Latest on Deadly Terror Attack in Nice

ABC News' Molly Hunter updates the latest from Nice on the attacks from the promenade.
8:12 | 07/15/16

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Transcript for Latest on Deadly Terror Attack in Nice
I'm Holly Hunter for eighties is and we're here today and east. France the sight of that horrific attack last night that killed 84 people wounded more than 200 and it's president a lot of that. Many are still between life and death this morning that we are on the common did not like got famous boulevard. Amy I'm just gonna flip the camera on actually show you this site of last night's crime. That truck driver that terrorists drove the truck for one point the re. Miles an astounding distance before he was killed and worth the beginning of that trail of terror let's call it. It's completely blocked off this city is beautiful coastal city is completely on locked on that you can see. We cannot pass right now and it's barricaded all the way through out among that dappled ten children and Hugh American. And if you follow. Just down here this is exactly where the truck made that turns that this is it Children's Hospital. Around 1045 last night the truck turned right here. And continue front and that struck continued for about 700 meters before it killed the first few people and it was a Muslim woman and an unidentified man. It went for a little while longer. And it killed. Seven more people ran over seven more people on at one of the most popular beaches. Any continued driving that way no police had shot at this track yet no police had spotted the truck yet. Another half mile and hit when at the university. And and seven bodies again were found on the ground there. The truck then plows through a crowd about Q minutes later. And finally police start shooting and out that's when it hit the main crash and again. 30000. People were down on common out last night. France's. National holiday Independence Day. And 30000 people were down or watching fireworks families children French people tourists as present Oakmont that this morning. Niece is incredibly popular with both foreign tourists also French tourists it is and it. Incredibly. At popular and famous get away I'm actually just gonna bring in Daniel and Daniel is eight niece resident. Am and it just gonna speaks me very briefly about. What it's like should be at the French today I am and what it means for this city city. That is you relating candles. And which is why I approached you see your friend the tracked from the. This and I thought it was important. More. For all those people whose victims. Which we respect. Prayer for them. And I feel very. I feel very. Involved in the sense. As mine that humans. Last night one week ago I had planned to expect yeah that's. And they turned me down because they're too tired so if you look at them. And my best friend at the same problem. Schools schools that's. What we. What it was. Kathy Watson apparently and that. It's very. She's doing well won't stick. With what has a degree that we went through the mind of some aren't just. Who's it can go drive and roll on babies and children success and discuss the at least people an amendment. And here stories didn't do enough to. We heard that a lot so when president along visited earlier snake people over age. Screaming and nearly their web than a cent partner real unity that we signed parent I covet the attacks November but not today. Well it's been it's been. Growing the growing dissension because if there's. There's more. There's no political unity as it was in the first. What. We don't revelation that. Well we're there's no. There's no outlook column better. The protection. Chinese top exactly it is that authorities are asking why why we're of them though. Personal brown let me just a few males just pull on the ground and we'll look carpentry what's the problem with that. Are difficult to sentence. Just went have you seen the bears didn't shoot the barriers and shall avail in the birth there it is it's. Medals in. Eighteen and an average. It's not gonna stop a car and not given them a motorcycle. So there're there're things I'm not saying that. They didn't do everything it should have but still it's their job. Just. Look back at what they didn't do right. People and show what they didn't put them. Should be held accountable. For the couple and you. And we are hearing Matt frustration from a lot of people that we've talked to that this is again print it. Third major terrorist attack in the last eighteen months the fifth if you count some of the minor attacks as well and nothing is necessary being announced that would stop an attack like last an authority but in the US and France are saying it hacks like last night. Are incredibly. Hard to stop this was a man's body like criminal record. Police say. And for some petty crime for for a little bit of violence had actually been sentenced. On a six month suspended sentence at last march that was clearly not in jail. Yesterday. Here's a man who was completely unknown to intelligence services had never had a run and wit radicalization as far as intelligence. Services where concerned had never raised any flags when it comes. Came too hot it activities or terror activities of any kind. So to have a man who was not on that radar at all to that rents. Eight van just a couple days ago. And drove it around Easton and parked it. Yesterday and went picked up in and drove his than a mile and a half and my. About one point three miles strayed into crack authorities are saying that it nearly impossible to stop but French men. All are happy it happened to a lot of people today who say it. That needs to get better that that's not acceptable. And that something needs to change and we'll certainly hear from French authorities. That's state of emergency which French president Almonte has announced is back on it Shas start exit. Breathe a sigh of relief after last year's attacks. That made eat France was through the worst of it and there was chatter earlier this week that state of emergency would be lifted. And French president outlined temp but it act. I'm Brit the next three months now the investigation here in east is ongoing and we're about to go visit the apartment. I'm of the attacker we're learning more about the attackers he was Tunisian born a 31 year old. And who live in niece he was Mary he had three kids. And neighbors that said that he was a little bit a loner that he it was clearly having marital problems. And he picked this area I think this an image of someone who. Didn't have a lot of friends who didn't have a lot of support. At which it had recurring image he's the lone wolves attack a lone wolf attackers. Now we're gonna talk to the neighbors. If the apartment and see what we can learn there that French investigators say the investigation is going. Full steam ahead hearing niece. And security apparatus is reviewing. All security procedures and we'll certainly hear more I'm sure. I'm about how events like this and it hacks like it can be prevented in the future. Molly hunter ABC news me.

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{"duration":"8:12","description":"ABC News' Molly Hunter updates the latest from Nice on the attacks from the promenade.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"40615867","title":"Latest on Deadly Terror Attack in Nice","url":"/International/video/latest-deadly-terror-attack-nice-40615867"}