Gazans Flee to UN Refugee Camp

Thousands seek refuge as an Israel airstrike reportedly hits a hospital.
20:01 | 07/22/14

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Transcript for Gazans Flee to UN Refugee Camp
-- told rising at least 600 Palestinians and 29 Israelis killed. In the last fourteen days of violence and now Hamas saying it's taken. An Israeli soldier captive right out the top spot Gaza hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen. The ground incursion by is -- into Gaza has increased the casualties dramatically on both sides. And now the UN is saying that more than 100000. Palestinians. Are in its refugee camps because the people in Gaza do not feel safe anywhere else. This conflict escalating with many saying it seems no area is off. Stock higher or airstrikes. As ABC's Alex Marquardt was a witness to that first hand at a hospital in the Gaza Strip. We just heard reports that a hospital was hit a short time ago by the Israelis and we're on -- way that way there we passed this. Massive. Plumes of black smoke billowing into the -- this is a plastics factory we're told that's exactly what it smells like burning rubber. You can see just over there. A big hole in the wall. Where presumably a -- pierced it. This is the -- -- the hospital that was hit the hardest by Israeli tank -- you can look up and -- Several very large holes there's rubble everywhere on the ground a very strong. Smell -- gasoline. In the Israeli tanks still thundering away from very close by. Middle -- he learned TV seeing here is alive and all the doctors and nurses gathered here and what they believe. The hospital. The Red Cross is also here -- are turning to. Why the hospital my. Targeting -- find their forces. They get their stuff out here. Using their targeting the hospital. Yeah. You think -- -- news and all of the wall of the hospital that is already is it. And now it's a target now. It -- seem -- now when you go out yesterday the victim who had been about. Natalie yeah. Some of that if it can't be -- -- The Red Cross now going upstairs. To assess the patients to see which ones. Me to lead. The hospital. There's going to be -- -- tent -- -- mentally I don't -- -- -- -- -- Main hospital visit here the hospitals are now being targeted. There was a lull in the shelling so we come back in the car to leave taking a different road going -- -- away from the fence where -- Israeli tanks are firing. Easy for us again -- car and -- not as easy for me the people back there. And now we're joined by ABC's Alex Mark Clark from Gaza City Alex we saw the chaotic video their health workers and visitors. -- that the airstrikes. -- targeting hospitals saying Israel has not done that in the past has the Israeli government explained why it targeted the hospital. Yeah and an early statement they said that an investigation -- show that anti tank raw. It's had been stored. Near that hostile -- that's what they are targeting. There were a number of bells that that slammed into side of that hospital -- several floors -- surgical ward. Hitting the -- do so that was the reason they've given that the reason that. As giving birth out of the strikes that we put on civilian areas course the past do we get. There is militant infrastructure of militant arsenal's militants themselves. In these areas I don't know if -- -- shock. Among those people not hospital as as were outraged. At this point we've seen so much devastation so much destruction so much debt. That there's very shocked -- -- Palestinians as to what is being hit. As far as we know this is the second hospital. And that has been hit by Israeli forces there -- what struck last week which was a -- out hospital. In northeastern Gaza they had to evacuate that hospital. And then as you saw that piece just now we arrived. At a hospital eastern Gaza yesterday I'll -- a hospital. That was in -- it was in the middle the process of evacuation as well a lot of anger among the doctors and nurses over what they see. As the targeting the intentional targeting of that hospital by Israel's military. We've also seen Alex a mass exodus with people fleeing Gaza trying to go anywhere that they can seeking refuge in UN camps where are these camps and we hear that the estimates are now the people are swelling to more than 100000. And are those areas safe -- immune from strikes. Well there really isn't anywhere here in Gaza that's immune from strikes we've seen. Israeli strikes up and down the strip. -- it that the -- it did the only displaced -- not go to UN can experts say they're going to UN schools. Around seventy of them we understand if you mentioned -- -- a 100000. Are people so far haven't gotten -- from areas. After Israeli strikes after warnings from the Israeli military the UN is assuming is predicted that number's going to swelled to. Around 150000. We have had any direct. Hits on the those UN schools for Israel does know where there's of those schools -- our and and -- -- in their fire away from that but. That said we -- at a school. Northern Gaza just a couple days ago and there were tank shells. A raining down all of pounded this is one of the areas where Israeli forces had had told to evacuate. What we're hearing the refrain that we're hearing from people across Scott there's another bus to evacuate wants the -- about where we supposed to -- to. That was in northern Gaza at a hospital you saw on the -- was an eastern got. I was getting shelled relentlessly here I am on the coast in western Gaza were constantly hearing artillery fire coming in so they're very few -- it is for people are running high. And Alex just to clarify these UN camps are actually. Physical building shelters where people are taking refuge. Yeah they're predominantly schools and and it looked just like schools and -- and there's a big playground big courtyard. But