Excavator Attack in Orthodox Jerusalem Neighborhood

Palestinian working at construction site accused of using an excavator to flip bus onto three people, killing one.
9:25 | 08/04/14

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Transcript for Excavator Attack in Orthodox Jerusalem Neighborhood
But fighting in Gaza -- according to Israel's capital a man with -- X flipped over a bus. Ultra orthodox Jewish -- flight. A hot spot Jerusalem. There. In new York and at least one person was killed when Palestinian man ran over a pedestrian -- excavate her and then flipped that bus. Injuring three others before police arrived on the scene. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good morning Dan well we understand it was a Palestinian man -- working. At a construction site near by who took this -- Exit later. And drove to an ultra orthodox Jewish neighborhood. Where the this attack took place at a bus stop. -- he flipped over that bus. Wounding two. And -- a third who eventually died of his wounds the police are responded very quickly. Shooting needed driver to death but -- we don't know much more than that this time. What do we also note an attack like this is relatively. Rare I mean yes fighting has been happening in Gaza but this kind of attack has not been seen before. Well it certainly hasn't been seeing in terms of during this period where that the war is raging down in Gaza. This is a unique attack -- and and what's really -- -- is that an hour. After that first attack at that bus stop. There was a shooting in Jerusalem again -- -- -- Hebrew University on mount scopus. A man on a scooter. Did assassinated drive by shots an Israeli soldier wounded in the Saturday afternoon -- understand that he's in pretty bad condition. We don't know who demand of the student was he fled the scene and now there -- a manhunt under way so we have two incidents like this in the same afternoon. -- they haven't been tied by the Israeli authorities to what's happening in Gaza but of course that's the immediate assumption thin as a result of this this war in Gaza this operation has now been going on for almost a month to start on July 8. Tensions have been on the rise. We've seen unrest in the West Bank. We can -- always the biggest protests by Palestinians. Since the second Intifada ended. Two Palestinians were killed at the Colombia checkpoint which is about halfway between. The Palestinian city of Ramallah on the West Bank. And Jerusalem so they've -- of the violence in Gaza the war in Gaza certainly fueling. Did the growing tension here which many are afraid could. Boil over -- an -- so much more deadly violence beyond the borders of Gaza well. A seven hour humanitarian cease fire windows just ended it seems though that there is obviously still fighting going on in Gaza city's air strikes. And our Terry Moran is in Gaza is how people fleeing their homes he -- this update. Thank you I'm kidding skidded coming at a bank -- moon and John Kerry should come here I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes -- -- my grandkids can and you see all of you you're not need -- mountain are no money. There is no cease fire in this part of Gaza we are hearing constant shelling small arms fire in the near distance even though. Hundreds of thousands of people have come back here to see what they can -- what's left in their home. It. Backed her from our Terry -- -- -- -- we ask you this and when their car -- about these humanitarian cease fires he is it really actually a cease fire or is it in words only. Well this -- it unilaterally announce humanitarian ceasefire announced by Israel. Late last night that started at 10 AM local time and finish about. An hour and a half ago but. Very shortly into this. The cease fire. Israel broke its own cease fire there was there was an air strike on a refugee camp in northern Gaza that killed at least one young. Girl and and wounded dozens of others -- we understand from Terry and his team down in Gaza that the naval artillery continued firing. -- -- with the Israelis had said is that we will have this period. Of a humanitarian cease fire except for this south which is where -- sent that update from where a lot of the Israeli operation. Has been taking place. Over the course of the past few days very intense shelling and bombardment of that southern area. The Hamas from the get go said that there -- gonna comply with this this unilateral cease fire continued to fire rockets. In -- Israel for most of the day. So in relative terms it was a bit calmer than we've seen over the course of the past three and a half weeks. Of -- by no means was an absolute calm by no means was it a complete cease fire. Show at this point at least 392. Children have died in Gaza since this operation began. The United Nations today saying that the death total of children in Gaza has actually surpassed the death told. Up operation cast lead. I'm in 2009. It still seems -- Hamas is adamant on not agreed to the cease fire what do they want now from Israel. Wolf from the very beginning Israel was saying we will trade peace for peace com for home if you stop firing. Will stop firing for Hamas it's a bit more complicated and especially. More so now because more than 18100 Palestinians. Have died -- they need to be able to go back politically speaking go back to the Gaza population and say. -- this is what we've gotten out of the Israelis out of the international community. And this is that did this is what these 18100 people almost 19100 now have sacrificed their lives for so they don't just want peace. They have list of demands that there -- that they've requested of Israel of the international community. Primarily lifting. The siege of of Gaza the blockade of Gaza loosening the restrictions on and on goods. -- and the flow of people in and out of Gaza into Israel into Egypt and that's what we have to remember is that there's a border crossing with Egypt down in southern Gaza called -- up. And that is a -- a large pressure valve that. If we're to be opened by Egypt -- it's -- -- community that would alleviate a lot of the pressure a lot of the pain. That that dozens are feeling -- after member there -- fuel shortages or electricity shortages. Water shortages mean these guys didn't -- dozen people are going through a very tough time there's a shortage of absolutely everything. The health care industry edited the hospitals the clinics are. On the brink of collapse. And so. Them one of the main demands -- not the main demand of Hamas the other factions is to loosen. The flow of goods and people in and out. Of Gaza they also want. Prisoners to be released. In the West Bank yeah after you remember those three -- Israeli teens were a kidnapped and killed. The Israeli military launched a massive operation in the west bank and rounded up. Hundreds of Hamas members including. Some 52 who had been released as part of a deal in 2011 when. -- Hamas traded the Israeli soldier Gilad -- -- for over 1000 Palestinian prisoners they also want Israel. To agree to stop carrying out targeted assassinations. Against senior members of Hamas and the other militant factions. But none of this is is -- even be on the table they say -- -- Israeli forces leave Gaza. Well and I want to ask you lastly about that about Israeli forces there are they withdrawing. They acting unilaterally as far as pulling back. They are vis the Israeli military -- told me that most of their ground forces that have gone in. It's a Gaza and you remember that ground incursion started on on July 17. Most of those forces have withdrawn. That said the Israeli military is very reluctant to use that term withdraw they say they're being redeployed because they're saying this is not the end of the operation. -- the main goal of the operation the beginning was to take out. Those tunnels that Hamas the other groups use 22 controller operations to move rockets around to fire rockets. In to Israel that phase of the operation Israel says. Is almost over so they are pulling their troops back but those troops many of them are reservists are not going home. They're being redeployed. Either within Gaza around Gaza to continue carrying out operations because Israel says that even after this. Tunnel phase if you will is done. That the operation is not over and in in very broad terms prime minister Netanyahu said the other night. That the operation is not going to be over and tell the security. Of the Israeli citizens has been restored. Still very intense situation there ABC's -- -- -- from our bureau in Jerusalem outside does that always appreciate it. Of course you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- starring -- for exclusive updates on the go. You know watching international hot spot and -- Cutler.

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{"id":24833844,"title":"Excavator Attack in Orthodox Jerusalem Neighborhood","duration":"9:25","description":"Palestinian working at construction site accused of using an excavator to flip bus onto three people, killing one.","url":"/International/video/international-hotspot-excavator-attack-orthodox-jerusalem-neighborhood-24833844","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}