Israel Increase Airstrikes Against Hamas in Gaza Strip

Fighting escalates as Palestinian militants target further into Israel.
8:24 | 07/09/14

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Transcript for Israel Increase Airstrikes Against Hamas in Gaza Strip
Can. And just here as were reporting another siren has gone on in the county area we'll of course keep you updated. -- -- Israel under rocket fire and the army firing back this is -- news station evacuated during its broadcast. As sirens go off in major cities in the region. Right now -- international hot spot Israel and Gaza hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York. Fighting escalating in the mideast Hamas militants firing rockets into Israel -- -- major cities. And the Israeli army launching airstrikes in retaliation the skies above Gaza covered in black plumes of smoke. ABC's Alex Mark Clark was in Gaza when a few Israeli airstrikes landed and witnessed the aftermath. He shows us what it's like in the few minutes after a missile strike. Couple huge missile strikes just your massive. Black plumes of smoke have gone up all the kids are playing -- -- street. Scattering. Bigger check out -- it is. Look I don't. Strike just landed here moments ago he can see. All this break -- snow that has been shattered lot of chaos and yeah. At least one of those strikes landed right over the wall here you can see the massive hole residents around here say that they were just sitting around that nothing was happening. But the Israelis will often target these open areas like -- saying the militants. Use them to fire rockets into Israel. Another -- just nearby that black smoke billowing. To the sky. Usually these air strikes come just moments after we hear outgoing rocket fire into Israel. By Palestinian militants. ABC's Alex Mark Clark reporting from the Gaza Strip and -- -- joined now by freelance reporting Natalie Ehrlich on the ground in Tel Aviv. Natalie militants from Gaza trying to attack from the C what is it like they are now under rocket. Fire. Apps we are first this year around here is. Asked to see this winter or summer or. Are worse -- early. -- -- -- this is truly unprecedented. -- you are literally. Just like at least has her hair. -- her first year -- for shelter. And sex is. It's pretty much -- an. -- And Natalie this escalation seem to evolve rather quickly explained to us how this has -- -- Absolutely and it -- -- how you're just so quickly in just a few months -- -- so long and she under. Those -- The -- able -- -- and -- there -- Our military incursions into west -- the -- She strikes. -- there seems pretty scary. It was interesting that. He's really grizzly Adams president murders are X Ers are this or Chris and the -- Sending. Over and literature for some weeks is just -- you know something. -- in this -- small to something that's potentially -- And and along those lines we've also heard that this escalation is very different from mothers give us an idea. For instance the range of the Hamas rockets that is that surprising how far reaching they are. I didn't act it's just he's -- percentage terms. Present your first person rescuers were your heart is. -- extra -- -- that -- Ice -- in New Jersey -- -- And I. Are telling is -- and cultural center of this country that back. Reaching the heart -- it's -- It's unprecedented. And it's reached unnecessary acts reached -- that's really -- -- And are you also hearing sort of reports of what sort of catalyst there could be for the Israeli army to actually march in the Gaza. Yeah absolutely report. The -- are basically -- that they are here to expand. Operation last reports at 840000. Or are -- -- -- -- -- Let's say they are -- Legal -- see it. Tax air strikes are -- Should. Critics say that Israel's firing of missiles into Gaza causing civilian casualties -- actually boost support for Hamas in the region are you hearing that as well. This is -- group west. And has really. Voted Hamas. They have also experienced appreciate -- -- -- among -- political party is. Discounters. Typically their hips are -- -- And just just genes -- worst for our viewers. -- A hole that some -- Com. It is totally collapsed as. -- and this could be politically her trying to get more support -- their crimes are your euros in. Many rats and Iraq as it could just political strategy -- More power. Their -- And since the firing of missiles has started on both sides innocent civilians killed what -- officials saying about these deaths. -- thanks a report trees. -- these airstrikes from wet cat or I accept that they aren't artists that they are trying and you are -- -- school Ers are basically. Arts and -- -- is. Or is it all. Are eat high fat is one of the first. Lots of -- so basically. We're. Getting our work is. -- In my -- the civilian and how does she -- here. -- he calculated the new -- These commanders. You know their homes -- and you see it's very tracks are. Children aren't aren't. Women aren't. We. Oscar's. Right. Eat relatives and individuals and unfortunately. Our tax. Our. -- -- -- Thank you very much for joining us and giving us some insight from the ground there. You can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- And starring this story for exclusive updates on the go you've been watching international hot spot on Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":24494614,"title":"Israel Increase Airstrikes Against Hamas in Gaza Strip","duration":"8:24","description":"Fighting escalates as Palestinian militants target further into Israel.","url":"/International/video/israel-increase-airstrikes-hamas-gaza-strip-24494614","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}