Kate Middleton, Prince William Show Off Royal Baby

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge leave St. Mary's hospital with their healthy baby boy.
15:23 | 07/23/13

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Transcript for Kate Middleton, Prince William Show Off Royal Baby
This is an ABC news special report. Royalty. To the truck. Good afternoon to all of -- -- the Easter morning to those in the west -- bill we're here at ABC news headquarters in New York. With a -- -- blessed breaking news out of London the world about to get its first glimpse of the new royal family Prince William -- and of course. The most anticipated new member of that 4446. Year old -- to our old. Little boy his first day his first breath of fresh air outside of Saint Mary's hospital there's the door he most -- door. In the western world for at least ten days or so. Of course -- gave birth yesterday and they will tee taking that first trip home to Kensington Palace in just a few minutes you have to be a royal subjects. Appreciate the enormity of this moments if you're a parent you remember that. Simultaneous joy and terror that comes of all that new responsibility. And certainly even so for a monarch probably more so. For a monarch you might remember that's that's seen those steps that door 31 years ago. When a young man Prince Charles came out holding his new son William handed it to. Princess -- and and we'll see that scene repeated. Here in just moments earlier today the new grandparents stopped by to meet the new addition to the family there is Charles. A few more gray hairs than 31. Years ago. Grandpa going in to see that the baby along with wife Camilla and can't express the militants took a taxi to the hospital. A reminder that this future king is half commoner. And all -- across London celebrations. For the tiny future king from the traditional gun salutes to the blasting cannons. Two peal of bells. -- in Westminster Abbey which somehow sound louder. With a bit of -- champagne hangover. Any robot. -- ABC news has been tracking it all and joins us now from just outside. Saint -- it's one thing watching a building you know just a woman is giving labor inside it's another thing to wait to see the actual little boy right. I'm I have to tell you built this has been the most I think the anticipation has been building -- more than I've seen it in the past. Weeks since I've been here. All eyes and that -- and everyone knows isn't about to happen he got a five minute warning. Several minutes ago -- we're talking about any minute now we -- microphone has been set up so we're hoping. That prince William May come up and speak to the microphone they tested that microphone there with a helicopter above we here they called off the helicopter because it was interfering with a microphone. All signs that we hope we hear directly from. The new list of royal family. Threesome now of course and as you mentioned we hope they walked down those steps. Just like we saw Princess Diana and Prince Charles with baby Lillian. And the air here is just incredibly. Electric every one waiting we saw some hospital workers come on everyone -- and -- -- While you're speaking because they thought it was the royal family but we do have hospital workers who have lined either side of the door we know that. Prince William and end the -- just have both. Given their thanks to the hospital staff for all -- their tremendous care and help over the past 37 hours that they've been inside there -- released two statements. -- just that and so all eyes on that door we should also mention -- it's quite a lovely scene. Hospital workers are lining -- sky ridge overlooking. Where we'll see the royal family come out and then. I think the hospital -- -- above -- All the windows year old man every person who -- -- -- a hospital have their heads sticking out of the window with cameras ready to go. And we have the streets -- on either side as far as you can see with well wishers. All hoping to get that first glimpse. Of the brand new baby Cambridge and of course everyone wants no committee hearing named -- we don't know what prince William's gonna say -- we certainly hope. He has something to say about his new baby boy. Not to question the staff at Saint Mary's but it's a bad time to need a nurse correct that apple is that everybody -- -- I didn't point. -- -- -- son of ABC news is standing by at their destination about ten minute ride Kensington Palace and I understand. They're staying -- little cottage somewhere in the grounds while renovations are made to the royal apartments so somebody's probably thinking about that nursery right. Oh yes well that's it you're absolutely right bill there going to be making their way here William Kate of course baby Cambridge. But when they -- and London that's what they normally stay they normally stay in what is known as Nottingham. -- it but they went and -- Barrett they will. Eventually moving to what is Ford's apartment wonay but it is being refurbished it is being renovated right now -- So -- -- -- the royal couple has spent. One point five million dollars refurbishing it. Doing work such as repairing the roof as well as installing new heating and electricity. And that work will report -- In those polls -- as would most likely when they will be moving in -- Kensington Palace is point. Significant particularly for -- because of course fuel pool that it is here that both. William and Harry spent time with their mother Diana living here so they have a lot of -- -- -- Memories and living here at Kensington Palace -- -- All eyes are on the doors at Saint Mary's hospital soon they'll be on the doors here at Kensington Palace -- I couldn't help think back to just over two years ago when. Most of the world was smiling at the scene of the newlyweds. Leaving the abbey in that dashing Aston Martin convertible. With the top down of course it would be bad form to strap a car seat to the trunk of such as sports Cochran -- -- this we understand will be the first. Heir to the -- the first descendant of William the conqueror to go home -- -- car seats. It's in keeping with the safety rules. In London there as well that we went back and checked. Princess Diana held Harry and William on their. You know escorted drives home. As well and it is a passing for a father letting go that sports -- and something a little more a sensible. Patrick Johnson was princess Diana's chief of staff for eight years. And for a country that knows more about the royals from the house of Disney than the house of -- -- -- Windsor. Why should we care about this moment help us understand what Britons are feeling looking at that door. When it's not a royal commands to care. At this moment and -- with and it's worth making that point it's a cynical public imagination and it does. Produce an extraordinary