Red Cross Says 59 Missing Following Kenya Mall Attack

New video reveals the extent of the devastation inside now-destroyed Nairobi mall.
8:47 | 09/27/13

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Transcript for Red Cross Says 59 Missing Following Kenya Mall Attack
This is this special report from -- -- -- when I'm -- -- in New York this ABC news digital special report we are learning more today about the terrorist attack on that mall in Nairobi Kenya. That left more than five dozen people dead. A top government official is claiming that Kenyan troops. Cost three floors of that -- collapse while battling the hostage takers members of the Somali. Extremist group how should Bob and I want to bring in outs mark -- now from Nairobi with the way business developments Alex what do we know about the investigation. What investigation. Is very much ongoing. Over the course of the week international. Investigators from all over the world including the US Britain Israel. I'll have comments you help the Kenyan authorities are comb through the rubble most notably from the collapse that you're talking about to trying to figure out. How the attack took place what exactly happened and perhaps most importantly gets the bottom of who exactly. Carried out this attack in the Kenyan authorities have said. -- -- ability attackers bodies are in that rubble and so they're hoping that the international help those bodies will provide clues as to who carried out the attack. Do we have any clear picture of -- kind of weapons that were used inside this attack. Absolutely calm well certainly on the on the attackers -- we know that they used AK forty sevens. American officials have said that there were homemade. IED's improvised explosive devices -- the grenades were used. When the Kenyan authorities went in they are so used small arms -- would be -- tear gas and of course there's the report to you were referring to. About rocket propelled grenades and so -- sums there's some. There's -- theory now that -- perhaps. It was. The the weapons from the military's. -- there might cost that those three stories to collapse on that was an anonymous government official who was talking about that. Now and when the Interior Minister was asked about -- at a press conference today he didn't let me comment. What about Kenyan officials -- reported that there have the death total at 67 but we're also hearing obviously that there are bodies that are still rubble is still buried in the rubble there. Any idea about the number of those still listed as missing. -- -- -- Still hasn't really moved over the last few days we know that it's 61 civilians six. A security officers and then there were five attackers but -- -- -- time one of the major questions is there 69 people. Who were still -- to be missing. That's according to the Kenyan Red Cross where are those people are they are still inside the -- -- -- -- at the mall at all so there is a chance -- -- and Angola. As far as the bodies that are in the rubble the Kenyan authorities say the day. The vast majority are believed to be attackers bodies that there will be. What they called an insignificant number. Kenyan civilians and an end shoppers who were who were in that rubble. So right now it stands sixties and but there is Abbas believe it will go up because of that huge number of people still missing. It what do we know about those that are in custody right now the Kenyan authorities. Initially said there were eleven people in custody who had been arrested today. That's three had been interrogated and released others still -- in custody I asked him point blank what the identity -- and and the nationalities are the of these attackers. He wouldn't tell us. -- so we're hoping in the coming days will get a little bit more information about who they're holding a right now. They're really not saying anything and that's part of the problem is there's there's a growing amount of frustration here in Kenya among Kenyans. About the lack of transparency coming from the cannon -- and a lack of answers to these massive questions. -- growing. As the country tries to move on hundreds you know move on an end and live normally. -- in those initial reports in those initial first a couple of hours in the first day or two of the attack. A lot of -- communication and we're seeing was coming off a social media from Twitter both from the attackers and from the Kenyan government as well so. To that point that that you that you were making their as far as how information is being released -- the public. Certainly some -- that everyone's going to be keeping an eye on what about though as far as the search for any one else that might have been involved either inside Kenya or internationally. Leisure minister again today was saying that they have bolstered our security all from the -- -- the country's borders. We know that they also on the same -- Nairobi's airport which is the main international airports and that's. Not only to prevent them or militants in from -- Somalia -- -- we we suppose the many of them came from because that's where also Bob is based. But also to prevent instances this essentially -- on the net and and stop others. Up from leaving but again this is a question that Kenyans really. Happen haven't really -- are today happens and how they're going about trying to -- people bomb went there is a question that press conference whether they thought they had -- -- Com and then they didn't answer Soviets -- the big question is still -- there. What is the -- and for -- about what did they hope to accomplish. From something like that us. Well ahead of also -- as a man named -- -- -- and he's come mountains that essentially it's because it's. -- begin troop presence in Somalia. There are believed to be around 4000 Kenyan troops in Somalia as part of an African Union. -- peacekeeping source. -- -- -- It has been actively trying to shoot to you know turn test Somalia into an Islamic state com and -- -- essentially agreed at one point they control a huge part of the country. Although that's been on the -- lately. So did the deed to be stated reason for carrying out this attack was like Kenyon. Presence in Somalia. As this is turn into an international effort what do we know is the role of the FBI. Well the FBI is. One of a number of groups are assisting the Kenyan authorities in the trying to reconstruct this attacks figure out how it happens. And most importantly figure out who carried out. The Israelis are so here are the brits are also here various European countries that are bringing a really bringing -- Experts from all around the world to help she's this back together we hadn't been given an exact time premise to win we might appeal to a stacked. Results from this investigation the Interior Minister today. So people that it's a delicate operation he didn't want to get much information because. There's still a lot of unanswered questions that -- Levy's investigators the FBI and the others. Will be able to answer as they'd seen combing through. That mall which it did it really -- -- it ruins now. And -- before that -- -- -- so wanted to ask you specifically about of British woman Samantha lose weight as she is known as the white widow. Interpol. Issued an arrest for her yesterday and that was coming from -- request from Kenya what do we know about her what is her potential connection to this attack. It's a really fascinating. Study error -- it's just fascinating. Individual means is a British woman in her late twenties she was -- -- of one of the men who carried out the 77 bombings. In London in 2000 -- she's believed to have links to -- loss -- box. Now Interpol put out what they call -- red notice yesterday. -- acting and he said. On now a request from the Kenyans to put this out. But -- -- -- -- stated reason was for charges dating back to December 2011. There was no mention. The Westgate attack of course it's remarkable timing because there have been reports -- that there were women come among the attackers specifically a white woman. You know that could have been -- lose weight. -- but and I asked the answer minister today it -- what protection might be Athens. His spokesman told need it right now there is no established connection that essentially the anti war -- -- notice that was put out yesterday. By Interpol was done as for what they -- a precautionary measure. All right ABC's outsmart part in Kenya Alex thank you for that we appreciate it. We have a complete report on For now on down -- learn New York. With this ABC news digital special report. This has been a special report from me.

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{"id":20399462,"title":"Red Cross Says 59 Missing Following Kenya Mall Attack","duration":"8:47","description":"New video reveals the extent of the devastation inside now-destroyed Nairobi mall.","url":"/International/video/kenya-mall-attack-update-red-cross-59-missing-20399462","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}