Three Journalists Convicted in Egypt

The Al Jazeera reporters were found guilty of conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood and endangering Egypt's national security.
3:54 | 06/23/14

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Transcript for Three Journalists Convicted in Egypt
Okay. This didn't -- Evidence. Basically that they could they would get him. But nothing that given second and. -- gone a little. -- -- -- -- Crazy finish that's crazy. That's absolutely crazy. And disbelief -- inside and outside the courtroom in Cairo Egypt -- three journalists are found guilty. And sentenced to prison for helping a terrorist group right now the but Cairo Egypt. In New York the three reporters all with Al-Jazeera English news network. Had been held in Cairo since December at all convicted they -- charges that included conspire with the Muslim Brotherhood. Spreading false news and endangering Egypt's national security. This report now from Bethany bell of the BBC. We team couldn't -- date in the age. On the left to -- straining correspondent. BBC. With his colleagues Mohammed Hockney and -- how Mohammed's. Then now facing seven years in prison on charges they spread -- sneeze and helps them and Muslim Brotherhood. But -- Mohammed was sentenced to a crowd of three -- is on the separate challenge. These terror it is. As the judge read out the headaches that would -- Carolina courts. Relatives and many agendas covering this case had been picking turned the -- Katrina and denies the charges against them they say accusations -- happens and brother admitted to third sent. Mike crested -- his brother since he comes on the -- rooting. Like I'm not have a judge kind of that the -- be very interested today Mimi. Reasons. Giving -- it doesn't make any sense. The mother of Mohammed asked me. Says -- son has done nothing wrong. As evidenced. Basically that they could they would get him. -- nothing -- and seven. Al-Jazeera says the sentence is defied logic and any semblance of justice. National condemnation of this case -- his big -- about the freedom attended. Games. But the way things have been prevented anything to -- -- it's very different. How severe it is believed to -- kingdom of improbable. Participant makes its terrorism organized -- That's not include. Canada day. Attendants say they will appeal against the budgets. -- -- that behind bonds at this high security prison. At -- bell BBC -- needs. -- The managing director of colleges here English issued this statement. Saying the convictions defies logic says and any semblance of justice. He called for continuing international pressure on Egypt for the verdicts to be overturned. The human rights organization Amnesty International has also called out the Egyptian court decision as vindictive. -- without merit adding that the Al-Jazeera journalists must be released immediately. You can keep up with those journalists situation in real time by downloading ABC news out star in the store for exclusive updates on -- -- You've been watching international hot spot and -- a New York.

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{"id":24263301,"title":"Three Journalists Convicted in Egypt","duration":"3:54","description":"The Al Jazeera reporters were found guilty of conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood and endangering Egypt's national security.","url":"/International/video/international-hot-spot-journalists-convicted-egypt-24263301","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}