Israel elects new government, ousts longtime PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Naftali Bennett takes over as prime minister after he joined with political opponents to force Netanyahu out.
2:49 | 06/14/21

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Transcript for Israel elects new government, ousts longtime PM Benjamin Netanyahu
To Israel now where the long reign of prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is over. Not tally Bennett was named the new prime minister after Netanyahu's political opponents formed a coalition. But then Yahoo! already the country's longest serving leader is vowing he will be back. Senior foreign correspondent in panel has the latest from London good morning in. He had good morning Diane that's right a new political duel breaking over Israel today. As you say the first day in twelve years of Benjamin Netanyahu is no prime minister it was the country's longest serving leaders we know a close ally the and unite two of the United States. But also a kind of a willing pumped up the peace especially with the Palestinians will live deals. Will mate with other countries in the Middle East but boy just one single vote he was finally cast out by parliament replaced by this kind of unwieldy coalition of various policy from the left and the right for the first time. An Arab Islamist parties Hans of that coalition. I will being government and are gonna be two prime minister's. Over the four yeah term. Two years each the first one is NAFTA Ali Bennett's who's even more hardline than his former ally Netanyahu. But for now he's calling for ideological restraints in unit tape. But much sign of laughs at some protests have burst out immediately there was celebrations but the rules are protests accusing Bennett's for being betrayed. The Palestinians reacting dismissive great. Locals remember this comes on the back of the bloody war between Israel and Hamas and left hundreds dead. But he was Netanyahu's ongoing trial for corruption and bribery that appears to have been these funnel political undoing. I don't that we should expect any significant change in relations with America prism bought was one of the post. To congratulate the new prime minister as saying he's looking forward to strengthening all aspects. But what he's calling the close and enduring relationship between our two nations Diane. So in what is your government mean for Israel's tensions with Iran and that conflict in Gaza. I think they've both maintained that current positions I can't see any significant changes say that's highly Venice it's actually more hardline. The Netanyahu walls for example he sees the West Bank Jerusalem and the Golan Heights as parts of Israel he doesn't believe that should be any kind of diplomatic negotiations with the round of the currently taking place by America and you should expect him to tell president Biden. That's how web that the coalition that he's in. Probably means he's going to have to mold rates his position. The recent conflict we've Gaza in many senses didn't achieve anything and so it's not impossible that it could be some solemn. Momentum towards trying to reach an accommodation them aren't senior foreign correspondent in panel thank you.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Naftali Bennett takes over as prime minister after he joined with political opponents to force Netanyahu out. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"78266828","title":"Israel elects new government, ousts longtime PM Benjamin Netanyahu","url":"/International/video/israel-elects-government-ousts-longtime-pm-benjamin-netanyahu-78266828"}