Brazil Faces Protests and Floods as World Cup Approaches

Flooding in the host nation claims nine lives as subway workers demand health care and housing.
4:43 | 06/11/14

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Transcript for Brazil Faces Protests and Floods as World Cup Approaches
Free World Cup -- the host nation facing if you're from workers and -- -- On the eve of the opening ceremony and the first game right now. Hot -- -- Paulo Brazil hello everyone I'm Michelle. The side of the opening ceremony and first World Cup match under turmoil floods strikes and protests. The backdrop. On the eve of the biggest sporting event in the world in the country that -- soccer like religion. ABC's Bob Woodruff has the latest on the strife and the celebration for Maria. This morning more bad luck for Brazil flooding near Sao -- Tuesday claimed the lives of nine people. And this subway workers hitting the streets Monday demanding health care and housing. Police and armed guards patrolling Sao -- with riot gear and tear gas. In Rio de Janeiro teachers marched to angry that they make only about 350 dollars a month. While the government has spent billions of dollars to host the world. But an even bigger problem may be that Brazil is not completely prepared workers in Sao Paolo stadium a rushing toilets when we were there Sunday were not even install. Despite the setbacks many Brazilians are very excited about the games and are showing their team's colors everywhere. There was some good news on Tuesday. Jennifer Lopez announcing she would in fact be performing an opening ceremonies after days of rumors saying she would not. And I. American spirits are running high. Celebrities celebrating. Fans even flying thousands of miles to Brazil to cheer on their -- I've always wanted -- and help plan and. The US team taking to the field for practice Tuesday focusing on what it will take to win their first game against Ghana on Monday. It's gonna take. Huge effort we're gonna have to be together and watch each -- back. Now aside from the US team imagine the pressure on the Brazilian team they're ranked number one if they lose their first game tomorrow against Croatia. They believe -- will be a major political and psychological disaster the people of Brazil want to win at all. Bob Woodruff ABC news Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Now there will be a lot of languages spoken in Brazil in the coming weeks and that makes it somewhat harder for us journalists ABC's -- Ferriss in Rio. And gives us a behind the scenes look on how communication works in -- now. All right so we're here -- and they speak Portuguese and you know I expect he'll wait -- -- speak. Spanish or Portuguese so we downloaded a little -- on our intensely. It's actually helping us to you BK. All of our crew what you're we have -- -- And we have Pedro into -- dominant front and they do not understand what -- that's coming out of her -- except Daniel who is our -- expert -- As well as -- -- translators over. Race here I'm so that they understand. What I'm trying to say -- afraid that I'm going to put it here is it is a beautiful. Day. Sounds. Some -- easy it is a beautiful day. It is a beautiful day it's coming up C English to Portuguese he's straight -- and -- Faithful night in -- -- -- action that I sit at her -- At LAS -- that they understand what I'm saying. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- didn't get ambulances. And. They understand what I'm saying. We've also ice said we are going to the beach to interview two arrests and forging -- They stop most -- pat -- but I -- product and that -- -- thirty cents. My work here is done. So there -- -- -- this is how we are surviving. Here in reality yes I did say the traffic -- -- is horrible true story of traffic code -- -- -- -- Thanks Paula her work actually just getting started in Rio de Janeiro. You can stay with for the latest on the World Cup will bring you all the highlights news and previews right here you've been watching international hot -- I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":24094638,"title":"Brazil Faces Protests and Floods as World Cup Approaches","duration":"4:43","description":"Flooding in the host nation claims nine lives as subway workers demand health care and housing.","url":"/International/video/international-hot-spot-brazil-faces-protests-floods-world-24094638","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}