compared to a door or yeah. Do. That Megan hanged. The town's only announced immediately put it might as well people behind gives away her. Georgia's medical equipment intent Olson did meet short supply in this densely populated area so prevention is key. It's don't with the most diminishing pool with contact tracing tour and had. Any idea what that's different here about it because his captivity. Women runs helping people giving each household and do away with the date. Making their rounds through neighborhoods like bush asking people its defense symptoms. Checking temperatures it's a community effort whipped one person answering questions can be the difference between life and death. I'm. I mean yeah it does not. I don't know. Are in areas with poor educations they spent that day spreading awareness of the disease and many still know little events. My teammates welcomed me on the capital magic about it yeah. Producing ultra violent changes could attach am I did most and a lot I rather than there are only two hospitals. One barter part in one and dietary both catering to a lot of villages. Two hospitals and so many villages if it spreads here. It'll be terrifying. What Judy it's a time. One folks it's a time problem the audience's time these are the work is willing to take the risk to save India for the virus. To loosen the date doesn't let itself. But he gets home he tells his wife rules of patients but even more difficulties. Everyday he transports people movie today graves and they couldn't stay within her. Much. There was a chick who died. He was just five or six years old son's isn't his parents didn't go near him but usually hard a lot of humor and I felt so much pain in my heart that I was standing in crying. Because we're the ones that don't bring the body would you we're. This thing doesn't allow me to sleep at night. But Kidd is dying my father's dying what kind of diseases. He's killed brings him pain but he's finally you know it's a lawsuit key Frontline work. He tells us his family was scared of what she was doing decent place to dance but now the proud. Proud that he's doing his speech to save others from corona virus. ABC news life.

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{"duration":"6:57","description":"India is set to surpass the rest of the world in number of COVID-19 cases in a matter of weeks, and the fear now is that the virus will make its way to the underdeveloped, rural areas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"73226892","title":"Inside India's 2nd coronavirus wave ","url":"/International/video/inside-indias-2nd-coronavirus-wave-73226892"}