Malala Yousafzai Not Picked for Nobel Peace Prize

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is chosen to receive cash prize.
11:14 | 10/11/13

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Transcript for Malala Yousafzai Not Picked for Nobel Peace Prize
This is a special room. Hello everyone I'm Devin Dwyer in New York -- -- ABC news digital special report snubbed of the biggest award in the world this year's Nobel Peace Prize didn't go to the public favorite. Pakistan eighteen education activist while use -- -- it actually went. To the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons an international group that currently has inspectors in Syria the BBC's Paul Adams has more on that organization. And why they won this year's Nobel peace for. It's. An organization thrust into the limelight by the crisis in Syria. Your PCW faces its most daunting challenge to date the complete destruction of Syria's chemical weapons by the middle of next year. But tossed that could make or break the small organizations reputation. The recent -- -- cereal but chemical weapons have again been -- to use. Have underlined the need to do you know policy efforts. To do -- way -- such weapons. Can -- Your PCW has been working to rid the world of chemical weapons for sixteen years. Its inspectors trained to identify handle and destroyed some of the most horrifying weapons ever produced. It's painstaking laborious work. There is still huge quantities around the world the United States has destroyed around 90% of its stockpile Russia 70%. The organization says its carried out almost 5300. Inspections to date in 86 countries around the world. And it says more than 80% of the world's declared stockpiles have now been verifiably destroyed. -- -- that the peace price. Base would spare us dog fighting effort in a stronger commitment. And grated dedication. I truly hope that this -- war. And your piece that -- ongoing mission to get that we the United Nations in Syria. Would have brought efforts -- achieve peace in that country. And and the suffering off its people and. The work in Syria has only just begun PO PCW says it's encouraged by its progress so far. The Syrian regime seems to be cooperating it has an enormous stockpile around a thousand tons of chemical agents and precursors. Mustard gas siren and DX. Destroying all base in a matter of months would be an achievement -- -- -- the highest on Paul Adams BBC news. We think the BBC's. Paul Adams for that now the Nobel organization has created a bit of a stir with their justification of the award. And for more on that I want to bring -- ABC's Louis Martinez at the Pentagon hey Louis good to see you. And -- that -- announcement all of us here reading it a little confusing they clearly mentioned the current mission in Syria. As part of the reason why this group deserves the award but then they tweet -- later that Syria that the Syrian efforts are really the reason. It's very confusing -- -- -- part of it has to do with the timeline for the Nobel nominations themselves. The nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize conclude on in February of this year. And and he heard the head of the Nobel Peace Prize committee. I'm basically say that V had been discussing the -- CW's nominations since back in March now most of us on the planet had not heard of this organization. Until this past August when we heard that the United States was considering action. US military strike inside Syria. You can because of their use of chemical weapons against its citizenry. Well this organization was the one that was -- by both the US and Russia. To be the one agency that wouldn't go into Syria to dismantle all of this -- chemical weapons. But obviously this is organization has been around for sixteen years. This is what they do and the Nobel Peace Prize committee determined that based on the role that they had already played in the last sixteen years. Towards the goal of eliminating this one specific type. Of weapon of mass destruction chemical weapons that they felt that they were deserving of this so that's why -- -- a little confusion but if you look at the timeline it kinda makes sense. Most of us never hearing -- this organization until just recently. But the Nobel Committee folks hearing about them much earlier in the year that's right and there was also -- another element of surprise and that announcement a little dig. At the United States by the Nobel committee's singling singling us out really for having chemical weapons -- all right. Well it's it's interesting you know -- the United States has been in the process of dismantling chemical weapons from 25 years now. That's why when we look at the process of eliminating the weapons inside -- by them early part of next year it seems so overwhelming such a challenge. But the United States has gone about very methodically. In trying to eliminate its chemical weapons. Part of the reason like -- this is for safety reasons. Obviously you don't want chemical fumes and dangerous chemical -- going out into the atmosphere. And so the United States and the military has actually the one had been tasked with destroying its chemical stockpile. And the way they do that is -- -- incinerators while the incinerator process got a little too messy. For some people a little too close for comfort. -- the US stays -- the actually built these incinerators at the depots where the United States yet kept it's that chemical weapons stockpiles. And ending this now. Well that as the future. They depots -- into the road in the local population governor is about the incinerators and said -- called for different types of devices. And that technology takes take some time to develop and that's why we are still on track. To eliminate most of our chemical