Japan Government Plays Matchmaker

Government-run events seek to boost the number of families with kids.
2:38 | 02/14/12

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Transcript for Japan Government Plays Matchmaker
We are off to Japan or the search for love can be downright brutal a record number of Japanese -- they say they have no significant other. Tonight's shot but I'm so busy you got women are not for those who say they have managers and sex it is so serious that the government is now -- Matchmaker as ABC's a -- who Fujita reports. -- -- rock Paper scissors may not screen romance but men and women of Japan's Connie city are here to -- law it's a matchmaking event organized by the government complete with beauty tips for women dating won't play for men. Forty year old made -- she got has high hopes of finding the one. Organizers just hope the encounter leads to a family with key aides. Britain couple there are few opportunities to meet people outside of work anymore memorial -- -- says that's led to a huge drop in average -- Single -- is becoming. Growing problem for Japan that recent government survey found more than half of Japanese -- 35 years are single. And an increasing number of young men are losing interest in sex. More than a third of teenage -- say they can't be bothered with. Intimacy in the Waziristan -- dead Japanese men are shy sixteen year old says there -- afraid of rejection -- it all amounts to a national crisis for a country with declining birth rates more than a quarter of the populations over the age of 65. It's on track to shrink by a third in decades local governments are investing big bucks to make love attractive again establishing online dating sites offering cash rewards for couples who marry. Yes noting TV channel says his company signed him up for this event he's one of the dozen men -- exchanges profile parts -- Sparks don't fly this time but she got hasn't given up. I need to be more aggressive -- cents or else all miss out on long. Just the attitude the government hopes salts -- -- problems -- -- Fujita ABC news' -- Japan. Some. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- rewards for marriage and there where we call them tax breaks. But right now Reynolds well on the government -- in the local business news cameras mrs. Adam Latin thing. Good luck in Japan good -- yeah. More insomniacs get their news from world news now than from any other --

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{"id":15580633,"title":"Japan Government Plays Matchmaker","duration":"2:38","description":"Government-run events seek to boost the number of families with kids.","url":"/International/video/japan-government-plays-matchmaker-15580633","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}