Iran launches missiles, drones on Saudi oil facility: US

President Trump said the U.S. is "locked and loaded” following the missile and drone attack on a Saudi oil facilities.
3:47 | 09/16/19

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Transcript for Iran launches missiles, drones on Saudi oil facility: US
We begin in the Middle East where over the weekend secretary of state Mike Pompeo says you Ron launched nearly a dozen cruise missiles in over twenty drones. In an attack on a key Saudi oil facility with tensions already high trump warned the US was locked. In loaded I want to bring in Louis Martinez at that. Pentagon Lilley good to see you. How do we know whose wrist. Well Kimberly 12 things are going on one is a US officials are telling us. All of it yes Iran was responsible for this attack that it's not but who few rebels in Yemen who are claiming responsibility for this attack that was behind it. They're saying that. That of these missiles couldn't could have only come from one direction which was from the north which would have been from Iran. We also have Saudi military spokesman telling a a reporters in Riyadh just moments ago that yes it was Iran that was responsible for this they're not saying that it was the yen the committee's. Because they say that they look that there some of the remnants of some of these devices that were left behind. Did in May not have exploited or the remnants that did X laughter explosions. And they are Iranian made and that The Who he's in Yemen could not have been responsible. I'm so what we saw on Sunday lazy administration now releasing the satellite imagery that showed the precision with which some of these strikes occurred. At these very large oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. Com and they're pointing the fingers while away at Iran on this one. So I just want to talk about the rhetoric that I'm president tried to use he said it locked. And loaded what are those words actually mean because this could be confusing sense that kind of implies. Out war. Now you're exactly right it gets kind of reminiscent of the language to present use back in May when the Iranians were blamed for shooting down an American mean drone over the Persian gulf. And yes it is that that we layman did you kind of implies yes. A some bella custody behind your right but I think what is going on is will we do know is that the president is meeting with his -- security team with a column principals meeting. On at the White House and he's being presented a range of options and even can be military options he could be. From the Treasury Department in May be more sanctions they could be from the State Department may be seeking more it. On diplomatic course of action to be by increased the maximum pressure campaign against Iran. If they are to blame for this but that locked and loaded language I think implies that it's anything we within that range of options at the United States could respond to. I'm but ultimately it's going to be about what the US feels. That the saudis because it's this is an attack an ounce against Saudi Arabia so how are they gonna respond and then Howard the US going to assist them in potentially and a response they choose. So with this attack this as a rocked the global an energy crisis so what do we know about that. I steadily Iraq decree for oil prices. In this is a more targeted mailings and our elude oil they come out of higher each day. Ominous is the equivalent to about 5%. Of the world's oil supply. Flew for United States in recent years of the last decade sits wrapped up its oil supplied domestically. And so we are no longer as dependent as we used to be on oil from Middle East particularly from Saudi Arabia. But any time he had a situation like this has been a destabilizing will markets it could potentially destabilize other markets as well. And so everybody is watching this closely because. As we know any anything that impacts well is gonna lead to domestic pressures. We saw over the weekend the president trumps indicated that he would be willing to authorize the release of any world from the what's called a strategic petroleum reserve. This is oil has been set aside if in the United States in case oil prices need to use go up way too high so that they can maintain the oil flow. And ultimately gas for our cars hear it states and. All right live McCain is right there at the Pentagon thank you so much for joining us.

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"President Trump said the U.S. is \"locked and loaded” following the missile and drone attack on a Saudi oil facilities.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65643284","title":"Iran launches missiles, drones on Saudi oil facility: US","url":"/International/video/iran-launches-missiles-drones-saudi-oil-facility-us-65643284"}