Iraqi Forces Recapture Strategic Mosul Dam With Help From U.S. Airstrikes

More than half of the 68 U.S. Airstrikes in Iraq targeted ISIS fighters near the dam.
5:19 | 08/18/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Iraqi Forces Recapture Strategic Mosul Dam With Help From U.S. Airstrikes
-- Big teen airstrikes by US forces in Iraq -- -- struggles near the strategic Mosul dam. The Sunni militants now retreating as the US strikes from above and Iraqi -- forces take -- license on the ground right now the also -- in Iraq well over one again. Including today's airstrikes the US launched 68 strikes against its positions in rock more than half of them in and around the -- them. President Obama was briefed the -- in the latest updates on Iraq but returning from vacation this morning by National Security Council. The -- is thought to be an important strategic location in the fight against crisis also known as. The Islamic state. BC's Terry Moran was -- -- Iraqi forces -- and pushed back crisis forces. So we are heading to the front lines right now with a small unit of Kurdish soldiers. This was the battleground over the past two days the -- a few miles away. So this is now the farthest people can go. And the dam is out there that's a -- that low ground out there until. It's been done. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All along this road and all the way to the daily news program. This was the battlefield for control of the Mosul dam which is just a few miles to the west of us and here you can see what -- just left behind. Buried along the road at a distance of maybe 1015 yards. I ED's homemade explosives that were set off via cell -- from a nearby village when a convoy went by the Kurdish soldiers have dug them up. But they did lose a couple of soldiers in one of those explosions. This -- has an ice this vehicle destroyed in an air strike today before yesterday one of those airstrikes which helped Kurdish soldiers. Pushed prices forces away from these villages away from these roads away from the -- down. ABC's Terry Iran -- report there will be no British boots on the ground in Iraq that is what prime minister David -- today. UK right now having an internal debate how militarily involved British forces will get in -- -- this crisis. The BBC's frank Gardner has more. On if the U okay will join US strikes against extremist militants in Iraq. Refueling in mid flight. RAF tornado jets patrolling daily of the northern rock the high tech census gathering intelligence. -- the movement picked refugees and jihadist militants. In recent days Britain's military role in Iraq has expanded from providing humanitarian relief to active surveillance. But here the government insists it stopped short of getting drawn into a combat. Rule Britain is not going to get involved in another war in Iraq would not -- putting boots on the ground we're not going to be sending in. The British Army yes we should use all the assets that we have all diplomacy all political relationship -- eight. The military prowess and expertise that we have to help others we should use these things as part of a strategy to put pressure on Islamic state. That pressure is being given a name it's called operation shades -- But -- attack criterion Cyprus or he's 62 donated jets that target flying surveillance missions -- -- -- Iraq. But they could quickly switch to taking all the bombing -- people thrust. Working alongside them a Hercules C 130 transport planes dropping humanitarian aid to refugees in Northern Iraq. And then there is they already have -- despite playing the Rivet joint design for electronic eavesdropping. These are some -- pictures of it it's also being used to help the US military identified potential Islamic state targets. And there -- an undisclosed number of British special forces on the ground in the region gathering intelligence. And finally the report chinook helicopters on stand by and secretariat for any the humanitarian aid or other missions. The fighting on the ground against Islamic state is not sleeping gone public pension that got the Kurdish military backed by US -- Britain has begun ferrying ammunition to the cuts from -- -- -- Eastern Europe but experts say it Britain's capacity to influence this conflict is very limited. The problem is that you don't have failed state controlled by the Syria. All Iraq you have several different competing forces backed by different players in the region. And in those circumstances. Beyond the power of the British with a without the United States to preside. Militarily opened -- it. British humanitarian aid is certainly making a difference for displaced Iraqis. But its military role is far more controversial. And may have -- -- consequences. Frank Gardner BBC news. You can keep up with the story real time by downloaded ABC news -- -- for exclusive updates on the go. Even -- and international hot spot and Dan Cutler.

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{"id":25028097,"title":"Iraqi Forces Recapture Strategic Mosul Dam With Help From U.S. Airstrikes","duration":"5:19","description":"More than half of the 68 U.S. Airstrikes in Iraq targeted ISIS fighters near the dam.","url":"/International/video/iraqi-forces-recapture-strategic-mosul-dam-us-airstrikes-25028097","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}