opinion he realized that. You know it you know this summer the school should be -- -- and that their power. And it starts to look like an apartment complex -- -- hanging. From the railings -- and their families packed into these. Classroom I was -- one the other day we're more than 35 people sleeping there was a bare floor and I asked. One of the fathers -- sleep where the -- that we don't have mattresses so yes there is a structure there -- a place where people have sought refuge. -- -- -- We also know that one Israeli soldier is missing Hamas says they had taken him into captivity what more can you tell us about this. Well two days ago late Sunday night Hamas announced that they had captured an Israeli soldier gave his name -- -- Number but don't -- he tells. You saw widespread celebrate actions here in Gaza Strip as well. At the west bank and and today is came out. As saying that and over and a weekend and it attack over the weekend on Israeli forces in Gaza. Militant attack on an armored personnel carrier. That six soldiers had been confirmed -- been identified. And -- seven is missing and this is where it starts to get murky. It's unclear. Whether he's dead or alive -- But he's dead. I'm but we don't know whether Hamas in that case would have his -- and not -- it's too gruesome but they could parts of his body. Along with his identification so it's rather unclear at this. The assumption is that the -- saw -- in that attack is. But that has not been confirmed by Israel's military if he were to be alive what leverage if any could that give Hamas when it comes to negotiating a cease fire. It well not to sound too callous but. Whether he's dead or alive it becomes a bargaining chip for Hamas. If you look back to be instance -- -- corporal Gilad Shelby -- the young Israeli soldier. Kidnapped by Hamas held for five years. An exchange for over a thousand Palestinian prisoners. In the case by the 2006 war -- -- -- two. Israeli soldiers were kidnapped and killed. Their bodies two years later -- exchanged for -- -- prisoners. Here in in real so if Hamas does indeed have the soldier but whether he's dead or. It is something it will likely -- Drill you have to remember that one of the main demands Hamas -- -- For a potentials this fire is the case of some 52. Palace in prisoners Hamas prisoner so. -- been anything more since -- they -- that captured soldier but the assumption would be that they wouldn't try to use. This this Israelis there. As a bargain for some of those Hamas prisoners. Israeli the Israeli government has been a clear an open about what it says it's its stated goal and that is destroying the tunnel system used by Hamas do we know. Where they stand on this issue now -- do they feel like they're any closer to achieving that goal. Absolutely pro Benjamin Netanyahu said yesterday that so far. By the operation have exceeded expectations they've uncovered. And destroyed several time -- they believe that there are dozens of tunnels under got up not just around Gaza but then. -- going to Israel and we've seen a Hamas militants over the last few days on several -- infiltrating into Israel. Four attacks but the military says that they're making good progress. And finding these these tunnels. Destroying them both through -- Through controlled detonations on the ground but also from the air but and that's that's the primary all that Israel has given this mission and it also said. -- to -- -- harsh blow two hamas' infrastructure. And they said there's no time limit on this operation they think they're making good progress but -- -- any site for. International leaders including secretary of state John Kerry now in the region trying to act. De escalate this violence but how much influence does heat and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. Or Egypt half. -- -- still wields influence and neither Hamas nor Israel are immune. International pressure. Just the question then becomes how high does it have to build. For venturaland its bid to find any sort of compromise. And right now we're not seeing any willingness reminds. By Israel or by Hamas. Traditionally. Between Israel and Hamas but ever since I am the regime of president Mohammed he was kicked out. By military last summer. Hamas which is essentially an offshoot of them. Brotherhood no longer trust Egypt so now you're seeing John Kerry trying to occur well this this group of regional. -- or whether it's each but whether it's -- -- Turkey the Palestinian Authority. Of course including the -- nations -- Secretary General make them. In Jerusalem today to try to get everyone to the table to try. Figure out what -- -- terms can be offered to decides to broke -- what President Obama yesterday called an immediate cease fire. The US also announced a 47 million dollar aid package for Gaza you of course have been there for weeks now you've seen the destruction. Where will that money be used and how long could it take to rebuild this area. Well it's desperately needed and in fact you -- nations. Today put out an appeal for 115. Million dollars -- Gaza is not and -- it's already. In a very very. Situation there are power shortages -- water shortages -- A cooking gas gasoline shortages all that of course exacerbated. In time of conflict. Well of that 115 dollars at the UN has requested around thirty to forty million is for immediate needs. Household goods food. Mattresses for for the displaced but then it goes beyond that two psychological counseling. The rebuilding of homes so all of that money -- the 150 million dollars that the UN has requested 47 million dollars. The united state it is it is talking about the but he all of that is. Currently needed here in Gaza. Alex mark -- in the Gaza Strip we want to turn now to. Dealings an Israeli. In in it in Israel and now travel in the region is being discouraged Delta