Israel strikes back after Jerusalem rocket attack

Hamas claimed responsibility for the rocket attack after a series of violent clashes between Palestinians and police.
3:15 | 05/10/21

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Transcript for Israel strikes back after Jerusalem rocket attack
Tensions continue to flare in the Middle East after Hamas claimed responsibility for firing rockets into Israel after clashes. At a sacred site in Jerusalem. Blasted off an air raid sirens near the holy city but there appears to be no damage or injuries that we know of at this moment earlier today. White house press are pressing their Jen Saki said the US has quote. Serious concerns about the situation I'm quoting the president Biden is being quote kept abreast and watching closely as well. Well for more on what's happening let's bring in. Maybe teacher Donna Miller who's on the ground in Jerusalem covering the very latest turn on a thanks for being with us ended June 1 just tell don't know what is who what does. Fueling this anger this new. Uprising. Among Hamas and other Palestinian groups right now. Such a great question Harry because it really. In so many factors but to build up. Over the last number of weeks. But legal action beginning of Ramadan a month ago you know a major decision to put up barriers blocking. These iconic hair that the Damascus Gate in the old treaty wanna look. Popular cliche short muddled thinking out over the holiday. If that it was for security reasons it was partly explains. Explained and there are few weeks of protests. Then there with a very controversial court eviction. That main source on air blanket and and then in the neighborhood in East Jerusalem to leave their homes after decades. They won't move out of buildings and possibly Israeli Jew who moved and how that plays and he put the Supreme Court. A lot to weigh in on but it made Palestinian feel they were being kick outlook. A triple to the court what they want credit future capital. And finally to Palestinian elections. Were canceled recently. How things worked hold by the president. The PA about being pregnant. But because Israel would not let them how opinion both in East Jerusalem. Now that was largely a pretax. Admitted being the top of the street of the growing power not that might win the big. Not know finger on the street boiling over into being clashes that we a gala tomorrow. And that one of the holiest sites in Islam soldier Donna we rarely see a tax in this city of Jerusalem. Itself. Is this a major escalation. It is a major escalation carry I think it's been about fifty years since we've heard sirens in Jerusalem. I heard them in my whole I heard the explosions afterwards. You know the fact that this develop holy city at one issue the other. There are so many Palestinians and Arab and living here and usually do entitlement not how you. And in turn and then unit hang up call didn't. You know red line that would crop and he's promising and Gerry Ford corporate aren't looking battle ready wit air strike in Gaza Strip. All right well movie watching that closely. And we thank you and they have stay safe out there Jordan on the UN your family. Thanks very.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"Hamas claimed responsibility for the rocket attack after a series of violent clashes between Palestinians and police. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"77607521","title":"Israel strikes back after Jerusalem rocket attack ","url":"/International/video/israel-strikes-back-jerusalem-rocket-attack-77607521"}