Israel and the United Arab Emirates make historic deal

Israel and the UAE agree to normalize relations in exchange for Israel suspending annexation of parts of the West Bank.
4:46 | 08/14/20

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Transcript for Israel and the United Arab Emirates make historic deal
Israel and the United Arab Emirates have agreed to a historic deal to normalize diplomatic relations. President trumped touted the landmark agreement yesterday saying in a joint statement with the leaders of Israel and the UAE that. This is a breakthrough that would quote advance the peace in the Middle East region. In panelists in London with the yeah good morning done. So what exactly is in the deal and how important is it to peace in the Middle East. I mean I think it is important the president described as historic and obviously we're just gonna have to wait to find out whether or not it's daisies imports in the least because this is only the third Arab country to agree to normalize ties. Within Israel this is course after Egypt. And then Jordan so in that context it potentially stars to reshape. Relations in the Middle East which of long bring defined by enmity between the Arabs and the Israelis. Now pulse of this of course is tied. To relations with Iran why because tensions between a lot of the countries in the gulf light the United Arab Emirates the UA eight and Iran are high which is why people are thinking maybe Bahrain may be a man may be other countries in the gulf may also sign comes some kind of deal. Which dates Ralph now this is good for the Israeli prime minister he's got a shaky coalition government he's also good for the president president trump. Because goals it allows him to declare some kind of foreign policy victory ahead of November's election. What he isn't at the moment is that historic Middle East peace plan that he's been promising companies is important nevertheless. In president trump calls this a historic peace agreement but the leader of the UAE called it road map is that an important distinction. Yeah and therein lies some attention how would you sell its domestic claiming clearly there will be a lot of anger it already is a lot of manga. Not just in the Arab world but elsewhere about the idea of some kind of dates home between countries in the Middle East and I've overwhelmingly Muslim countries. And Israel. Because of the history in the region we've already seen present 21 of Turkey talk him out with soaring am fastest cutting off relations. With the United Arab Emirates Iran has reacted angrily. Describing its isn't it deal take. Deal between the two we seem ha mass and Islamic Jihad to gruesome prescribed as terrorist organizations by the US government. Also reacts angrily and we'll probably see the same from has Millar and Lebanon. So in some senses it kind of stoke some of the tension that. You have. Different countries have to play today different domestic audiences settings very interesting that the amor Nazi Rula has been. Playing this in a very different light from president trump and prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. But I think if they get together at the whites has pretentious sometime before November and Sundays he still hope we will see them on television and the proof of the putting will be anything in this world. Right well we'll see in I also want to move overdeveloped ruse thousands have been arrested there in an election protest. What's happening. I'm establishing scenes the people who don't know bella Roos is Europe's last dictatorship think the Cold War. Certainly think the Soviet Union this is a as a country that does have elections just had an election. But the same man Alexander. Lucas Genco. Has won six times just won his sixth consecutive election he's been in power for more than 25 years it's a brutal. Authoritarian dictatorship. I think it's ruled with a role DeVine the what's happened is a number of opposition candidates who rested before the election and the wife of one of them stood as a candidate. She was at any given time to send to the final count of the votes. The sitting president's amazing legal AC presents of the votes. And that seemed to set forth a whole series of events with protest was seen general strikes we seem people beaten and detained accusations of soldier. Now the leader of opposition who had to go into hiding. In neighboring Lithuania is now calling for mass protest over the weekend. And you shouldn't forget what it takes in the country like not to go rats onto the streets and demand Joseph rice this isn't like we Sorin Ukraine is seen loading what we Sorin Hong Kong. This is a country that is ruled roof they since you've got rats onto the streets and demand Joseph rice and call for change. Risks imprisonment will Reeve on woods and that's what we're seeing this could great could be we're not back yet there could be the start to the downfall of Europe's last dictatorship. And the overthrow of one of the world's most notorious strongman. Right big museum panel in London and we appreciate it in thanks.

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{"duration":"4:46","description":"Israel and the UAE agree to normalize relations in exchange for Israel suspending annexation of parts of the West Bank.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"72375252","title":"Israel and the United Arab Emirates make historic deal","url":"/International/video/israel-united-arab-emirates-make-historic-deal-72375252"}