Israeli Forces Ready to Take Out Long-Range Missile Threats

Ground troops amass along the Gaza Strip border for more attacks against strategic targets.
6:33 | 07/13/14

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Transcript for Israeli Forces Ready to Take Out Long-Range Missile Threats
This is a special report from ABC. Good afternoon I'm Cecilia -- at ABC news headquarters in New York with a special report on the tense situation in the Middle East. The armed conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has now entered a new phase with Israeli naval commandos coming ashore in Gaza to take out long range rocket. You can see them right there like these that are targeting Israel. The risk of a ground war now appears to be growing. Thousands of people who live in northern Gaza are evacuating right now after the Israeli military warned of plans to attack -- facilities there. Many Palestinians are taking shelter in US UN run schools about 140. Americans and other people with dual citizenship. Are being allowed to leave Gaza at one of the border crossings I want to turn now to ABC's international correspondent he Mitch McDonnell. Who -- in Tel Aviv came issue have been there on the ground seeing these Israeli forces -- along the border what. Can you tell us about what we can expect today. -- the -- we've definitely seen the build up of those ground forces along the ages. Of the Gaza Strip permits the last few days significant numbers of tanks moving in -- taking positions. As well as troops being deployed the area and heavy machinery to clear away some of the roads. But some of the access routes that would lead them across the border into Gaza if indeed they do mount. A ground operation. And above of course continuing we see -- yet strikes being carried out throughout the day by the Israeli air force in response to the rockets being five out of Gaza. And as you mentioned. Many of those families evacuating today we -- Some of the Americans or at least American passport holders who -- being moved out boxed out to the Allenby crossing into Jordan. And -- -- to America. -- intense attention -- for sure I wanna talk about some of these numbers that are there more than. Thirteen hundred airstrikes we know have struck that Palestinian territory. One of the most deadly overnight killing seventeen members of the police -- Stanley -- death -- now rising to more than 150. People so. I think the question that's on everyone's mind here is what's the goal of of this Enrique a potential Israeli offense that what are what are their targets. But I think the Israeli government is still discussing as well -- nice a guy named. If there is to be ongoing operations. Is to return -- -- could return quiet to Israel. Every day we find rocket after rocket being fired out of Gaza some of the reaching his -- -- this Tel Aviv. And beyond -- clearly for the Israeli government is the priority is to prevent that prevent Hamas from being able to carry out those. Rocket attacks now -- -- carrying out airstrikes. Above Gaza since she's day. Now we understand that it only destroyed around 20%. Of -- -- and its associated militant groups. Strike capability in terms of rockets so they someway to go to if that to effectively silenced -- -- and the other militants operating out of Gaza. -- you said -- rocket after rocket Leno more than 800 Palestinian rockets have been fired at Israel triggering these sirens that people are living with sending people. Rushing into shelters TV is really have that famous iron dome missile. Intercept system that so far as -- -- has kept these rockets from taking any lives but. You know what happens payments if -- system failed us. But if it fails clearly it may resulting in deaths or injury we CBI and done. -- action above us here in Tel Aviv every day -- and most nods it's been in operation today many times. At nighttime you can particularly see it because you'll see it as sort of floating -- bull. In the skyline. And that's the that's the into the set to -- solve. Called -- to -- that searching using right. For the rocket that's been launched out of Gaza. And then at some point it will effectively engage we've -- -- -- to set table flash red. And then exploded some -- -- thirty seconds later you'll hear a very loud. But in the skies above where -- you'll standing. But the implications clearly for the Israeli population a significant. If in fact that -- -- files. And not hate it has in fact meant that sort of fun is not being a single loss of Israeli life. -- -- this operation. -- when you compare that with the loss of life in Gaza during the operations it's quite stock. I wonder if that's that the tipping point perhaps her Israelis do you -- him -- -- this this system fails we see these -- -- -- we see potentially bad triggering this and Israeli and ground offensive that. That potentially -- on the horizon air. Both the Israeli government say is that it is only responding that it's only reacting. To the actions. Of Hamas and other militant groups firing these rockets out of Gaza in Gaza that would say will air only active reacting. To the use of oppression a blockade. By the Israelis say there is -- a degree of of -- argument on both sides about exactly what is triggering -- But certainly if it -- to be a significant event. In the coming hours -- day. Now my treat your decision. To go in but I think clearly weighing very heavily on the minds of the Israeli government. -- what is their exit strategy if they do go in her ground operation in the -- They've relied on Egypt to broker a cease fire with Hamas the dynamics have shifted dramatically. There's now a new president in Egypt who is no found of the Muslim Brotherhood. In fact he overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood president declared them terrorist organization they have close links with -- Hamas. It seems that president Al CC in Egypt to -- -- -- being very unwilling. To fulfill that role that Egypt has done in the cost. In brokering a cease fires between Hamas and the Israelis and and that will be -- -- -- For the Israeli government in its decision about what to do next and whether to go in on the grounds. We are all watching him -- McDonald in Tel Aviv thank you very much not ABC. You just monitoring these developments in the Middle East and for continuous updates go to And start the story on the ABC news phone apps. -- Cecilia -- in New York. Of the day.

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{"id":24544346,"title":"Israeli Forces Ready to Take Out Long-Range Missile Threats","duration":"6:33","description":"Ground troops amass along the Gaza Strip border for more attacks against strategic targets.","url":"/International/video/israeli-forces-ready-long-range-missile-threats-24544346","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}