weapons actually 9% American weapons are gone the 10% that are left. Will be gone and done through the next ten years. We should let people know that this organization is independent of the United Nations it's not uncommon for four organizations to win the Nobel Peace Prize. But also -- some people scene here is a signal that that international norm against chemical weapons we've heard so much about last few weeks. Really being threatened and that this award it is a signal that that the international community wants to uphold that right. You know that's kinda like what the Nobel Committee is known for in recent years sending messages. Four organizations that it feels need to support. For example last year and the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize with the European Union. Obviously you an organization has been around for sixty years but at that time it was struggling financially because of all economic crises in Europe. And the the the nominee committee and determined that the EU should get this the -- -- -- message there that's shown support for the structure of the EU. Over the past sixty years but also listening another message that the ECB EU listening gearing. Structure for the future of Europe. You know another controversial. Win was a couple years ago in 2009 would president Barack Obama won the peace prize. And he just been president for nine months the question was what has he done to deserve this while the nominating committee said. That he deserted because of of the -- agenda that he was pursuing a diplomatic agenda -- he was pursuing around the world. And because -- -- -- commitment that it nuclear nonproliferation. Looking at future potential. Four for -- Obama and obviously support for organizations -- has become a recent trend. He -- before we let you go what's the latest on the effort the organization is is undertaking right now. To dismantle those stockpiles of weapons in Syria do we have any estimate on when they might actually finish that work. Well we heard -- that BBC report that the deadline. By the middle of next year the early part of next year. But the first six months they want to have all of Syria's chemical weapons program to be them dismantled. We're talking about a thousand metric tons most of it we understand is in bulk form which means it's -- and weaponized. Artillery or bombs. Which makes the destruction of the easier however. That would there is another deadline already you will that the UP CW faces in three weeks that's by November 1 they have to dismantle all of Syria's. -- capability for creating. Nuclear action creating chemical stockpiles and the mixing so that's what -- seen in recent days reports that they had already gone out with welding torches. And disabled and dismantled. Sun mixing devices which is how the chemical weapons become weaponized themselves so that's an Atlanta they're under right now so we're seeing some progress. If you look about the broader picture can he really finish this mission over -- -- by the early part next year. They themselves say it is going to be very challenging and they might need some extra time but -- the goal here is to do that and -- to be enough support to -- -- really an enormous undertaking and I think a lot of people are surprised we've even made it this far that they've even begun. To do some of that work but very important stuff Louis Martinez at the pentagon force thanks so much. Banks that are right now turning to. People will disappointed in her home Pakistan when she didn't win ABC's Mohammed we will was -- for the moment the decision was announced. And has more on the reaction when she was passed over. This is an all girls school in Islamabad we spent the day at a girls only school in the capital of Pakistani. I'm outnumbered by about forty school girls inside we found a room full of bright eyed students their eyes fixated. Watching for this year's Nobel Peace Prize winner to be announced. The odds on favorite mom -- -- subside the girl's who dared to defy the Taliban and wind and the -- on any kind to the -- -- -- -- was shot in the head a year ago and almost died. All for demanding the right to all girls to an education she's now written a new book I am a law law and sat for an exclusive interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer. I didn't like his -- it is dangerous some people and get afraid if they can deepen political fall -- But some people and if they want but she did corn they have to -- as the girls and our classroom watched their smiles soon turned to sad. This learning this year's winner isn't dear hero but instead the Nobel Peace Prize for too soft and so team. Is to be awarded. To the organization. For -- relief mission -- chemical weapons it was a huge upset. The girls here just like -- law law show -- an unbreakable spirit. The Rome and Milan walked into this classroom right now what we just -- just how good thing you so much and even though she's lost it didn't get a good morning here is -- lesbian thing I've made you very -- -- my -- and. With millions of supporters just like these -- still hasn't been very bright future ahead -- -- -- ABC news Islamabad. We think Mohamad for that and for more on the -- you -- -- you can hear from her and watcher exclusive interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer. Tonight on world news and on 20/20 for now on Devin Dwyer -- New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":20547019,"title":"Malala Yousafzai Not Picked for Nobel Peace Prize","duration":"11:14","description":"The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is chosen to receive cash prize.","url":"/International/video/malala-yousafzai-nobel-prize-award-opcw-20547019","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}