'Israel Loves Iran' Campaign Grows

Online campaign is designed to prevent a nuclear attack between the two nations.
2:19 | 03/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Israel Loves Iran' Campaign Grows
One of the most widely discussed subjects here in Israel is Iran will Israel carry out a military strike against Iran to prevent it from getting a nuclear weapon. How would Iran respond would it mean rockets falling here in Tel Aviv which is Israel's commercial center. In a recent poll 80% of Israelis said that they didn't want Israel to carry out a strike by themselves and this group of people. Is trying to stop any sort of conflict from breaking out -- online campaign they're calling Israel loves Iran. Threaten us and I -- things. I don't know very many Iranians. -- I would like to know them. On -- messages I don't hate you I think we have more shared the values and interests then our governments have. -- -- campaign was started by 41 year old graphic designer -- Ed tree and his wife photos have poured in from Israelis expressing their love for Iran. Iranians have responded with pictures and support of their own. This picture shows an Israeli men kissing his -- -- -- girlfriend Persian girls are sexy and adorable he writes. Our cultures and backgrounds have never gotten in the way. We are now. Into war we have nothing to pay -- -- into anything of that and the fact that these companies so successful in Israel and -- -- means that their real. Simple people. And feeling wasn't. You know today's today's world is really -- campaigns and public awareness. And the more people join this campaign anything in water and hope tomorrow -- governments you know -- think twice for doing anything foolish. But other Israelis do support a strike on Iran. An open -- -- -- Nobody wants -- you know we don't want war. We don't want anybody to die -- here not there. What we are under threat soon. What we're supposed to do. The campaign is growing gaining thousands of new followers on FaceBook every day. -- messages of love and the slogan -- we will never bomb your country. Now that decision of course is not up to this group but at a time when the war rhetoric in Israel and Iran is at a fever pitch. Many Israelis and Iranians want to make sure that a message of peace is heard as well. Alex Marquardt ABC news Tel Aviv.

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"Online campaign is designed to prevent a nuclear attack between the two nations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"15988213","title":"'Israel Loves Iran' Campaign Grows","url":"/International/video/israel-loves-iran-campaign-grows-15988213"}