surge of Patrick isn't an affection for the -- what we're seeing here is two things of -- -- the personal level was seeing the -- This this beautiful -- family moving from intense privacy of the delivery -- Two nodding in college -- cottage which is a beautiful. Q middle English cottage in the grounds attendant comes from the front door which we didn't see the front -- Apartments at nine when he and Harry -- -- of his absolutely familiar childhood territory for him. That contrasts with the size of the site in the street when it when they get -- the scene there is of hundreds of photographers. And thousands of cheering well which is a pretty intimidating sight. And that of course is why it's important constitutionally this is that -- -- -- principal proving. That it can reproduce itself it's as if in American terms the founding fathers came down those steps. But a new issue of the constitution's -- -- you are interest. And we know the middle -- actually had a few words as they left. Their first meeting with their grandchild yes. That's right Carroll and Michael came here as you mentioned in -- -- -- Carroll told reporters as she walked by that he was absolutely beautiful. And that they were both doing so well and someone shout out to her -- -- -- just to name. Sue them and she said absolutely not and -- -- the parents are doing fabulously they also asked her about her first -- with her grandson and she said it was amazing and he said. It's all coming back to me and Charles -- he was walking back with Camilla was asked about the baby and he said. You wait. You'll -- in -- minute so that was -- everyone knew at that moment it would be. True that we would get that first glimpse of the family because earlier today we weren't quite sure if we were going to get an appearance. From the three summit now seems like that is actually happening in -- we should mention we saw their range -- pull up to black cars and everyone got very excited. Because that means we know of course that they are coming out also of note it may sound silly to you bill but. What Kate is wearing -- actually -- a very big deal you remember when you looked at the pictures of Princess Diana coming out. Everyone that dress usually sells out the next day so people will be looking at her parent her dress and maybe perhaps even with the babies wearing -- it. Probably will be swallowed in a blanket I had to guess that's how my data came on a hospital. And speaking of all these photographers I just have to mention I have my fund raising because I'm extremely close to where I think William. And Kate and BVI Cambridge in the coming out I'm very excited about getting my own personal now. As -- all of these thousands of people who are waiting in great anticipation for them to walk out for the very first time. You know I was listening to my wife. Explain to our nine year old daughter yesterday the moment when Diana came out with William and what that meant how she -- so this is a touchstone in history and absolutely. Captured digital you mention the name the baby to be named later perhaps they've chosen it already but it's took a week -- before we -- williams' name. If you believe they betting parlors in London George is the 21 favorite James. 41 now I had. Diana as a sentimental favorite of course is probably many did if it was a girl and I asked Patrick what about Spencer. As a boy. Her being from the Spencer family as a sentimental choice and you say that's problematic -- It's unlikely but it's a nice idea Spencer -- -- old aristocratic English name. Winston S -- only extends to -- different -- a -- -- and all of Diana and William and no cause of baby Cambridge to. And you can also bet on the the child's first word believe it or not pop is the 74 favored mama. 21 there go the long shot that it's going to be bloody reporters. As the first utterance from this royal -- you never know but -- was wondering you know. You were telling a charming story about the first time William. Understood the gravity. Of his DNA. It was a rope line how old was -- Give -- about nine -- ten it was a rope line in Cardiff in Wales in the city center beautiful son hope here we go out. -- that story because there's -- moment. Staff. Fitting choice physician's best. But he was little boy there was a first time we have to work -- -- -- that's it which again you can imagine as it is it is will be just her for little boy. But he he took his cue from Diana. And then he didn't like a pro. And of course the most important thing was he he remembered his mother told him that invite -- -- a few seconds out of his life. But for somebody else and a few decades a special memories there. He's he has inherited thank you both his parents deal with -- that ability to make a connection straight away. That seems to be so there they are. -- -- Crowd -- next to. I can imagine all the women at least -- in my life. Only six hours after giving birth to have a new look out as the world watched. Must be so -- that she looks radiant. Maybe what's it like there. -- -- -- -- I mean yeah. I mean so radiant. Okay. Okay. Okay. What a lovely okay. Okay. -- the big boys by heavy. -- was still working on a name. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Another problem just can't tell. -- -- -- They -- the feeling. Okay. -- -- Reminding his tardiness has been older than other movies that I -- It's good because you'll get -- -- now we couldn't have been the coffins of. Didn't name me. Okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- Season. That's the little boy has a good set of lungs according to prince William -- he has changed his first -- The coming of -- moment for every man and then they head back inside to get that car seat before getting into the rovers and heading home to Kensington Palace. And just to put this moment in perspective. -- about -- and now 31 years apart. William as the little. Swaddled infant there. Being handed from Charles to Diana and here we see in the circle of life a generation later. As the king for the 22 century. Comes a new world for the first time. We're gonna return your Nazi regular programming -- always working for you and abcnews.com. Diane Sawyer will have a full wrap up tonight on world news. And please tune in for a special 20/20 of the royal baby heir to the throne we'll start tonight at 10 PM -- bill -- in New York -- -- have a great. This has been a special. -- BC news.

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{"id":19752603,"title":"Kate Middleton, Prince William Show Off Royal Baby","duration":"15:23","description":"The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge leave St. Mary's hospital with their healthy baby boy.","url":"/International/video/kate-middleton-prince-william-show-off-royal-baby-19752603","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}