Guantanamo Detainees Released in Doha, Qatar, in POW Exchange

ABC News' Terry Moran says the five released prisoners must stay in Qatar for a year before they can rejoin their ranks in the Taliban.
8:03 | 06/02/14

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Transcript for Guantanamo Detainees Released in Doha, Qatar, in POW Exchange
You can. Out of gitmo and getting a hero's welcome the five members of the Taliban released from one final day. All the exchange for the release an American soldier right now the international. Fill -- -- The -- and America's the last Prisoner of War coming home army sergeant -- off on his way home he was captured back in 2000 under the Taliban. After he left his outpost a loan and weapon lists. This was a video the Taliban released him just a few months after his capture but his homecoming. After this five year ordeal has raised some questions on. From Guantanamo. So on the -- and ABC's Terry Moran in London for more on this prisoner exchange and -- that that Cheney is getting a hero's welcome why -- Well Carter Dan played these key mediating role of brokering role between the United States and Taliban. In getting. These high ranking Taliban -- Out of gitmo and essentially on their way home although they promised there will be security measures -- detained for for some period of time. There's no question that this -- like the rest of the -- symmetric warfare. That the United States engaged in with Taliban. -- defeat. Or are the smallest of victories represented a colossal triumph over the United States at every step in this war. And one way of looking at the release of -- bill is yet another. -- symmetric triumph. For the Taliban in Afghanistan what I wanted to ask you that about the specifics about these five to eighteen detainees the conditions they are. Required to spend a year in Carter but after that though can they just. Join the ranks of the Taliban again. While the formal condition is that they are detained for a year after that the United States as it has security assurances. And I suppose one of the reasons that the Obama administration may have been willing. To make a deal which in the and will get these people these men back. To Afghanistan back to the ranks of the Taliban without question. Is the president and his -- security team may in fact feel they've. They've essentially. Rendered the Taliban a threat to other afghanis perhaps but no longer a threat to the United States after years. Very aggressive drone strikes and and it drone war. That decapitated. Again and again leadership and al-Qaeda in. In Afghanistan and of Taliban and Afghans -- they may feel that that is now a local problem and if these guys go back. To fight a local war that that isn't a national security threat to the United States that that may have been thinking on the national security team. In the Obama administration -- if you can't speak to the value of these five men just how high up in the Taliban where they rank. Well look. -- for the better part of a decade the United States has been trying to clear out Guantanamo. For everyone that they could send back to their home countries or put on trial in some form -- fashion. The ones that -- laughed. Are the ones deemed the most dangerous. The ones who were. Very -- influential in planning. And executing. Attacks on US personnel and on. American interest around the world so these guys are. Considered deadly enemies the United States that's why they were still in Guantanamo. The nature of the struggle and -- in Afghanistan has changed however in 20012002. When. Many these remaining captive in Guantanamo including these guys were captured. It was a struggle against the United States Afghanistan had become a wholly owned subsidiary of international terrorist. It was essentially an aircraft carrier for terrorist attacks around the world. Being run. By an international terrorist conspiracy and organizations the Ford foundation of terrorism it was called that it's a different place now. Not only is there government more -- -- in place but the struggle within Afghanistan. Is really no longer struggle to launch attacks around the world although that certainly could happen. It's much more of a domestic. Struggle. And war. Within Afghanistan about the future of that country and those people so they go back when they go back to a different Afghanistan. Than the one they left. And now as -- -- is recovering in lunch still in Germany and expected to make his way back to the United States to be reunited with his family a lot of joyful excitement obviously for that kind of reunion. At the same time though there are a lot of calls a lot of questions about how exactly this deal was negotiated and whether or not. The US had in fact negotiated with terrorists going against a longstanding policy. That's -- there's no question but even the person who established that -- policy. President Reagan negotiated with terrorists so the United States has a rock hard policy we won't negotiate with terrorists and until we have to or want to and this is one of those instances but you're absolutely right in an election year in particular day. There's going to be tremendous. Congressional. Inquiries into doing what exactly went down in this -- who did we talk to what did we. Give up how dangerous. Is the release of these five. Detainees from Guantanamo for the United States going forward those. -- questions are all going to be aired aggressively. As they should be in an American of political campaign year. And I think that the administration must feel that it's got its bases covered and that the glow. Of getting -- -- back whatever you think of how he left what was given up to get him back. That reunion with his family's going to be a moment that I think all Americans. Are going to feel good about and that may be the -- political calculation on the part of the administration. This -- how complicated the relationship diplomatically speaking between US and Afghanistan did it not because as the US is trying to incorporate the Taliban. Back into the Afghan government President Hamid Karzai not exactly throwing open welcome arms. No not not at all but the president card that Karzai has become. Essentially a non person to the US in his last years in power. He's he's a guy who was essentially invented and created by the United States when they. Pushed the Taliban out needed somebody to run the show he was in exile and he came back. I interviewed him a couple of times over the years he was a guy who got grandiose. In his position. And and presided over a deeply corrupt and deeply dysfunctional Afghan government that failed in so many -- To bring the basic services basic security to the Afghan people so that in fact many didn't turn towards the Taliban again. I would venture to say however that -- New leadership coming into Afghanistan the Obama administration ran this by. The incoming Afghan administration. In ordered which is yet to be determined with the final runoff election sometime in the next couple of months. But talking to the two leading candidates they're saying here's what we're going to do here is we think about it. You know -- live with this and -- Karzai. May say what Karzai may say he's he's a man of the past at this point. Complex reunion five years in the making ABC's Terry Moran from our bureau in London Terry thank you for that always appreciate that. Of course you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading ABC news -- star in the story for exclusive updates on ago. You've been watching the international hot spot and -- perhaps -- York.

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{"id":23959675,"title":"Guantanamo Detainees Released in Doha, Qatar, in POW Exchange","duration":"8:03","description":"ABC News' Terry Moran says the five released prisoners must stay in Qatar for a year before they can rejoin their ranks in the Taliban.","url":"/International/video/international-hot-spot-guantanamo-detainees-released-doha-qatar-23959675","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}