Italy calls for retired, private-sector doctors to help with coronavirus crisis

As the death toll rises in Italy, the country crack downs on quarantines and curfews, and is fining people who are outside for leisure.
4:14 | 03/19/20

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Transcript for Italy calls for retired, private-sector doctors to help with coronavirus crisis
Italian officials are now calling for retired and private sector doctors to help with the crisis this is citizens there. Made his video to warn the rest of the world of what's to come if they don't quarantine take a look. Yeah. My kids I'm sure they used to do you find beauty. The usual limit on Mars I am proud. I didn't someone and say see told. Candidate whose directive would let it consume news tonight elect to die parents let us not like that and AM sake Abacha is set to begin. Now is a death toll rises the country is bracing for some difficult decisions thank you bullies in London with more. Tonight Italy staggering as the by wrist rages 475. More deaths in 24 hours the most in a single day. The debt dole approaching China's but Italy which just a fraction of the population. New video inside an icu unit in the hardest hit part of Italy. So doctors plating of relentless battle working endless hours. One position can fighting there are so many patients there is no time for tears. A governor warning that soon they will not be able to help new victims of the virus amid an acute shortage of equipment. The rates of infection are being watched closely by the White House's corona virus task force. We're very interested in the curves and Italy. Because. That they're different approach shimmer filing every single country's Kurds. Italy's different approaches a tougher nationwide crackdown on public liken in the US 8000 people have already been cited in just one day for breaking the rules. In violation can result in jail time. I don't warning for the United States. Italian filmmakers spreading the message of act now to an emotional video that shows fourteen Italians cheering what they would've told themselves to prepare ten days ago. Simpson. Has an open seats cleans. Its Eyewitness News calling they get whom. And Maggie ruling joins us now from London where our bureau there has been rather they can but Maggie. The crisis unfolding in Italy serves certainly as a warning to the rest of the world what changes are racing in the UK right now. In many had criticized the UK for sort of being Sloan to start tackling this virus but it seems like this when they're really cracking down even announced the closures. Of schools starting next week across the country but. We also a new media reports today of the possibility of the so called. Shielding planned for the city of blend in Atlanta this would essentially. Lock us in here and lending contain this city from the rest of the country. The government has expressed growing concern over the fact that the case is in landed are growing exponentially they have the most and fastest. A number of cases of anywhere in the UK. So there's a person is planned debt. Like it says shield this city from the rest of the country with a big high senior the government has not confirmed these plans but it does seem like right now all options are on the table and something we're seeing across Europe and around the world that all of these measures that seem unfathomable seem almost impossible. For now starting to happen. Brighten your you just hit the nail on the head so much of this scenario seems like we could have never been thought it up just a few months or weeks ago what can you tell us not Americans who may be stuck now. In travel purgatory. Hello this is interesting is it seems like this was the big story earlier last week that Americans traveling trying to get home there are still Americans abroad and but we know the government issued that sort of unprecedented warning telling all Americans dead. Not going -- day reconsider their travel overseas but some that have continued to travel ABC's talked a couple couples one in Peru won in. Morocco and they say they may not be able to get back to the United States and we'll be asking those emergency evacuation flights in the past from places like. Pond inference of pants. The US government is now saying please do not rely on the government to evacuate from these countries this is no longer our responsibility we're giving you this morning yes and do our best to help you but. At this point this is a worldwide crisis and EB travel overseas you may be on your own RA Maggie rolling thank you for that report.

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"As the death toll rises in Italy, the country crack downs on quarantines and curfews, and is fining people who are outside for leisure.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"69678468","title":"Italy calls for retired, private-sector doctors to help with coronavirus crisis","url":"/International/video/italy-calls-retired-private-sector-doctors-coronavirus-crisis-69678468"}