Israel Responds to Missing Teens' Bodies Found in Palestine

Thousands gather in Israel to mourn the deaths of the 3 kidnapped religious students.
4:42 | 07/01/14

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Transcript for Israel Responds to Missing Teens' Bodies Found in Palestine
-- -- Retaliation. Israeli defense forcing force launching 34 airstrikes in the Gaza Strip. Against Hamas response to the death of the kidnapped teens and multiple rockets fired into Israel. Right now the international hot spot Palestine. Eleven. But in New York. Israel is in mourning the nation angry at the kidnapping and killing of three Israeli teens who were hitch hiking in the West Bank. Today thousands gathered at the joint funeral for the three religious students two of the teens just sixteen years old one of them. It's also an American citizen the BBC's Christian Fraser has more from Jerusalem on the sorrow and the -- The pictures that we've seen today on the line just what a difficult period this has been to Israel of course -- -- A region with a history punctuated. Ways that incidents shocking like they -- That leads now and again to a sudden escalation of violence and again was starting to see the signs that that violence might be escalating. Tit for tat cycle. That could get out of time. The days they chant the family's torment anytime nation -- -- and praying for the return of three teenage boys. Today came the grief. -- with thousands who came to mourn the murder said the prime minister an attack on each and every one of them. Who recently -- in deep -- and -- between 2000 and our enemies he said. They 75 death and we -- find life advocates say thank you -- cruelty. We -- -- find mercy. The pain is felt most acutely in the neighborhoods where the boys would -- In the sixtieth and they surrounded the ambulance carrying the body that nineteen year old -- -- if -- Seen here on the left alongside sixteen year old united -- And that's -- for Clinton. The boys were kidnapped three weeks ago while hitch hiking on their way him from school they were shot. Their bodies dumped in a shallow grave. The horrors that bring the father to the brink of despair. My mom and I think it had been waiting for a bus to get had been in your house to get have been. Driving can have anywhere it's the problem because. No matter where we are we're Julius. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be weighing his next move and he was married at a large pocket of his support through a grieving. -- demanding a robust response doing nothing. It is not an option. But it will also -- That this collective punishment in the eyes of the Palestinians -- -- undermines President Mahmoud Abbas -- long time. Not does not -- Israel security concerns. -- -- the night -- with 34 as strikes on the Gaza Strip. Stronghold of the militant Hamas movement that Israel holds entirely responsible for the boys' deaths. In have -- in the West Bank the Israelis blew up the homes of the two Hamas suspects who they are still hunting. President Abbas has come down the -- but he demands evidence that Hamas were involved. We're back to kind of sort of views every development like this and -- to function -- nation. Which is not present has been doing if he does that -- including the acting the same way. In the month of June alone fourteen Palestinians -- -- the last two weeks and of them like it and many of them children by the Israeli occupation. -- -- Punitive but as the -- took place this evening at Tate was leaked to the media and the last thing called the boys made to a police help client. Being kidnapped says the police. It's a recording that will be played over and over again alongside these images they will stoking -- On the trauma to Israel hit back. I think the other thing we have to watch -- -- from the Israeli response is what happens in the Palestinian territories a few weeks ago that was reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah. The group of Mahmoud Abbas but the cracks are already starting to show. If there was evidence produced in the coming weeks that Hamas was behind these notice to the satisfaction of mr. Abbas the -- cracks would start to widen. About -- -- real problems for the wider peace crisis. Was the BBC's Christian Fraser in Jerusalem. You can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- starring this story for exclusive updates on the -- Even -- international hot spot I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"4:42","description":"Thousands gather in Israel to mourn the deaths of the 3 kidnapped religious students.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"24386257","title":"Israel Responds to Missing Teens' Bodies Found in Palestine","url":"/International/video/israel-responds-missing-teens-bodies-found-palestine-24386257"}