Long Bank Lines for Cash Frustrate in Crimea

Banks are limiting customers' withdrawal amounts as financial nervousness grows.
3:00 | 03/13/14

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Transcript for Long Bank Lines for Cash Frustrate in Crimea
Across tried he has capital today long snaking lines of the bank's. Men and women old and young proof of -- and is growing financial nervousness such turbulent political times. There was little panic. Rather worry etched on their faces as one by one they stepped up to take out as much cash as they were allowed -- the ATMs. Clearly there's some sort of fear that there won't it won't be able to get their money are is that -- -- trying to do take all of their money out. I'm not scared of this young man said but I think that after the referendum will live in another country. And people think banks may close them. The local -- and government said it was limiting withdrawals to around thirty dollars. But many we met said they could take out a few hundred but not more. Are you annoyed that you're only allowed to take out a small amounts that you can't take out as much money as you want. It can be annoying that we can only take out a limited amount of money he said but it's also -- knowing there -- such long lines. Just three days before the referendum to determine whether -- joins Russia. You blame this on Russia's actions here including -- cost love who couldn't take out any money. It's telling you that it doesn't have any money -- -- well it is just multiple pages just -- so unfortunately its machines and machine it hit and sometimes. So it is not safety and -- halting -- me supporting role vis AT. It is noticeable just technical mistake this is not a technical problem this is something else mrs. bush will be small time -- involves only these eighteen. -- -- -- -- only private banning him meets the loneliness is -- valuable trade unions today it was home. Given the climate of uncertainty. Doesn't take much to imagine this turning into a full scale run on crime he has banks Alex Marquardt ABC news superpower. Crimea.

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{"id":22900429,"title":"Long Bank Lines for Cash Frustrate in Crimea","duration":"3:00","description":"Banks are limiting customers' withdrawal amounts as financial nervousness grows.","url":"/International/video/long-bank-lines-cash-crimea-22900429","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}