Israeli Defense Force says it 'will not tolerate' Hamas aggression

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with Israeli Defense Force spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus about the latest conflict and Israel’s Iron Dome defense system.
5:45 | 05/13/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Israeli Defense Force says it 'will not tolerate' Hamas aggression
And joining us now is international spokesperson for the Israeli defense force lieutenant colonel Jonathan come Rica's thank you so much for joining us. In two dozen fourteen IDF used air strikes targeted Hamas and Islamic Jihad senior leaders in tunnels used to smuggle weapons with the goal of rooting out the rocket threat. As we can see that threat has not only intensified renouncing rockets raining down on Tel Aviv and its suburbs. How is this going to be any different this time. Lindsay and thank you for having me. The air rockets red is indeed a very serious at that these these billions are suffering from now. More than 1100. Rockets have been fired at Israeli civilians white terrorists in Gaza. If forcing more than I agreed in his rabies in shelters and unfortunately. Causing death. Vote straight beat civilians. It that attacked outside aggression by a terrorist organization. Against us there's something about each channel and new law all. What would it take to send Israeli ground troops back into Gaza a lake in 2014. While we are repaired all various scenarios and we have the capabilities the manpower and eat Whitman's. There to do what ever it takes. That is not a stage that leak or rushing towards. It is not something that we take collecting. Our aim now is to defend us opinions. To continue to attack military targets belonging to the terrorist organizations. Hamas and is stunning too hot in Gaza. And to try to restore calm and quiet it is. We've seen video the iron dome intercepting rockets over central Israel but we've also seen some of these missiles land in Israel and claim lives is their concern that the system is being overwhelmed. Not only is it not overwhelmed but it is. Delivering results and saving lives Israeli lives every second. Of the last there 48 hours of Greg Coleman. That system has proven itself and it has come under significant. Pressure. It is leading up standards an hour into separate. Is about ninety cents the rockets that have been fired from Gaza towards Israel not only is it leading up its average. But it is dealing with very difficult there combinations of rockets fired from various locations. Simultaneously. At different targets and sometimes the same target. There and I won't get into the technical details but let's just say that we outs the iron dome this would have been a totally different baldor. In what is the iron dome system was not in place would there have been massive casualties. Out there would be the BOO. And he would hundreds of resolute these. Baird Israeli civilians as a result hope that this very massive rocket fire again. More than 1100. Rockets have been fired from Gaza is little. And there one can only imagine you know what I'd like not to mention what the the situation would be very happy that we got the iron dome to spending also been. I have you'll been surprised by the level bombardment coming from Gaza. No we know that we're dealing with a ruthless Jihad be terrorist organization that as. No regard full civilian life not so Palestinian life and definitely not freeze really night. The only thing that is slightly audit is they're all deaths at the and the fact that they made the decision. Air for the eight hours a soon to fire rockets at our capital Jerusalem. And that they have continued to thorough in our sins at the pace has gone down a bit now in the last sixty hours may be as a result of the hour theater these. But that nevertheless some outs has definitely. Taken a very big and dangerous step and that is why you we continue to operate against it. Make it perfectly seared at this type of aggression will notes that. And you have to know the political instability in the Palestinian territories and that Hamas has been trying to consolidate power there so would you say that there were some warning signs that this could happen. Well there Hamas has been instigating violent ends in getting violence and trying to bear them. Maximize tensions in Judea and Samaria. And the in near Jerusalem as well we've seen them used social media. They talk FaceBook and other all in order to incite violence and what they've been doing is calling out young. Where Palestinians. To go to the streets and two confronts. The Jews Israelis and confront security forces. They've been doing council that took all the last three weeks. And we see them do similar things now and targeting their violence and their hatred walls at B Arab population it is so. So yes there's definitely lots of politics and ray. But as B spokesperson or military. Have to focus on what our job is that is to defend Israeli civilians let's look busy do. Success look like at this point and to what cause for both Israelis and Palestinians. Well success would be quiet. And dead no sirens sounding in his world. Around a terrorist organizations Hamas that understands. It that there is a heavy price of paper any aggression against Islam. Specifically the type of progress and that they have their and a would be success in the short term and but it's what we're aiming. Lieutenant colonel Jonathan come because we thank you so much for your time. It.

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{"duration":"5:45","description":"ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with Israeli Defense Force spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus about the latest conflict and Israel’s Iron Dome defense system.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"77658814","title":"Israeli Defense Force says it 'will not tolerate' Hamas aggression","url":"/International/video/israeli-defense-force-tolerate-hamas-aggression-77658814"}