Malala Says 'I Do Not Deserve' Nobel Prize Yet

Malala Yousafzai says her campaign to educate and empower women is not complete yet.
3:56 | 08/15/14

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Transcript for Malala Says 'I Do Not Deserve' Nobel Prize Yet
Your book you talk about the day of the shooting and then the aftermath when you learned about. All the journalists and all of the world leaders in just people around the world the outpouring of support behind you. What did that mean to -- that moment when you realized what had happened and the impact it had. When the kind of -- to decide against one gun and instead of sentencing Monday and may need that housing and hundreds of thousand they've been appointed silence -- they have he did not much a non. Then got so many who live with me and get gave -- -- -- -- Not on any income to support any but the support the campaign of education and they want to see any Chad going to school so I'm feeling -- lucky that. Now I'm not -- on and we they that I like so many guys in this game -- and am hopeful that. This -- -- -- -- this Texas and insidious to the destination that he having. With his senior -- Chad going to school. I gave me chills because I love what you said the Taliban tried to silence -- boys and they heard the noise from I -- millions. Of voices. Speaking -- latter. The social media campaign started stronger then tell me what it means and and why it's important to -- Politically stronger than we want to attend guzzle -- the -- won't get stronger than any kind of weakness they've been finding them in themselves. -- I said that them stronger than he had strongly intended them stronger than any kind of violence and this is looking one to tell you guys -- on the what you employee. Conditions -- stronger than any kind of obstacle in building and they could continue their education. And they should all look on their weaknesses. And because when mountains like Allison had -- my -- but. Mike Cuddy do as much bigger than that and that's why it might cut its 1 this morning when his back in the -- that they -- And at this this -- -- Detroit and now has it -- They should have cut into his -- and indexed on the anything so. This is a -- is to. To children. But this is my dream other than that as he -- of the my not a fun I want Stevie big achievements. Which who would have done to them my not a final -- right after ten years fifteen year olds -- he had done -- look at the past. So what our achievements -- I believe if anyone can do all of what you just said it's -- and for the second year in a row hualalai you've been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. You're just seventeen since. I say nasty I said that I still do not deserve it and I just did say that. Because I have -- they came thing. And it's not for what it is not completed yet and when -- he did I have done some things and I have a -- -- -- Colin Taylor is Jean Fuller. Then I think did OK now I disaster but I think -- sees its they -- now. There are still -- 66 million girls around the world who are not in school how can we change that. When it seemed like a big -- because anything that 66 million children out of school in many of them a gun and how are we going to bring his big change. Still I think -- to -- need to take a step right from now. Sometimes we can get get a PlayStation -- better what he -- and they should do something I know I did get responsibility and mission to advocate C. But it's thing finalized directing -- do what can I do. And I think although it is very important so we need to days Ole miss need to Glink on comedian Steve -- -- it was not. I don't go to school we need to support both organizations in danger as well walking on the -- has. Most to these tendon and a remaining school -- more than half helping them so I think it's not support -- -- a campaign for even though they missing had been taken. So -- -- big to. And it's a big dream and -- love -- but. It didn't he could take time but if you continue to move definitely eighteen vocalist and if you look at -- but he stayed on the -- women did not -- that I can avoid. But knocking their teens so I think this team they're not --

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{"id":25003513,"title":"Malala Says 'I Do Not Deserve' Nobel Prize Yet","duration":"3:56","description":"Malala Yousafzai says her campaign to educate and empower women is not complete yet.","url":"/International/video/malala-deserve-nobel-prize-25003513","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}