Christian Girl Accused of Blasphemy Freed

A 14-year old Pakistani Christian girl was released on bail after being accused of insulting Islam.
3:00 | 09/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Christian Girl Accused of Blasphemy Freed
-- security on high alert inside the courthouse young British embassy learn her fate it has been conducted and via the summit who gonna be the right -- With that amount roughly 101000 dollars -- young girl spree. Her nightmare over. He celebrated by Christians in her neighborhood. Except. We feel good about the verdict god help serve this young -- says. Two British embassies village now -- reluctant front -- in the country's battle between moderates and extremists we're told it's a village but look around it looks a whole lot more. But -- It was here in his car which line courtyard -- French Embassy sentences is mentally challenged was found with -- pages Ron and plastic bag. Fearing backlash from the -- for Christian believers flag is whether they were -- this -- says but the roll back now living safely. And but even with the girl's release serious tensions remain. This is the local Vietnam of the village he insisted to us this girl is guilty mr. here the local imam of this neighborhood. The religious leader. Why didn't you stop this Phnom yeah. -- if there's a threat to Islam says and the government doesn't stand up to that person and the people will. I'll be the first Hispanic of the day after our interview the saint imam was arrested charged with planting evidence. While he sits in jail facing his own blasphemy charges -- -- young British embassies house remains locked. -- -- even though she's free they don't think her or her family -- ever come back. More on -- -- ABC news Islamabad.

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{"id":17191618,"title":"Christian Girl Accused of Blasphemy Freed","duration":"3:00","description":"A 14-year old Pakistani Christian girl was released on bail after being accused of insulting Islam.","url":"/International/video/islam-pakistn-christian-teen-14-girl-bail-released-blasphemy-jail-17191618","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}