Airlines suspending all service and Israel indefinitely because of safety concerns. And we are joined now by ABC's Bob Woodruff in Tel Aviv on the phone Bob those strikes also impacted travel as we mentioned. It could this also could we also see other flights and other airlines following suit. But at this I was astounded. -- this just this afternoon and one of the -- suburbs right here outside a Tel Aviv. They were hit by it by by -- -- This is really less than a mile away from the airport -- -- before this news came up the bill that was actually been. -- directed over to Paris and content from New York. See here to televisa has diverted away because there was a rocket that was not intercepted. By being the iron -- which has been remarkable system is knocking down any all almost all of these rockets heading towards a largely popular Beers. And this one because they came through and get this neighborhood really destroyed it spamming miraculous in shambles we're just not that -- -- were not killed. But they were delighted that a lot of the -- why would BP elite or dust credit -- Just one kilometer away from the airport a lot of them told they believe this is probably -- the airport. -- given -- up in the -- and it and it and airline coming in from New York. Clearly dealt. Was concerned that the verdict way to Paris. In this ground incursion we mentioned 27 Israeli soldiers have. Been killed one has been captured. Or says it's been captured -- -- by Hamas as Israel or anyone else confirmed. This number and where does Israel stand on achieving its stated goal of destroying that tunnel system. Well you know that big number actually of these soldiers were killed rose by one more -- another which killed. In Gaza that brings the total number 28 soldiers plus two civilians. That guide. Com barrier you know continuing to push deeper and deeper into the Gaza of course that's making a lot more dangers that -- wouldn't -- -- So we want to wives was not -- -- war. For about since Sunday. When he was killed. And they just didn't know how many were actually inside that vehicle that you that there were seven but Bailiwick of the -- and I cannot -- six of them so -- finally today announced. That they had not come to conclusion that they cannot find any. President's -- you know in -- in this and its vehicle that was here. -- that anti tank missile. So they now believe that -- -- according to required -- Hamas that he was somehow body weather is alive we're -- we're taking out of that vehicle who knows where there are. And -- you've been traveling throughout that region for the last few days now give us an idea especially with this latest. Strike coming so close to the airport and actually. Making it through that so called iron doll what. Is the mood there is it changing it's becoming more tense. Here this -- it enters into ones that are that we visited them good boats for example today right on the border with the Gaza. They've been watching these these rockets. Have been fact. For the when word -- American has been with the -- 1975. Has today -- seen a -- -- -- them this week alone. We visited -- her neighborhood there you can see holes in the ground some damage walls -- a couple of the rocket to come and landed. Decade built -- built inside her old house. But shelter. So whatever -- -- -- she gets a few minutes or few seconds should it be order. The the rocket come their way. And she has its own shelter built inside her house and she would think a lot of upon the windows -- bulletproof he -- battle on the outside the state of. -- foot feet. For a check. Cement walls. This with the light she -- -- -- to work for the last couple weeks and all the -- -- epileptic books because it's happening on the public record -- memories disputed booms all the time -- that. This is rarely. The packed into -- whether it's playing well but tanks. And you -- you can hear them -- -- -- couldn't -- she says you can't get away. You know we talked about this the other day when you visited the family along the border that it also. -- received an air strike the conflict now almost in its third week. What are you hearing from folks there do they want an end to this conflicts. Immediately. -- The current independently -- it means I think most of the one better get closer to Gaza especially those that sort of looked through this. They certainly don't want a simple shuttle but. So that that settled so they can. Put up with this for a long period of time and of course -- great -- here about the troubles. They're crossing over the -- into Israel itself. It would -- -- and they don't want to just give up I think they're huge supporters of the current operation was being conducted by. For Israel. -- yes everybody wants peace everybody wants the war to end. They're all depend Taliban's and -- the companies ought to there's a lot of people certainly would then in Israel that are very much against the war. They're disgusted by what's happening with civilians -- being killed the children that are dying in Gaza. There's a lot that are hugely volatile that they want to ended right now right now no matter what the negotiation -- -- But there are -- -- -- excuse feel very strongly in Israel that they can only put this could put up this for so long in the country was clearly attacked all the public. -- by rockets coming in so different kind of war that would exist at this what was forward your country. It's -- much more complicated. Or maybe perhaps -- -- -- people look at this war. ABC's -- -- Woodruff in Tel Aviv thank you very much for joining ass. -- -- -- You can keep up with this story and real time by downloading the ABC news -- and starring the story. For exclusive updates on the go you've been watching international hot spot I'm Michelle Franzen -- New York.

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