Israel's 2 main political parties deadlocked after elections

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may fall short in securing votes in a high-stakes repeat.
3:44 | 09/18/19

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Transcript for Israel's 2 main political parties deadlocked after elections
And guys we moved to Israel where the two main political parties are deadlocked. After a repeat election I know you're probably thinking the same thing why is there a -- he didn't prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu just win. Earlier this year so I want to bring in our juror Donna Miller who's right there in Jerusalem to explain them. Der Donna good to see you I think we all need to understand this why is there another election happening in the first place. We'll Kimberly the prime minister did win the last election but here in Israel it's a parliamentary system. So it's not just about political leaders it's about parties and blocs and if you can hit that 61 seat majority in what happens Netanya last time. Is that one of his rivals on the right outing door Lieberman his former defense minister. Basically blocked him from forming a government and that's why the country when two elections a second time. Now Lieberman has essentially a it present results are near final he's essentially doing the same saying he ate he scored. Well we should say he won a number of seats of beyond what he got in April and he's now once again. Torpedoing Netanyahu's chances of putting together a right wing down from. Yeah I just seeing. Like so far after the first election that this is happening but this is India major setback for Netanyahu right. Absolutely I mean Netanyahu is been in power for more than ten years and now he's simply. Doesn't have the seats. To stay in power and continue in a right wing government. That means it he's gonna possibly be forced to join in a unity government. But even that possibility seems hard to imagine that Netanyahu. Is somehow gonna give up his position as as prime minister. It's more likely Kimberly that we're gonna see possibly a kind of mutiny. In the Likud Party Netanyahu's ruling party someone else may take over. And Netanyahu may be left out all together a huge change for is row and just. Before we go humble what does this mean not only for Israel but for the West Bank. Well you know the Palestinians are looking at this potential leadership change and again Kimberly it's going to be weeks and kind of negotiations if we go to a unity government. And expressing some cynicism they don't necessarily think there's can be a major policy change. But it's worth noting that the challenger. Benny dons ahead of the loom like party should he end up as prime minister he has expressed. A more liberal views on the peace process even pulling out some of those Jewish settlements in the West Bank. So we may see some movement there and when the president decides to put on the table that US mideast peace plan. Banning guns is gonna look at that there may be some discrepancies there because of course and it's in now is had. So much influence we believe in crafting that plan Kimberly yen winner the final results supposed to be and when do we know the final decision. We city know the final results tomorrow. The it Israeli election committee is essentially. Really tallying the last votes from the military from diplomats. A right now it looks like prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's party is just about one seat behind. But he could in the end match they could have they could be head to head to head with the same number but again. It simply doesn't matter for Netanyahu because he can't put together that coalition. He wants and that is the big. Change here you know they call Netanyahu. King king BV and some now saying that perhaps the crown is coming off. Kimberly. I write your Donna Miller I'm right there in Jerusalem thank you so much for explaining that.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may fall short in securing votes in a high-stakes repeat.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65696382","title":"Israel's 2 main political parties deadlocked after elections","url":"/International/video/israels-main-political-parties-deadlocked-elections-65696382"}