Japanese Jazz

New Orleans students fundraise and donate instruments to those in Japan's tsunami zone.
3:00 | 10/20/12

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Even with dissidents three -- -- -- wrong. This was injured. That second line of celebration. To inspire record post still recovering from disaster. We did double. Performance too soon. Then there's no bad things that it happened like. There is nothing that can keep people down so the music with his nephew. George Brown knows from experience. Seven years ago Hurricane Katrina nearly silenced his -- and -- Perry walker high washing away the old instruments they. All of my family place of you have just seen something was taken away from them once the piano was gone. This silence didn't last long. Thanks to help from an unlikely place Japanese trumpet players -- she'll swim out raise thousands of dollars. Collected nearly 800 instruments from Japan. I think -- The most wonderful present from United States that you want it to the world and I want to give you back. When it's an -- devastated Japan's coast last year it was these students who returned the favor. Fund raising donating instruments -- students they had never met. Can continue to play on. Thirteen thousand homes were destroyed in the city of -- in -- Sweet dolphins then never missed the heat on money -- what she sensed disaster to a group community apart. New Orleans helped ignite it. Last weekend O Perry walker -- students in Newark until tippy teen is in terms end traveled to Japan to perform with this -- -- Playing a very strict fitness just. There were a few words. It's the -- spoke a universal -- Not about anyone asked about the music. Performance inspired by sheer horror -- fulfilled. By the power of music. Let's go from -- -- -- ABC news -- a -- much of.

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{"id":17526136,"title":"Japanese Jazz","duration":"3:00","description":"New Orleans students fundraise and donate instruments to those in Japan's tsunami zone.","url":"/International/video/japan-new-orleans-students-jazz-school-exchange-tsunami-fundraise-donate-instruments-music-17526136","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}